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Hello DeviantArt!

I'm a full-time artist and I've actually been a member here for over 10 years (Metalli-chica), but since I'm not allowed to change my username, I've decided to create this new account, with my real name.

I love to make paintings, sculptures, illustrations...any kind of visual art really. I was even the lead illustrator on a video game once (and for you 3D & CGI artists, I can't wait to see and fawn over what you are making - send me links!!).

Anyway, I'm so happy to be back on the platform, and I'm excited to catch up on what the community has been up to. Please do stop by, say hello, and feel free to link/send me your work (however it's usually done here hehe), so I can check it out!

And of course, you can always visit my web site,, and get in touch with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook - I'm "ArtByAdesina" on all three.