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Published: December 6, 2005
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I made a little program that generates treeZ (bushwood, weed etc.),
cuz I needed some barren trees for my Moon Necklace...
The algorhitm kept killing my comp, and finaly it managed to corrupt the source code, due to the mishap during the read/write of the file...

I hate that... Everything I create doesn't last for long...
And that made me really mad! :crash:

So I sat down and did the bloody thing all over again!
This one's little optimized, and it won't freeze da player anymore... but the other one looked considerably better...
aaaww what the heck...

Several people have asked me, how did I do the trees in the Moon Necklace... so here... help yourself!
Just create a tree, print-screen it, and paste it into any painting program...

Comments and favs appreciated... =D
Also I would really love to see if you use this in your work, so please throw me a note with a link or just stick it as the comment bellow...



[EDIT 2005.12.07]
Fixed that click bug, and optimized it a lot!
Now it recalculates itself fast enough even with the max number of iterations, and shortest tree trunk length...
Added the minimize/maximize button for the menu too...

[EDIT 2006.03.01]
Added leaves =D
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It's intriguing... Total fave-age.
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Eolhin General Artist
Very cool. :) Now if you could only do one of these for drawing people... *L* That is what I get hung up on.
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
lol maybe I will... 30yrs or so :paranoid:
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I dunno what its purpose is but its very nice :)
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How did I not notice this in your gallery before? This is so cool! :D
I don't really do any digital art, but I might use a generated tree from this as a reference for a painting or drawing (I'll let you know if I do):) :D
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
As if you'd need a reference for this kind of tree ;)

Thanks hon :hug:
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I am seriously horrible at drawing trees (don't tell anyone!)
;) :D
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Deal. ;)
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Daniel-Hunt Interface Designer
Wow, that's great =D.

Seeing as I'm oonly beginning with Flash programming, I don't know how hard / easy this'd be too do, but it'd be good if you could make it so the tree changed in real-time (ie, whilst you move the slider about, instead of changing when you let go).

Anyways, it's nice to see something in dA's Flash gallery that's actually an swf and / or any good, and even nicer to see something a coding newb like me can aspire to. *Clicks "Add to favourites"* =P
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, if you know any programming, then it can't be that hard to code this. And as for the real-time, I guess you're talking about tweening between the two treeStates. You want to see tree morph when you change the parameters. That can be done, and I thought about that, but the way I coded it makes it VERY hard to achieve that, so I'd have to recode the whole movie, and I'm lo' on free time. I started a 3D version of this concept but I'm not too good with 3d geometry so it ended up looking... well - weird lol. I don't have time to finish it either.
Maybe in a month or two.

Well, everyone's a noob at one point. But where there's will - there's a way.
Explore, Experiment, Evolve.
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i don't know much about this, but i asked my boyfriend whos a traditional animator and cg major and he said:
"this is definitely awesome. the coding for this must have been fun. one thing that might have been nice would be a radomizing or mon./max. variable for "iterations." also, a larger variety of leaves would be cool."
he also said you should look at "speed tree" which is an engine that makes a variety of trees for video games and the like. he thought you would find it interesting.
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
Yup, the coding was really fun, and I have learned a lot doing it.
I was thinking of redoing it in 3D, and animating the transitions from one tree to another when you change some of the inputs.
Will do that asap.

Wow! That is awesome!!! :omg:
Way beyond my programming skills. Thanks for the link though, I really anjoyed it :nod:

Thank you, and thank your boyfriend too!
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Sagacious General Artist
ahhaha great!
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
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Divno i korisno digitalno stvorenje koje shumu sachiniti moye i nastanjivati mnogo chega u sebi samoj kako bi se svi sklonili od svega shto ne zele da im padne na glavu. I onda virtuelni ljudi uzeshe virtuelne grane digitalnog stable i sachinishe sebi zaklon od vremena i nepogoda jer teshko je stalno trpeti sekundarnu kishu, i desetinske pljuskove i kataklizme stotinki, kako bi se uzivalo u minutima lepog vremena.

"Kako da nateram da drvo olista?" - zapitah se jednom
A prijatelj moj ArtBit reche: ".,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,~" (tekst upisati na stonogu i poslati stazom koja vodi kroz shumu)
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Evo ... proleće stiže i drvo lista...

P.S. Kak' prošo Veliki Bata?
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
...Jer tako beše zapisano i tako će i biti....

A kada se moj prijatelj ~RedBrk jednom zapitaše : "Kako da nateram da drvo olista?"
Njegov dobri, a nadasve pošteni prijatelj =ArtBIT mu reče:
"Stonoga je pobegla stop pisaću na parče ovog digitalnog papira stop i poslati ću ovijem digitalnijem stazama stop ahem stop dakle stop listanja biti neće stop jer u knjizi proroka artbita stoji da drvece golo bice i samo iluzija drvetija iz starina stop secanje na prirodu koja nestala je stop e tako stop ajd pa stop zviždađ -gađ- dan- tun- tump- stump- stop- strop-ošto se niz stepenice stop"
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onebadpennyHobbyist Digital Artist
wow! that is so slick!
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ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like it hon! =D
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dysnyHobbyist Photographer
now that made me lol.
ArtBIT's avatar
ArtBITHobbyist Digital Artist
:confused: ... errrrr... that was not my original intent but... ok =D
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Dina-n1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
u're GENOUSE MAN :shocked:

so wanderful work ..

bye bye .. :wave:
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one-tough-oneHobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting...

Thanks for sharing...
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Yay ^^
It's great :]

Now I have something to do while I'm bored ;D
And (finally) I can make trees (I hope ><;)
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