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your dear brother Bhaalspawn <3

(Baldur's Gate © Bioware)

{download for BG-sized bitmaps available here}
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Whoa! Is that what he looks like without his helmet? o.o

(I have only played BG 1 and Sword Coast, not yet gone into BG 2 & 3 yet...)
Spiderzwebz's avatar certainly captured his 'evilness' in this lovely artwork..>w>
Awesome!  Love it!
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Very Good!
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wow i'd use those for playing the game.
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How did I miss this one!!!!
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My man was always Joneleth... But... won't hurt if I pass, take a look and fave :iconbravoplz:
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Heh. Why Sarevok always seems to be more charismatic than most of my Bhaalspawns?
Still he was a cool brother later on. :B
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yeah, I really loved that part of ToB!! really cool to see another side to him :D
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Loving the dangerous half-smile :) Awesome as always :)
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He's so cool!
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hehe thanks!! (he sure thinks so ;P)
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I don't know if you're on the same level of Nerd as I am, but the first thing I thought of when I saw his eyes here is the Goa'uld from Stargate SG-1 and their eye flashy thingie. So, now I've got it in my head that Sarevok is an interstellar space god! And it's fantastic.

I love this! His expression tells me that someone is about to die. :P
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AHHAHAA YESSSS!! But I totally forgot about the Goa'uld, aghh; I think I just lost a lot of my hard-earned nerd xp. Q____Q But oh, yes, he would fit right in with them, wouldn't he?? Perfect. :XD:
((And omg I have this idea for an OC that's kind of a cross between Teal'c and Sten... :iconwaggleplz: ))

But hooray! glad you like it. :D I was actually thinking I might mess with the eyes some more, though; I saw [link] and thought that might be kind of fun. ;)
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Oooh great take on Sarevok! I like it a lot!
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welp, at least I know I'm not the only one ;) :heart: :thumbsup:
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Heeeee, nooo, I don't wanna kill you! I'm glad you like it, and no you're not alone! <3<3<3
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Ah, Sarevok, with his lack of eyes restored! <3 <3 <3

Why did he have glowing eyes anyway, considering he technically had his powers stripped from him by then? Was it merely his innate awesomeness?
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I always wondered about that, too!! I guess that's why I made this one an 'alternate' version. xD (Although, really, none of that soul-sharing stuff made a lot of sense, so maybe we weren't supposed to question it too much. ^^)

But yes, "innate awesomeness" seems like an extremely valid answer. :heart:
Like tieflings or aasimars Sarevok has outsiders(god) blood running in his veins. He may have those eyes just because of that.
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