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because... more drow. ^_^ >_>

just a quick one... apparently I'm trying to speed through a bunch of these whenever I get the time. :roll:
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I love the hair and the headdress. Brilliant!
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She's a mod NPC, yes?
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Yep! I've never actually played it, though. ^^;
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Oy! Pretty :) the hair comes out very nicely.
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thanks! I'm starting to really like painting white hair, haha...
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Would you mind writing a mini tut in screenshots/workflow? :-3
I have seen so many, but they always deal with, well... normal hair. Blonde, brown and that.

But I never have seen any dealing with white and black - and those can be a real pain because of the shading
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I will see what I can do!! I'm going to try to put together something about color, so I'll try to mention that specifically, but hopefully it will make enough sense that you can apply it to painting EVERY kind of hair! ;D <3
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Even if you speed through 'em they look awesome! You have so much skill OmO *emanating envy*
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aww thank you!! It helps when I can rationalize them being used at a really small resolution so I don't feel like I have to get bogged down with tiny details. ;D

(and I know it sounds trite, but it's just PRACTICE. xD after doing dozens and dozens of these--I think I started at 6-12 hours each--and these last few are closer to 2-3. :D)
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LOL yes i know XD Practice makes perfect (or better XD) But that's really smart :O the small resolution thing i mean
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