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Varied Comissions
These were fanarts in their majority as this gallery is dedicated to such. I do animations ranging from simple ( 35USD a minute) to complex ( 65usd a minute / when I have to ad several characters and my own narration) NO FETISH OR PORN OR EROTICA
Misc comissions
all artworks range from 65usd and up.
Animations are 50 usd per minute depending on complexity.
Like adding narration, several characters and music.

Newest Deviations

Ryu Hayabusa 003 by ArtBennyRGrau Ryu Hayabusa 003 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 4 2 Sheila 83 by ArtBennyRGrau Sheila 83 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 10 3 Ryu Hayabusa002 by ArtBennyRGrau Ryu Hayabusa002 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 4 0 Ryu Hayabusa 001 by ArtBennyRGrau Ryu Hayabusa 001 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 3 0 Lionmaru by ArtBennyRGrau Lionmaru :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 2 1 Mego Kaliman 3 by ArtBennyRGrau Mego Kaliman 3 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 6 2 kaliman 2 G0834 by ArtBennyRGrau kaliman 2 G0834 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 3 0 Kaliman820 by ArtBennyRGrau Kaliman820 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 1 0 Mego cross over N K by ArtBennyRGrau Mego cross over N K :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 2 2 Custom Conan figure by ArtBennyRGrau Custom Conan figure :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 4 2 Cartoon time by ArtBennyRGrau Cartoon time :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 9 51 FH and MJ by ArtBennyRGrau FH and MJ :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 35 15 Namor by ArtBennyRGrau Namor :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 3 0 MEGO CHAVO DEL OCHO2 by ArtBennyRGrau MEGO CHAVO DEL OCHO2 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 2 0 CHAVO DEL OCHO MEGO by ArtBennyRGrau CHAVO DEL OCHO MEGO :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 1 0 MOTU mini set by ArtBennyRGrau MOTU mini set :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 3 2
Before you ask me to draw something for you, know I do not work for free.
Some people do free artwork because it's their hobby, or they have a paying job. This IS my job so please understand I ask for money per commission.
They start at 50 usd. I take pay pal. No erotic stuff, hate art or anti political stuff.


NO YOU MAY NOT USE MY ART AS STOCK "ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why u no reed?!!

Also don't be rude. I take constructive criticism well, but I Ignore trolling or complete dicks who just feel like being "themselves" for no damn reason, I've had enough drama :/. I unwatch inactive watchers who are gone for a month or more. Sorry if I am so stern and people think I am a jerk but this is an art site and I am tired of trying to please everyone. Unwatching is not the same as blocking. You can block me if you want. But keep in mind I am always respectful to everyone, here is no disrespect in unwatching. But you do what you think is best and leave me to do what I think is best which is walk our separate ways with no conflict. no need for drama

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say." Thyrion Lannister.

Matthew 6:23
"but if your eyesight is bad, your whole body will be dark. If however the very light within you is darkness, how dense must the darkness be!"

Random Favourites

Ken Version 2 by cavaloalado Ken Version 2 :iconcavaloalado:cavaloalado 21 2 Blanka Version 2 by cavaloalado Blanka Version 2 :iconcavaloalado:cavaloalado 18 2 Mavis Dracula~ by Justawaykitty Mavis Dracula~ :iconjustawaykitty:Justawaykitty 76 9 Pocahontas Burger King Chief Powhatan by godofwarlover Pocahontas Burger King Chief Powhatan :icongodofwarlover:godofwarlover 3 8 Stacey - black lingerie 3 by wildplaces Stacey - black lingerie 3 :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 247 19 Stacey - rock pool waterfall by wildplaces Stacey - rock pool waterfall :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 76 11 Stacey and the wave by wildplaces Stacey and the wave :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 114 21 Stacey - back to the beach by wildplaces Stacey - back to the beach :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 170 41 Angel - dreaded elf 4 by wildplaces Angel - dreaded elf 4 :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 134 3 Angel - flesh coloured lingerie 3 by wildplaces Angel - flesh coloured lingerie 3 :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 73 6 Angel - oriental dreads 1 by wildplaces Angel - oriental dreads 1 :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 124 2 Angel - flesh coloured lingerie 1 by wildplaces Angel - flesh coloured lingerie 1 :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 248 4 Overwatch Cosplay  : Beach Queen Tracer! by Khainsaw Overwatch Cosplay : Beach Queen Tracer! :iconkhainsaw:Khainsaw 336 15 Rogue X-Men Marvel Cosplay by AGflower Rogue X-Men Marvel Cosplay :iconagflower:AGflower 117 5 Rogue X-Men Marvel Cosplay by AGflower Rogue X-Men Marvel Cosplay :iconagflower:AGflower 131 7 Rogue X-Men Marvel Cosplay by AGflower Rogue X-Men Marvel Cosplay :iconagflower:AGflower 232 11
If you wanna suggest cosplays let me know so I can fave em. I like elite stuff it also helps with reference. the more complex the pose the better and at times I like simple poses and expressions.
I will not fave nudes.

