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the tragic Tamoko, who had the misfortune to fall in love with a man who loved power more than he could ever love her...
I always like to think Sarevok ended up finding her after ToB, if you redeemed him. <3
Tamoko from Baldur's Gate, for the Contest over at BG:EE [link] (YEAH AND THE CONTEST HASN'T EVEN ENDED YET THIS TIME :faint: I actually did it a week or two ago, and realized I've been so busy lately I'd probably forget about it & miss the deadline again-- so I'm just posting it now. WHEW ;))
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It all depends on whether or not you fought her at the end of BG1, although canon says she dies not long after, even if you spare her.

This is a beautiful portrait, though! Great work!

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it hurts so good
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I always enjoyed Tamoko's presence in BG, and always talk her out of attacking. Part of me wishes she could have joined your party in BG II, but I like to imagine more fittingly she has her own story recreating her life after her association with Sarevok.

Great piece of art, there seems to be an inner sadness in her eyes. I really enjoy all your pieces they are a wonderful tribute to a great game.
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She was definitely one of the most interesting side characters! And yeah, it's kind of disappointing we never got to dig any deeper with her... my personal head-canon is a redeemed Sarevok goes to find her and apologize after ToB, hehehe. ;)

Thank you so much!! I love being able to bring out subtle things with the characters, so that is great to hear. :D
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Looks great, thank you.
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Blimey.  This portrait feels rather perfect for the part ^^;
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Where's tha "Download" button?
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on this page!
there is a link on the bottom of the description.
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Beautiful work! I'm not too familiar with the character, but it doesn't detract from the quality of the piece all the same. Well done!
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Very Good!
Very cool!
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Sorry, one of the Unfinished Business restored quests, a diary from Yoshimo explains that the reason he ever entered Irenicus's service was to revenge himself upon you for the death of his sister...Tamoko.
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I believe that was an idea that didn't become an official part of the game for more reasons than simply time constraints. But either way, it is not enough to stop me from imagining.
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Yeah, your way is more pleasant....but with the rushes to market, many Black Isle games suffered from cut content due to stupidly optimistic release dates by the marketing department. Fallout 2 is the poster child for that sort of thing.

Your way is more pleasant...but mine answers the big question of Yoshimo's motivations. Besides, the extra content was cool.
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In the Baludur's Gate novel, she tried to strike a deal with the party for Sarevok's life. She insisted she could reform him, but when she tried he beat her severely for such "betrayal". She must have been abused before, because she agreed with his assessment, and ambushed Abdel under the city.
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HAHAHAAA thanks, but don't try to convince me anything in those novels is canon, blech. I will continue to prefer my own imaginary stories; there's no contest in my mind. ;P
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Hah! I agree...but Black Isle did have an assumed path that Abdel took through the game. I'll bet the BG1 novel actually did inspire the Jaheira romance.
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Nice character!
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Sarevok, you lucky dog, you don't know what you're missing...
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Goddammit Sarevok! T_T
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