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Historiae Mutetur 740-749


Nothing important.


Uniting of Scandinavian Kingdoms (745)
The kingdoms of Nurthagotland and Norway are united under a rule of a dynasty originated in Norwegian Rogaland. Nurthagotland resigns from Arianism by converting to the Western European form of Christianity.

Kingdom of Arden also abandons Arianism for the papal form of Christianity (749).

Moesia loses its autonomous status under ERE. The beginning of conflicts with the NRE due to the persecution of Arian Christians in Moesia.

The territories of Moldova are becoming more and more Romanized due to the earlier influx of Romance settlers from Moesia, to the extent that one of the Eastern Romance dialects is becoming the official language of Moldova (to the detriment of the local dialect of Eastern Gothic language).

The disintegration of the Sultanate of Aquitaine into two emirates; West Poland and Narbonna (as a result of the will of the last sultan).

The states in the south-western part of the Iberian Peninsula becomes officially independent of the WRE.

Ghars are officially dropping dependence on WRE.

In Poland: a combination of the titles of Duke of Prussia and the Grand Master of the Prussian Brotherhood. From now on, the Grand Master becomes a Prussian prince, nominated by the Emperor NRE from the Amalingian dynasty, who has power over the duchies of the Amalingian Union.

Antipopetic Rebellion continues.

The kingdom of Gailys, as the first country of Celtic Britain, accepts the Christianity of the Western rite, thus becoming independent of Eabirnia.

So called Muromian Horde transforms into the Kingdom of Rvus, benefiting from the fur trade.


The Uprising of the Black Messiah (7??-747) in Farthest Khemet, directed mainly against the rise of Muslim influences in the state and against the corrupt elite, is broken up. Ahuvi Ben Ze'ev, son of a she-slave from the Oromo people, coming from the side line of the House of Avigdor, the so-called Black Messiah, is murdered while escaping from the battlefield. During his lifetime he was recognized as a false prophet because he explicitly adopted new religious principles some similar to the Talmud and Quran (but they was not the same), which were opposed by the more traditionalist rulers of Farthest Khemet.

The end of the Second Carthage War (741) between WRE and SRE. The return to pre-war status and normalization of relations, despite the fact that WRE still claims rights to this region (but not so aggresively as previously).


A remnants of the Black Mongols in Kimek Horde are dominated by the local Turkic element - the language of the command in this horde becomes the language of the Kimeks in place of Old Mongolian.
The Clan of Red Wilk loses control at Kimek Horde in favor of the White Hawk clan (the Clan of Red Wolf will return in the future as the new rulers of Idil Horde).

Bangla Advaya Empire is invading a small country in India for annexation.

A Turkish mercenary rebellion breaks out at ERE, known as the Anatolian Rebellion.

Turkish Khaganate (so called Middle Turkish State or Oghuz Khaganate) is broken by the forces of the Gorid Empire. The Western branch of the Gray Wolf Clan is banished and the territory goes under the control of Administrations over Turkic Affairs, established by Gorids on the site of the former khaganate.

The extinction of the Khwarezmian language from the group of Iranian languages and the significant limitation of the Sogdian language (ancestor of the Yaghnobi language) for advantage of Turkish dialects.

The uprising in Ceylon has the desired effect: Ceylon becomes an independent kingdom after the last garrison of Aashiyana Empire leave the island. The capital of the new state becomes Polonnaruva (due to the resignation from the reconstruction of the former capital in the ruins of the city of Ruma).

The slow disappearance of the religion of Ajiwikas in India as a result of competition with other religions ends with their complete liquidation.
The teachings of early Buddhism and Jainism significantly affect the transformation of Hinduism - brahmins ultimately give up animal sacrifices as a result of the non-violence principle. The old, royal horse ritual is forgotten.

The Kingdom of Sheba is incorporated into the SRE as a full province.

Tocharians accept the "care" of Gorids as dependent territories of the Empire of Hayastan.


Western Jin Dynasty is pushed out from its former central regions by the Xin Dynasty army.
Tribes in the southern zone under Jins control obtain temporary autonomy.