Feel free to purchase or request a print.
But that's as free as it gets. I have people to take care of and bills to pay.
Please don't get angry that I ask payment for artwork. Some folks just will not understand.

Also don't reffer me to fetish, devilism, hentai of any kind , I will autoblock you as a troll. I am not into that or any devillism of any kind. You do what you want in your free time but leave me out of it.

Shera looks like a boy, I also saw another image where she is transformed and look slike Thor. The style is similar to Voltron
with a touch of steven universe.
at least Bo looks like a dude.... but why is he a kid?
you can see more at Joblo. Im sure they are ecstatic. I am gonna give this a hard pass, liek thundercats. I hope they find the audiences they want.
at leats I can still watch reruns of Heman. man I am so sad I didnt get to see her in that series.
Hordak was scary AF and OP.
I will reccomend my hero academia.
hitman reborn is getting a stage show iteration, Reborn looks stupid as a grown woman playing him.
they couldve used puppets. that was the fun part, seeing reborn as what he is, a baby. hes suppossed to be a rainbow baby,an adult hitman who was beyond OP
in the body of a baby. there were several.
heres more fun news, a woman is harassed for wearing a shirt with my cuntry;s flag by an american
while republicans seek to fuck us up by taking away every human right available and aid.
so people are migrating evenn harder. I mean the solution of the US is this.
Pay everything with interest a 10 fold and fuc yourselves you moneypit shit hole.
this island is doomed and fucked. it's nice to be stressed and be a 3rd world country while the only things I love
the things i give tribute to on my page are reamed royaly.

