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Happy Holidays

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:holly: Happy Holidays Everyone! :holly:

I've been lazy, I didn't make any holiday cards to send out this year : /

But that doesn't mean I didn't think about all of you guys. Yeah even you, random deviant :)

I wish you nothing but the best. :ahoy:

Especially to the dT guys, the guys from the HQ and the remoties. You guys rock!

Maybe I'll make real holiday cards next year...

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No one has commented here for 6 years
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...and you just did! And it's not even Christmas! 
:boogie: :dance: :party:
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This may not be a card, but its an awesome animation. Especially dig the 'walking in snow' sound effects. :D Way to get into the holiday spirit, BIT- Happy holidays!
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Yup, yup!
Happy holidays to you too! :glomp:
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It's awesome :heart: I like it so much
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btw i remember you from aniboom...
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hahaha, this is sooo effing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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cool animation!
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happy holidays too!! n.n
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Very cute idea! I like the way there are lots of little parts to it.

A few suggestions for next time:
- the "crunching" of his feet doesn't match up with when his feet actually fall so when the light comes up it looks unrealistic
- it would be better if he ran away whilst the firework was sparking, before it went off - not only is this infinitely more realistic but it would also be quite cute

Just a couple of small suggestions though - this piece as a whole is quite endearing :aww:
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Actually, everything you said was in place, and it was supposed to be fixed, but alas, there was no time ;)

Thanks for the suggestions :)
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oh!!! i like it so much!!!

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and happy holidays to you aswell!
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i liked that animation a lot

so nice


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Wow was this fecking amazing. I love it. How thoughtful and inspired :#1:


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Very nicely done. Happy holidays to you too!
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You did a lovely work! :aww:
Happy New Year!
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That was the cutest thing ever :)
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