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started these when I first heard about the contest to draw the Baldur's Gate NPCs as drow for the Ust Natha quest [link] ... and then got stuck working 98% of the last five weeks (okay, I had two days off in 5 weeks I don't feel like doing the math but IT WAS A LOT OK URGHLJGDLJF??), so forgot this until JUST NOW A DAY TOO LATE OH THE IRONY

But I finished 'em anyway... was going to do my whole party, but Viconia already was a drow (and I painted her a couple times already ;)), and Minsc, I just have no idea how an elvish Minsc would look... have to think about it more... xD

ANYWAY! Imoen, my PC Sajantha, Edwin, and Jaheira all drow-ified. ;D
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I adore your work. Made me restart the trilogy. I wish you could have done drow versions of all BG2:EE NPCs. Perhaps some of your PC portraits too.
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aw, wow, thank you! :D :heart: haha honestly I might redo Sajantha and Edwin someday (wasn't really thinking; red robes aren't so drow-ish, whoops xD)... but the others I can't really see myself ever amassing enough inspiration/momentum to carry me through so many. ^^; Maybe a couple random ones, though!
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That's a shame. I had manually changed Edwin's portrait to Edwina during his quest and would have loved to change all my party members' portraits to drow versions of themselves in Ust Natha. I suppose I can only hope you will do it some day. In the meantime, keep up the good work! :)
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Where's tha "Download" button?
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I haven't made bitmaps for these. Might do it in the next update, if enough people are interested, I suppose.
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I don't need bitmaps 4 my "Downloadables" but I recall bitmap files seem 2 B unusable 4 online activities!
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i like your drows :D
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So pretty! Can we get these added to the portrait pack as player characters?
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Your drow Edwin is super scarry... Oh my gods, never wanna met him like that. :D
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Sajantha's skin color is horrible, but the others are good!
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Haha, Jaheira doesn't look amused by this whole idea :D
artastrophe's avatar
haha exactly! (I feel like she could be a pretty passable drow, though... walking around with her nose in the air, snarling at everyone... :XD:)
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Wow, they all look so friggin' gorgeous!!
artastrophe's avatar
Aw thanks!! they were so fun; I should maybe polish 'em up a bit more, hmm....
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I think they look awesome!
InverseReality-2's avatar
WOW! Gorgeous, all of them, but Imoen especially is an amazing drow! (Never woulda thunk it.)
artastrophe's avatar
IT'S THE PINK EYES!!! :XD: :heart:
Rhian-Skyblade's avatar
pretty drow! :heart: Imoen looks really sweet with her cheeky smile :D
artastrophe's avatar
aw thanks!! yeah, she's probably not very drow-ish heehee (but I'm sure she'd still be a better actor than Minsc! :lol:)
Rhian-Skyblade's avatar
Hmm Boo would be a nasty little spider ^^ Drow-Minsc to Boo "Go for the eyes!!!" :D
Since drow females think males being dumb brutes... I think he wouldn't really get any attention.

I so love the old BG 2 characters and I so love how you interpret them.
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EWWWW BOO AS A SPIDER BLGHGDLFJDLSKJ!! That would be one terrifying familiar, ick. :dead:

And that is a good point about the 'dumb brute'... I guess he could just play into everyone's expectations, haha!

and aw thanks!! I wonder if it's all the love I also share coming through? :D
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Imoen and Sajantha: We r sexy Drow! Heehee.

Edwin: Of course I am a superior wizard here as everywhere, but I don't like kowtowing to the females...

Jaheira: I don't like being a Drow! ARRGH!

As for Minsc, the look would be no problem; can see a dead serious bald Drow....problem is Minsc would have a helluva time staying in character. And what do you do with Boo? Turn him into a little salamander or something?
artastrophe's avatar
haha exactly! ;D :heart: yeah, Edwin would have a hard time holding his tongue, I think (but at least he's smart enough to catch on)... Minsc? I don't know who he could fool, you're right. :XD: (And a salamander? that is cracking me up!!)

And I could draw a bald drow, true, but it wouldn't look anything like Minsc, is all. Unless he just had a sweet/doofy/dopey expression, maybe... :lol:
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Wow! That's amazing.

I'm tempted to think Drow Edwin would have a goatee though!

I always took Vicky to Ust Natha. She didn't really need a disguise...
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