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Hello babies, hunnies, ragtime gals, and miscellaneous. I’m gonna be quite busy and probably won’t post much here for a while. Just a heads up
Lovely watchers and guests, I'm tidying up this page a little, trimming out some of the more mature content. If you want to follow ALL my work, naughty and nice, you can still do so at or over at the newly minted…

Thanks! -birchly
Well that was fast... thanks so much everyone!

Hey guys. It’s happening. 5 slots.


This round, there is only one option for finish (full-color cel shade character, simple backdrop). We’ll see how that goes, other options may be available in the future.

Furs/anthros/zoot ocs, etc.

1 character - 45$

2 characters - 75$

NSFW is fine but these won’t be venturing into outright porn. Let’s keep it to stuff I could show on DA please

Cynthia by artbirchly  Ferretographer by artbirchly 


  1. Contact me with the character(s) you want me to draw. IMPORTANT, please contact me at so I receive all requests in one place. That’s how you get on the list.
  2. We can hash out further details from there. After I’m clear on what you want, I’ll rough up a sketch for you to approve
  3. At that point we can process payment
  4. Next step is you approving the final and receiving a full rez digital version

As I said, it’s a 5-slot limit; I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about commissions in the past, so my expectation is that some folks may end up disappointed this round, and I’m sorry if that's the case. But if everyone can help make this a smooth and enjoyable process I’ll be much more likely to do this in the future. Thank you all for your support!

Hi everybodies. Just wanted to post a few things up

- I don't reply to every comment but I read and appreciate every one. Thank you all so much for your feedback and kind words!
- I'm getting more requests about art trades, requests, and commissions. I'm probably not going to do the first two except under special circumstances. Folks are welcome to tell me who/what they'd like to see me draw, I just won't necessarily do it.  Shrug 
- Meanwhile, I am considering opening for a limited run of commissions at some point but I haven't nailed that down. Jut letting you know it's on my very disorganized mind  Wink/Razz 
- I don't have a fourth thing

Keep on keepin on

Wow... Thank so much for all my birthday wishes. I am touched! Whether you're celebrating thanksgiving or not I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Just makin' my pages aware of each other -

he said eloquently.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the enthusiastic reaction to my comic... I'm not used to making them, and I didn't know how it would go over, but I'm really pleased that it struck a chord.

I feel like I had something else to say? But can't remember? And should probably stop typing?

... bye.

Hi folks! Still here! Thanks again for all your feedback.

For those who have asked about trades, requests, and commissions, I really appreciate your interest. I'm gonna say no to most of those things for now because I'm still trying to explore what I want this page to be and using my free time to create art for myself or my friends. I can afford to do that at the moment, but if I ever open up for commissions or trades, you can bet I'll make a public announcement here. Still, feel free to tell me the things you would like to see me draw, just so I know what interests folks. Anyway, thanks again.

Keep on... doing whatever, it's none of my business!

Hi folks! Just want to say thanks for the very warm reception I've gotten here so far.

I'm working on something a little different for me at the moment, which in this context means more time-consuming. But I hope it's something folks will enjoy. Look forward to more cute/saucy art in time. 

Nothing much to say yet, other than a quick hello! Look forward to more art soon.