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Journal Invaders v2.0

Journal Invaders v2.0! - Check out live demo: here
This is an updated version of Journal Invaders v1.0

:note:The skin is tested in all major browsers. If it doesn't show up correctly, upgrade your browser to the newest version.

Also, stay tuned for some more goodness, 'cause there might be v3.0 coming soon ;)

If you like it or use it, please donate a llama to my herd, thanks :thanks:

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When I found this, instant +fav! :clap:
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you are most welcome~! I LOVE IT! 
dead80s's avatar
This skin is so fucking cool!!! Thank you so much for it, definitely using this : D
ArtBIT's avatar
You are welcome! :salute:
BioSpectrumNox's avatar
Awesome!  :squee: WOO! btw.. llama for ye! :llama:
BioSpectrumNox's avatar
do you have moew awesome journals like that? OwO
ArtBIT's avatar
Heh, no sorry :)
I only have 2 or three journal skins in my gallery
BioSpectrumNox's avatar
oh... i see.. but .. more awesome journals? (not space-themes journal skins? OwO )
ArtBIT's avatar
Not sure if you want more journal skins or journal entries...
Fry Looking Squint by ArtBIT  

BioSpectrumNox's avatar
what? of course i want! journals skins makes them moar awesome!!! *screeches*
ScarletDragon895's avatar
I'll be using it! Enjoy your llama badge! :handshake:
EVEL-ONE's avatar
I love this. It seems very light and easy to use . The design is
really sleek and very cool. Hope to try it someday .
Now as for the llama. I'll be shipping him to you post-haste...
His name is hermie and he loves granola . If you give him a
godiva chocolate he'll dance for you .
I hope you'll love him as much as I do :kiss: :iconsomehugsplz:
ArtBIT's avatar
Hahaha, thanks :)
I don't know if we have godiva chocolate here, or at least, it will be hard to find.
It might be just that I'm not much of a chocolate person, but I can learn.
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look forward to your new videogame skins~ super cool~
MarsNeverSleeps's avatar
great journal skin, enjoy the llama!
alekSparx's avatar
Why this hasn't gotten more attention is beyond my mind
ArtBIT's avatar
Thanks for submitting this to #GFX-DESIGNERS :highfive:
alekSparx's avatar
you are welcome :D it's a fine journal that's mega underrated d:
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