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I am an artist.
(Many years ago, I was bitten by a radioactive artistic wildebeest and
gained the proportional strength, speed and agility of... hey, are you listening?)

I have a web comic:

My brother :iconartbrosean: is also an artist.
(Go ahead and check out his page. I'll wait for you.)

I'm available for commissions, book covers, comic book covers, posters and pretty much anything else you can think of!

My Commission Rates are:
$30 for a color commission of a single character with minimal/no background

If you're interested in this or want something else,
Just send me a note or contact me at: JSBRO@COX.NET

And... I guess that's it.
(Are you sure you don't want to hear more about the radioactive wildebeest?)

Tools of the Trade
Mechanical pencils(0.5mm), Adobe Photoshop

New Vote Incentive Comic!

New Vote Incentive Comic!

Surprise! Starting September 1, instead of my usual vote incentive pin-ups, I am launching a new vote incentive comic! It will update 3 times per month and you can read it by voting for Super Rivals! My first story will be a brand new Sharona adventure entitled: DANSE MACABRE! Check it out!

There's Big Trouble in Little Gotham!

There's Big Trouble in Little Gotham!

This month I'm kicking off my next  Female Muscle "Choose Your Own Adventure" Comic for my  Patreon page! Like Ships in the Night, and Muscle Wars, it’s a fan art comic and will feature characters from Marvel, DC, video games etc. and eligible patrons($3 tier and above) will be able to vote on who appears in the comic and what happens next( do they hulk out? mutate? grow into giants? fight? have sex? something else?) $3 patrons($3 per update and I produce 2 updates per month) and above get to vote($5 patrons get 2 votes and $10 patrons get 3 votes!). But for $1 you don’t get to vote, but you get first access to this and other
I'm on Twitter! (I post my not-safe-for-DA stuff there so you might want to check it out.) My Twitter address is: @ArtbroJohn

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Saw a Power Girl expy pop up briefly in The Boys comic. I'm not a fan of the "Superhero Deconstruction" genre, but she caught my eye. For obvious reasons.

Since nothing about her is known I've elected to give her some details.

I call her Supercharge. With powers of flight and kinetic energy. Which she can use as projectiles by directing it from her hands as well as a defense. Letting her tank anything and hit like one too with it's protection.

She is very proud of her Ms Fanservice rep and is a known part girl off the clock. As a result she tends to take a backseat to other heroes for bullshit Vought PR reasons, (much like how Power Girls has yet to have any live action appearances) but she's fine with that since it keeps them from interfering too much in her life.

I wonder how'd she look in the TV show? Since it improved all the "supes" costumes. Just compere Crimson Countess here.

While I don't like the genre, I can appreciate it giving the characters more depth, then Ennis was ever willing too.

She's a pretty cool character concept, actually. I like your ideas for her. They are definitely more creative than what Ennis is doing with her(which seems to be nothing). With your concept she could actually be a main character.

There are ways to tackle the idea of corporate sponsored Superheroes well, (like Tiger and Bunny) but he's too preoccupied with a dick about it.

She literally only showed up at the end of a mini series, so that Meave could say this.

Cause there's only three things he can do.

1.Shit on things he doesn't like, using shallow over the top caricatures.

2.Write rambling monologues for horrible people with no depth to make it seem like they do.

3.Be as classy as deep fried burger covered in grease, left in the back of a beat up hillbilly truck.

Only other page I could find her on is in the background here.

And this one before.

Anyway thanks. Though I think her color scheme could be replaced? Nothing too similar to Power Girl, but definitely different from what it is. Which is just The Deep's.

Btw. I've thought up her real name: Lauran Comet.

Cool name! I like it.

I agree with your assessment of Garth Ennis' writing 100%. Personally, I always felt he was an extremely overrated writer. He seemed more interested in trying to shock readers(generally unsuccessfully in my case) than he was in writing interesting or engaging characters.

I'm very well! How are you doing?