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HUH?! :faint:

I knooow; it's been awhile. o_O I suppose another journal entry would serve far better to explain why (AGHHWHARGARRBL), but suffice it to say, I shall be open for commissions again henceforth!

*(If you noted me about one awhile back, I apologize that I am just recently pulling myself together, but I just want you to know I appreciate you all.<3 And if you are still interested, I'm happy to help! ;))*

So! I have no way to do this concisely, sigh, so please excuse my word-spewage.


What can you commission? I'm focusing this around portraits* right now, which I will do for $40 US (e.g. in the style of the portrait pack, pretty much all the portraits/commissions I have posted. I'm guessing if you're here you are already familiar with that! xD). Also we could probably arrange a bulk discount if you want more than one?! I haven't decided what yet, but some kind of package deal; lemme know if you are interested and we can work that out. ^^

*If you are interested in something other than a portrait, however, let me know! I don't have any official pricing for anything else at the moment but if there is interest I can try to figure it out.

I should be able to get through them pretty quickly; my estimation at the moment is <1 week. You can reply here or send me a note or email ( ^^


Why now? WELL. The short story is I have become responsible for two wee babes (and omg do children cost a lot O.O like so very much a lot), so all your proceeds will be going to ensure my nieces are fed/clothed/housed! :thanks: :heart:
Oh, wait. Why do you want a commission?! Hm. So your original protagonist can smash through enemies (and/or chat up NPCs) in your favorite isometric games looking how you imagine them (instead of the closest approximation)! So ALL WILL LOOK UPON THEIR FACE AND DESPAIR (and/or 'swoon,' depending on how you're playing)!


How does all this work, you ask? After acquiring the character details, I will go reference-hunting and then start a 'color sketch': basically an outline of the face+shoulders blocked in with the color blends I've selected. It's your opportunity to make sure everything is on-track and correct anything off-course, and once you send me the payment (US$ through Paypal) I will send a finished version back, and if there's any details that need fixing I can take care of that then.
(If there end up being a crazy amount of revisions/changes that veer from the original agreement I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS *ahem* I mean of course whatever you want but I may have to charge extra if it gets ridiculous. O_o)


What does your character look like--ooh, who would play them in a movie? What is their quest? Their favorite color? Their favored method of kobold extermination? WHAT IS THE AIR-SPEED VELOCITY OF AN UNLADEN SWALLOW??! Wait, no, we can probably simplify this somehow.

**Link to lists of references/more info** <--I have collected so many images on Pinterest *and organized them* JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE x)

(If you only have a vague description or aren't picky about some of these details, that's cool, too; I will do my best to help fill in the blanks! This is mostly because the time for you to be picky is right at the start, not halfway-through. ;D)

If you have no visual references nor a wish to look for any, then I will take the liberty of traversing my folders and gathering images I think match with your character (faces/expressions, armor/clothing, etc). But I do need a written description of some kind! I'm guessing you probably know the drill, but *colors* are very very important, since they influence all of my first steps a lot and are actually difficult to reconfigure once I have my palette balanced.


-Hair color
-Skin color
-Eye color
-Clothing/armor colors
-Background color (if you have a preference: brightness/darkness can help set the atmosphere to reflect the personality/mood, otherwise I will choose something complementary to balance the other colors)


-character class and/or what style of clothing or type of armor would they wear
-gender, age, race/ethnicity, distinguishing features?
-hair style/hair length/facial hair
-scars, accessories, jewelry, etc*


I'd also like to know WHO your character is. You can describe their attitude/demeanor or give me stats/a character sheet for example, or *at the least* just let me know what sort of expression/mood they should have. This will help me in finding facial references, too. Your character is more than a collection of physical details; I want to peer INTO THEIR SOUL. Eek - A Revamp 

*If your character requires a lot of complicated accessories or details above the norm then I reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly depending on the time/difficulty!


I think that sounds like a lot more information than it really is, haha. ^^; Hope you are still hanging in there! I just really like to get a feel for the character before I start so I know that I'm drawing them instead of simply someone that resembles them so they can be as accurate and 'alive' as possible, if that makes sense! ;)

Thank you for reading, and please keep me in mind for any of your portrait-related needs! :TipOfTheHat:
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Oh I am trying to learn how to play D&D via Skype and this would help me so much with my first character! When I see if I get accepted into a game I applied for... I'll be looking you up!
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Still wanna do this.  It's a matter of money on this end, too.
Ohh, I'll definitely have to keep this in mind, your stuff is always great! In any event, hope you and the kids have a wonderful holiday season.
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As you know, it WILL be....just not yet.
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Hi, I really love these portraits. 

Regarding your question about portrait pack, I know someone does sell a 16-portrait package for $20 US on Unity Asset Store.
Do you already have a portraits pack for sale somewhere? I would dearly like to check them out if you do.
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I'M IN! :la: (I'll try to figure out the details/which character before the end of this week)
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heehee awesome!! looking forward to it, thanks ^^
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I apologise for the delay, I had finally managed to choose a character so I'll send you a message tomorrow!
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hehe no problem! I'm just finishing up another one so the timing works out just fine. ^^
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artastrophe-the-best-BG-artist-on-DA looking to make new art! Yay! *joins Kyn in flag-waving*
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aw wow thank you!
hammie with floting heart
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