Im working on stuff and I am also editing artwork. since I am a resident asshole let me say this about art.
1.when you offer yoru services and have the balls to call yourself an artist/
a. BE RESPONSIBLE! DOnt make excuses! keep your word/ keep your deadline or at leats do follow ups of progress reports etc. talking solves incidents
b. learn to take criticism
c. dont change your prices during the project, it will get you fired or they wont hire you again
d. when you are told to change something you did wrong, dont complai, you are being paid to draw what was asked not whatever you want.
dont be an asshole. editors, writers and producers work hard and after a while its annoying.
e. dont drag your feet you fucking retard. if they picked you to do  ajob DO IT. You aren't motherfucking Adam Huges who takes a long ass time.
I have met people who say "when they rush me I draw slower and I stop wanting to draw" NO fuck you. THIS IS A JOB.
2. Remember yoru inspiration
U recall when you saw yoru first anime or your first comic and went... I WANNA DO THIS! and you did?
well those people worked their ass hoff trying to get into those companies. Most were reliable people like Jack Kirby who rushed his work
and his anatomy suffered but he cranked out several pages a month, more than most people. and he was responsible so when you see his art, he has a ton of detail
and yeah soe stuff feels skewed BUT that is the reason. Other inkers started finishing drawings for other lazy fucking pencilers who couldnt be bothered to finish their own work, like this Canadian artist who was working on 2 comics a months, finishing the penciler's pages for him.
Dont be like a certain well known US artist who dropped teh comic people waited for to draw with UDON crew and capcom, and every comic he started he dropped because that asshole cant keep a deadline, guess what? hes not doing much now is he? hes possibly changed his act and or doing covers and sketches cuz thats all he can do. I take art seriously because I went to college for this, I 've been drawing since I was 5. then some asshole picks up a pencil and copies shit and charges 30 usd per page then copying photos and other artwork has the nerve to charge for a comic page and not only they will not finish the work, they disappear,
another guy made 5 comics and didnt bother with consistency. he changes the outfit in the same page and hair style, doesnt check the pages and is so focused on finishing the work and personal shit that he doesnt really bother to doublecheck his work. So a speedy artist is NOT a good thing! Alex ross takes minimun 6 months per project. MINIMUM. If you draw fast, consider that you might be having anatomy and perspective issues and continuity errors.
look mistakes happen, that is for certain, that's what editors are for, but repeated mistakes in teh whole project,
making panels different from the layout with out telling the writer WHY you did this, or justfy the change! The selling point in a comic is balance.
ART nas to POP, the STORY has to HOOK you, and the COVER is what calls to to pick it up in the first place.
You work with a TEAM. and that sells teh comic, it makes people see your efrorts and want MORE!
when I did Parallel zero I didnt put ANY effort cuz the writer refused to pay me, the asshole who was guest penciler and inker
continually humiliated me and I already hated him, but I was also mad cuz the writer turned me down and ignored my work. it wanst untill we sat down that he was ALL I could do. and my improvement in 1 under a year because I had fixed my areas that were lacking. But I halfassed the work. It wanst the inker's fault even if it was a joke where we would say BLAME THE INKER GGGGRRRRRR. But it wasnt him. or the other inker, it was my lazy pencils cuz I was mad that I was disrespected, mocked, humiliated constantly cuz my alleged friend is a piece of shit still so fuck that guy, and the writer too, I hung out thinking that they were my friends so I took their shit but I still acted out and the result was garbage. There was no quality control. I did another comic and it was rushed to in order to cpyyright it with VERY bad lettering, back then it had to be done on a word processor, my comp sucked and Internet was via Juno or you do the lettering by hand and it was 1995 so I didnt have much to work with.
Then I focused on quality and improving. if I had been born 10 years later, I would be on a whole nother level cuz I could pick stuff up easily and still can,
my point? take my mistake to improve. Find YOUR style, stop copying everyone, find YOUR style, mix them all up.
Be dilligent if this is yoru career, but NEVER say to me yu are an artist when you have the balls to alf ass work cuz it isnt YOUR comic.
I;ve been so mad at so many things but this peeves me the most. Polish yourself, then ask for a price. Some people though get lucky and get rich or supportive parents that buy you a mac and the adobe subscriptions and people love your youthfulness and hire you and help you grow. LUCKY YOU! GREAT! That is also bvalid and I am not being sarcastic. But BE DILLIGENT! The pros are dilligent not half assers. I am working on a script and I have to edit about 250 pages or mistakes...
I also get upset seeing how people fuck up starwars and other things I love welcoming sjws which suck , and sadly we already had nitcases and fanboys and bipolars and schitzos runnin around on a campaign... ah well. I'm old so what. doesnt mean I am wrong or out of touch. DIligence, hard work, responsibility
NEVER change and when you depend on someone who is not those things it will PISS YOU OFF! specially if you have a deadline and the fucker calls last minute saying *MY girlfriend dumped me* I'm liek, so what? my artist turned his work in late and I cant make the convention I already payd tickets for to sell the comics which we need to print and that takes time and it means I will have to joing my friends in the press setting stuff up to do it faster cus yoru gir dumped you.
cold? sure, but think of yourself expecting someone to keep a promise that was PAID FOR and you freak. if you spoke earlier , we could postpone or fix this somehow.
We are a TEAM. people calling themselves artists are a dime a dozen, theya re hobbyists, real artists, bohemian or not strive for quality, be it graphic arts or fine arts. music or food. Young of old. oh and the people I spoke of are ages 20-60 btw. Talking is how people understand eachother. so if yu fuck yoru team over
cus you didnt say shit and dodt notify that there is a delay happening, then dont pick the job.
If you dont wanna draw, then DONT! if you wanna do art for yourself... FINE! if people buy it  FINE! but NEVER take comissions if you are not dilligent an dresponsible. we all fuck up but if we dont try to give in a lil , and we dont try to help, then the work falls appart. man , ive seen some underwhelming art going for 50usd a page and people pay and the work is not handed in on time, I work on it in less time or gve a progress report and people BITCH...
that's why I dont wrok for points and stopped asking for commissions on DA.
tho if you do MLP porn you will get TONS. no thanx
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ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Professional General Artist
the writers make shows like steven universe. this means the show will be like that.
the art looks boring and I dont like the way they made her. even in normal form she looks
EXACTLY like a male character so I think she might be either a muscled girl or a lesbian.
I have no problem with lesbians but giving Shera- gender issues is not why people liked her.
they just changed something many loved and gave it to another group of people.
like thundercats, they took something we love and gave it to babies. or that horrible marvel show with the big heads.
where everybody looked the same.
cavaloalado Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In the previous cartoon She-ra had a certain attraction for the pirate thief! I do not remember the master of Hordak or some giant computer. From Steven Universe I only see a few calls on TV, but it's not a cartoon I would watch.
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
exactly. she looks like a He. I think they want to make her a lesbian despite her being in love with the male pirate of the resistence against the Evil Horde of Hordak.
In the cartoon Hordak had a master a giant evi computer. this is steven universe.
cavaloalado Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Look, this She-Ra drawing on reminds you of the Ren character in the cartoon The Pirates of Dark Water. Despite being a female character She-Ra seems to me to bring male traits, especially the face.
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Look a pic of sheera art
looks like a boy
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