The Manchurian state in the north (formerly in the orbit of Mongolian influence) recognizes the supremacy of the Xin dynasty.

The Xin Dynasty begins to claim the title Lord of the Entire Huaxia.

The free Manchu tribes defeat the White Mongols, thanks to which they remain independent.

The outbreak of a civil war in Japan between the shogunate and the local clans.

Pyu kingdom is vasssalized by Bangla Advaya Empire.

The Jangsalsu Period is continuing with Koguryeo's victories other states.

Currently, I am working on my new constructed language, called Amaggan. I want to present the grammar and dictionary to those interested.

For now, I got 40 pages of lexicon.

Fable "Sheep and horses" as example of a text in the language:

Bashe ò persoi

Bashe ta dumbim, ka ba lòafir, persoir dildata; oro kaddur buzur porlata, nuiko biegir cheggir lielddata, ò sòlaiko mònur pesha bulzata. Bashe kè persoir kiellata: "Bòlbe mèhe beh didaka kòr mòno bòz das kè persoir." Persoi kiellata: "A iush cherah, bashe, bòlbei ònsi behè, kachai didòmè, kòn mòno, dòno, bahkòr suohir lòafir er shahir lèauthur. Ò bashe ba lòafir." Cherlataka ònòr, bashe ro hòrmòmir dolbbata.

[βaʃe ta ðumβim ka βa lɔ̯afir persoi̯r ðilðata oro kadur βuzur porlata nui̯ko βi̯eɣir t͡ʃegir li̯eldata ɔ sɔlai̯ko mɔnur peʃa βulzata βaʃe kɛ persoi̯r ki̯ellata "βolβe mɛxe βex ðiðaka kɔr mɔno βɔz ðas kɛ persoi̯r" persoi̯ ki̯ellata "a i̯uʃ t͡ʃerax βaʃe βɔlβei̯ ɔnsi βexɛ kat͡ʃai̯ ðiðɔmɛ kɔn mɔno ðɔno βaxkɔr su̯oxir lɔ̯afir er ʃaxir lɛ̯au̯θur ɔ βaʃe βa lɔ̯afir" t͡ʃerlataka ɔnɔr βaʃe ro hɔrmɔmir ðolbata]

The Sheep and the Horses

On a hill, a sheep that had no wool saw horses, one of them pulling a heavy wagon, one carrying a big load, and one carrying a man quickly. The sheep said to the horses: "My heart pains me, seeing a man driving horses." The horses said: "Listen, sheep, our hearts pain us when we see this: a man, the master, makes the wool of the sheep into a warm garment for himself. And the sheep has no wool." Having heard this, the sheep fled into the plain.

Òriere fa Themum piomertake - World created by God (from Genesis)

No gunadim, Themo dòngur ò gèmir piorlata. Ò Gème baliòddim ò hòrum hila: mòraste bòn babièmim òchir riohim, ò Themur Tholo bòn òcheim hèsla sha.

Tachai Themo kiellata: "Shaule a we !" Ò welata shaule. Themo didaka be shaule hi boshe, èh mòrastir ònòr bahdellata. Ò Themo shaulir iathum hiòrlata.

Ò tan bòrage ò nouro pelhalata - orgo iatho.

Ò tachai Themo kiellata: "Hèapòne no òcheir sienddim a fòraye ò òn orei òchei èh nuikei a bahdele !" Sa Hèapònir agilataka, Themo òchei ga hèapònim èh òcheir bòn hèapònim bahdellata; ò kachai ri welata, Themo ònòr hèapònir dòngum hiòrlata.
Ò tan bòrage ò nouro pelhalata - nuiko iatho.

Ò tachai Themo kiellata: "Òchei dega dòngur no oròr thieler a iush bier ò hoce riohe a dirad sha !" Ò kachai ri wea sha, Themo la hocir riohir gèmim hiòrlata, ò òcheir bieròlir hashim hiòrlata. Themo didaka be boshei hila, kiellata: "Gème zhòrneir zhelaweir a eacata: torzhei sheiheir eadakei, hòwo jaudei hòwoir ta gèmim èhòlo shaheir rasheir guònkeir, no còm sheihei hie." Ò wea sha ri. Gème zhòrneir zhelaweir eacata: torzheir sheheir èhòlo shahir magiòrir eadakir ò jaudeir hòwoir guònkeir, no cam sheihe èhòlo ònsòr magiòrir hila. Ò Themo dilda be boshei hilae.

