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Daily Deviation

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© 2005 - 2020 ArtBIT
Preview in full-view plz, or you'll miss the nice pixel hatch ;P

Inspired by DD For Me by =DaynaShulack
Used this gorgeus body as a refference, a photo taken by *gravenimagez...

[Tool] - PS.
[Time] - 2h
[Misc] - Needs more improvement. Give some ideas 'bout colours
[Note] - Changed the BG, and had a little problems uploading the new ver.
Sorry if I've trashed your MBox...


This work is not in the public domain. This work is copyright © =ArtBIT 2005. All rights reserved.
You may not use and/or reproduce my artwork in any way without my explicit and written permission.
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kakashi226's avatar
YAY BOOBIES!!!!!!!! love it dude
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
lol But it's supposed to associate you to DailyDeviation too not DD cup size. ;)
GVA's avatar
GVA Photographer
nice work! very funny :)
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, thanks :)
But very few people find it funny though...
Raggybabe's avatar
RaggybabeHobbyist Artist
Cool idea, i like it.
otherwise's avatar
otherwiseProfessional Filmographer
OH I GET IT. *brain*

See I thought it was like.... "DD" is a cup size.....? I also thought in Rent that "AZT" was "ACT" like some kind of acting troupe. XD

Dude this is totally cynical. XD I love it.
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
otherwise's avatar
otherwiseProfessional Filmographer
P.S. Naked people is funny.
Exzachly's avatar
ExzachlyHobbyist Digital Artist
hehe. Nice shading, youre right the full view adds a lot. There is a spelling error tho
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Oops.. the double L... How come that nobody noticed??? Thanks ;)
Suds29990's avatar
hehe brilliant! i love the concept and colours used. well done
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Why the sad face?
Betmig's avatar
because i'm one of the people that are agree with nude art (sure, unless the ones that are crappie or something like that).
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh girl, I don't have anything against nude art... on the contrary...
I think that the women's body is a masterpiece itself, and its beauty is undoubted...
I just say that it is easy to find beauty in nude body, cuz it plays with humans primal instincts...
It is easy to enjoy beautifull...

I rarely (but I still do) find deeper meaning in nude art, though I cannot argue with the aesthetic aspect of it...
And here on DA you have 60%(maybe I'm even too soft on the percentage) of horny people, or hypocrites that will not admit that they are aroused by the nude art... and they don't even bother to find any meaning in it... which is sad...

The moral of this piece, and the whole idea, is that you must agree that there's a nude art piece in DD feature everyday... unlike, say, handicraft...
You can compare it to the music... there's popular music - which many people enjoy cuz it's easy to enjoy...
But some heavy freestyle jazz has much narrower circle of respectators, e.g. only an experienced bass player hears and enjoys something we other mortals don't...

So that is what art has to try to do -to discover a new way to invoke/show/tell to the public... to try and bring closer that heavy acid jazz to the ordinary spectator/listener and tell him the exact thing that bass player is feeling/hearing and to share that emotion with him...
In my opinion, art has to display your attitude towards/against something(world), and to raise questions/emotions in the viewer, and in some way to affect the viewer, to make that message universal, and to make it languageless so everyone can understand it...
Using nudity in such manner is ... well easy.
How many unperfect bodies have you seen as nude art models? - Maybe 2%...
Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of great nude art pieces, but the vast number of pieces is well shallow...
And choosing a DD is somewhat subjective... the administrators give the final word about it... and they, as the majority of the public, DO enjoy nude art...
...but if they don't know how to enjoy heavy acid freestyle jazz, we - the public - will not see some great original masterpieces with some great messages to the world...

And this is my protest -
I'm not saying: "STOP THE NUDITY!"
I'm just saying: "Give more space to other forms/ways of art" - "Give us something different!"

But I guess that's what the concept of underground is all about... Being off mainstreem... and when some underground art becomes popular - it's not underground anymore ;)

Wow, this one's a longy, and I just scratched the surface... nevermind...

You just do what you do, hon. The stuff I've seen in your gallery is cool... and your DD has its scream to the world...
Betmig's avatar
"handicraft!" i lol'd!

yeah i know what you mean, i support what you think, actually my best model she isn't the perfect body or something like that, maybe i'm so agressive with my photos, maybe you can see and tell me what do you think about it. (i'm not selfpromoting, it just that i support that kind of see.) I think that all bodys are like canvas, you can aproach and express what you wanna do, not only the healthy well done bodys... you know what i mean, i do modeling nude too, i'm not perfect, actually i'm just like i am. Thanks for explain that.
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad that we agree.
This piece supposed to be provoking, but mainly funny!

Didn't want to insult anyone, just to state an opinion... originated from =DaynaShulack off course...
She is leaving DA btw... Cuz of similar issues...

I visited your gallery and your art's not the one I'm talking about...
Will visit it again sometime soon! :nod:
piranhaspit's avatar
LOL omggg you are sooo clever!! I lvoe ur concepts soooo much!!
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you hon, on the beautiful compliment! :hug:
Kindness's avatar
I really like this idea its very procative :)
AstralWind's avatar
AstralWindProfessional Photographer
Very cool :)
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Hvala! :hug:
Ej, nabavio sam ti Negativ. Baci mi note kako i gde da posaljem!
MantraV's avatar
Haha, has all the qualifications. @.@
anonymous's avatar
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