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Zootober #1 - Bellwether

By artbirchly
Our favorite little assistant mayor as Baarb from this summer’s runaway TV hit, Stranger Fleece. I was hoping I’d come out on the other side of this drawing with an appreciation for that pattern on her top, but alas, I still hate it.

October’s busy for everyone of course, but I’m gonna fit at least a handful of these in! Happy spookings~
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carmillad's avatar
I knew she was Barb! Was born for that costume
artist-exhale's avatar
hey look, it’s BAAArb! XD
carmillad's avatar
Oh, good one! XD
thefriendlycitizen's avatar
Fazbear300's avatar
She is the Lusamine of Zootopia.
AspiringToBeLikeHe's avatar
Let's see, if we crossover Stranger Things with Zootopia,.....
And Bellweather is Barb,......
That means she gets eaten by the demigorgon.

I think I can get on board!:rofl:
Zorbonaut's avatar
Now that's truly a bitch in sheep's clothing!
mrWendybird's avatar
I have a feeling I'm going to love this Zootober thing. :meow:
Tchelows's avatar
Cute assistant :D
Frostfauna's avatar
She pulls off that look far too well. Lol. Awesome work, birchly.
bioazard's avatar
look at her smile !!! YOU CANT TRUST THIS SHEEP !!!

great work
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Very good piece of Bellwether. :)
Disneycow82's avatar
True October is a busy month, which is why I'm working on a scary story of my own. Anyways, I'm still trying to do several images of Bellwether dressed as other antagonist characters that resemble her motives closely.
fox-mccloud's avatar
Don't know anything about the TV series reference, but it's a pleasant, colourful look for our dear Bellwether. You got the plaid pattern down nicely, against your own criticism. Even her notebook looks good to compliment her top. She'll always be loved by this one (and especially Bellwether's fox psychiatrist in this one's fan-fiction.)
JohnRaptor's avatar
Two lovely ladies in one! I recognized her as Barb right away. Great work.
Jeffyraccoon's avatar
You should do one of her as Frau Farbisina
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