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Last of Us Fanart| Older Ellie

Hey everyone... played the crap out of Last of Us. Loved it soo much, I did a concept of Ellie as an older woman.
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How about Ellie Vs The Bosses of Resident Evil Village.

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After Part II trailer, this could be relevant.
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Fingers crossed for grandpa Joel
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This is absolutely beautiful Heart +fav :happybounce: Clap 
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I think I see her nipples. But it looks great.
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i'm pretty sure bra shopping is difficult in the apocalypse, lol
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I cant tell since its out of sight, but is something covering her bite mark?
I feel like people would want to kill her on sight with the marks.
I love how her shirt says Naughty Dog lol
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So cool :) her face is actually starting to look a bit more like her voice actress, Ashley Johnson.
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In the post-Outbreak world, people have to grow up quick, a lot quicker than Before. Ellie really never got to be a 'child' or 'teen' in the pre-Outbreak terms of the words. That didn't stop Joel shaking his head and wondering when his daughter-in-all-but-blood suddenly turned into a woman.

In realistic moments, he also reflected that she was now a hot woman. He reminded himself to scavenge a baseball bat the next time he had the chance; he didn't like the way the guys were beginning to hover around her with dumb looks on their faces.
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You know it'd work, too...Joel's a scary motherfucker.
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wow this is amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please sexier version
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Perfect likeness 
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<3 Future older Ellie is even more beautiful <3
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Haha, the t-shirt! Awesome! :D Love this pic (and also the game ofc! :D)
She looks like she has no arm one the left side
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