Ò tan bòrage ò nouro pelhalata - sòlaiko iatho.

Ò tachai Themo kiellata: "Dòngo holbei a fòraye, shaulakei ta dòngur hèapòne, gi iathur èh ruinir bahdelas, gi iòdur shaebei, iathoi ò iòdoi nairagas; gi shaulakeim holbeim ta dòngur hèòponim ò gi bòn gèmim shaulas." Ò wea sha ri. Themo nui biegeir shaulakeir holbeir: biegiòre, gi iathum mieras, ò mieniòre, gi ruinir mieras, ò bòsteir. Ò Themo ònòr ta dòngur hèapònim thielelhata, gi bòn gèmim shaulas; gi iathur ò ruinir mieras ò shaule èh mòrastir bahdelas. Ò Themo dilda be boshei hilae.

Ò tan bòrage ò nouro pelhalata - haskuiko iatho.

Tachai Themo kiellata: "Òchei èh ièbakir hierir suarthir a suathe sha, ò fiemòrge bòn gèmim a ped, ga dòngur hèapònim !" Ri Themo biegir hashir bòagdur ò maur rashir kuòlkeir ièbakeir hiereir piorlata, còm òchei sualthatae sha, ò maur hairacur rashir peldatir fiemòrgir. Themo didaka be boshe hilae, ònòr ònium riodum boshònaelmata: "Lombaceim a higè ò a bièrar sha, gi hashir òcheir nofuras, ò fiemòrge ta gèmim a nobièr sha.

Ò tan bòrage ò nouro pelhalata - kuòntiko iatho.

Tachai Themo kiellata: "Gème hairacir rashir ièbakir hierir a ead: hiòlo, pilgakoir magdoir ò bazdoir magdoir èhòlo ònsòr rasheir !" Ò wea ri. Themo hairaceir rasheir bazdoir magdoir agilata, maoir pilgakoir ta gèmim magdoir. Ò Themo dilda be boshei hilae. Ò no naeth Themo kiellata: "Mònur ta masir hèòmir a agesata, aeshur mèir. Bòn hashir hòlbim, bòn aòhir fiemòrgim, bòn hiòlum, bòn gèmim ò bòn maoim pilgakoir ta gèmim magdoir a ròmsa !"

Themo miònir ta shahir hèòmir ri piorlata,

ta Themur hèòmir ònòr piorlata:

mònur ò mònir piorlata.

Sho còm Themo ònier boshònaelma, kè ònier kiellaka: "Lombaceim a higè ò a nobièrgè sha, gi gèmir nofèadehas ò er shòr hèmepsèkir agetas; gi bòn hashir hòlbeim, bòn aòhir fiemòrgim ò bòn maoir pilgakoir ta gèmim magdoir." Ò Themo kiellata: "Òna maokim zhelawim nohèsakim kiesim ta sòdim gèmim suir eadiò, ò maokim jaudim, kòm hòwo no shòr sheihir nòm: òni erazhim er suir hisae. Ò er maokur fòlo magdur ò er maokir fiemòrgir no aòhim, ò er maor ca sèth sha ta gèmim, ò no shòr ièbir orgòmir, maoke zhòrne torzhe erazhim hisa." Ò wea sha ri. Ò Themo dilda be mao ca agilata za boshim hila.

Ò tan bòrage ò nouro pelhalata - thorhiko iatho.

La nodim dòngo ò gème ò maoi ònòr horddei naeth hilatae.

Ò kachai Themo shahir amegir no thorhikum iathum òn naeth, no herniem iathum sho shahim sòdim bazgòrim kòn kòrlata bastelhata. Tachai Themo la hernier iathur boshònaelmata ò mainum ònòr agilata; dah no la iathum sho shahim sòdim maggim ka piorlataka agilata.

Òna gunadeir kazòmei sho dòngur ò gèmir piortònim hie.

Best regards !


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