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Daily Deviation
Daily Deviation
August 21, 2007
"It's a kinda handy script that adds colors to your friends in dAmn. There's not many dAmn scripts that add this kind of feature, so I'm really liking this one" Well said, I came across this script a few days ago, it's really neat. dAmn Friends by =ArtBIT
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dAmn Friends



:star: What's this?

This is a Greasemonkey script for deviantArt Messaging Network (dAmn).
It adds the functionality to distinct deviants in chat by painting their names with different colours, all depending of the group you've added them in.
You create a group, and define its colour, add deviants to the group, and their names will change colour to the colour of the group they belong to.
You can create as many groups as you want, but one deviant cannot belong to more than one group.

:star: Ok I want to try it. How do I install it?

In order to use it, you must be using Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox, and you must have the greaseMonkey extension installed.
To install it, click the install link bellow:


...and the greaseMonkey script installation window will open.
To install the script press the "Install" button.
And that's it. Read the commands section to learn how it's used.

:star: Commands

Simply type a command into the chat's inputbox.

:bulletgreen: /grouphelp - Displays the help window.
:bulletgreen: /groupadd name color - creates a new friend group. color must be in HTML format (#000000 - #FFFFFF)
You can use many online tools for converting colors to HTML codes ( colorSchemer , colorChart, ...)
:bulletgreen: /groupdel name - deletes the group with the given name and removes all users that belonged to it.
:bulletgreen: /groupupdate name color - sets the new color for the group.
:bulletgreen: /groupmerge group1 group2 - adds all the users from group1 to group2 and removes the group1
:bulletgreen: /groupcheck user - Checks if the user belongs to any group.
:bulletgreen: /groupinfo group - Shows info for the group or if group is not specified, for all the groups you created.
:bulletgreen: /groupadduser group user1 (user2 user3 ... userN) - adds the specified user(s) to the group.
:bulletgreen: /groupdeluser user1 (user2 user3 ... userN) - deletes the specified user(s) from all the groups.
:bulletgreen: /groupnote group (subject) - opens the dA note page and sets all the group members as recipients.
:bulletgreen: /groupsay group message - highlights all the members of the group with your message.
(To prevent malicious use of /groupsay command, you must wait at least 1minute before using it again)

:star: Example usage

:bulletgreen: /groupadd testers #FFFF00
  this creates a group named 'testers' and sets the colour to #ffff00
:bulletgreen: /groupadduser testers robphillips girlflash genericname281 burst-design artbit
  this adds robphillips, girlflash, genericname281, burst-design and artbit to the 'testers' group, and whenever they're in chat, their names will be coloured in #FFFF00
:bulletgreen: /groupdeluser artbit
  this removes artbit from all the groups
:bulletgreen: /groupsay testers Thanks mates :)
  this will send the "Thanks mates :)" to the chat window, but robphillips, girlflash, genericname281, burst-design will see it highlighted as if you were talking directly to them.

:star: Changelog

• Automatically load your dA friends into a separate group

• Making it compatible with Chrome

• Compatible with dAmn WebClient 0.7 and Firefox 3.0.3
• Fixed some minor bugs.

• Added the /groupnote command.
• Added the /groupcheck command.
• Fixed some minor bugs.

• Added the /groupsay command.
• Fixed some minor bugs.

• Initial release.

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THANKS TO: :iconburst-design::icongenericname281::icongirlflash::iconrobphillips: WHO HELPED ME TEST IT!
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This brings so many memories :heart: