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Red Wizard

I feel like I should explain this by saying I was trying to make a drawing of Edwin that was actually lore-adherent (ie, without all that hair...), but that will never justify my original sketch which I never intended to even color oops and umm showcase some Thayvian tattoos. So yeah, Red Wizards have magical tattoos! Now you all know.

But I probably still imagined them wrong; might have to try it again.

*Edwin Odesseiron of Baldur's Gate (Bioware)*

and I managed to do this like 95% without references (I looked some at my hand, though >_>; ) so plz to pardon any anatomical inaccuracies. :D
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Been looking at this again after some time. He still looks amazingly hot.
artastrophe's avatar
What? What was that?? I think I heard, "you better paint him shirtless again!!" x3 xD xD
TariToons's avatar
Uhm, wasn't me. That was someone from the off.


See, again. Gee, those fangils can be very persistent.
artastrophe's avatar
man, we those fangirls sure be crazy. xD (yet somehow very convincing, hm... ):iconwaggleplz:

when I have the time, this will be at the top of my list. ;D
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Nice work, I like the way you've coloured and shaded his clothes. :)
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This is seriously amazing. Beyond amazing. Beyond every single level of amazing.
And bald Edwin looks so very hot majestic. Yesss. Majestic. >->
and hot
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This is really scary Edwin for me. :D But the same way he is fantastic. I am weird, I know... And I think the robe is definitelly the best I have ever seen...
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Love the robes and the pose and the tattoos are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
artastrophe's avatar
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!! ^______^ <3
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I'll be in my bunk.
Saint-of-many-names's avatar
Well, now I know what I'm going to use as a basis for Edwin's appearance.
artastrophe's avatar
aww thanks!! <3 I thought it was about time to try something new for him. ;D
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I love it! It was just about time, that someone drew Edwin accually as an accuarate red mage and stuff. Plus, he looks totally hot in your picture :D Awesome!
artastrophe's avatar
yayyy that's just what I was going for!! :heart: :meow:
TariToons's avatar
Heh and this is also my new Ingame portrait for Edwin :P Hello, Shadowkeeper :D
Nyila's avatar
This is awesome! :squee:

You are obsessed, my friend! It's ok though, we all are! :D

I don't think there's any specific information anywhere about what Thayvian tattoos are supposed to look like. According to Wikipedia: "Many traditions of the old Red Wizards were lost in the transformation and modern Red Wizards don't maintain the same Mulani traditions of shaved heads and tattoos that the old organization did." (I was lazy and copy/pasted.. :happybounce:)
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You ain't dead!! I was rather nervous here.

Now... why am I not surprised, I wonder? Because I expected something like this *for a long* time... :lol: And I mean *long* time. And I must say, the tattoos are.. amazing! *fans herself* :D
artastrophe's avatar
yeah I think I first mentioned that sketch months ago lol, and I honestly was only going to change it a little bit (I thought, hey I'd better take off the hair) and then somehow I ended up coloring the whole thing because I was curious as to what he'd look like bald. And those tattoos. :D

But thank you!! and you know, I would absolutely love to see how you'd create some of those tattoos yourself--your designs are so amazing! <3

nope, not dead--so sorry to make you nervous, aghhh! D: :hug:
Orionali's avatar
That comment wasn't even addressed to me, rofl (so I read *all* of comments), I am your stalker and can say that you were away for 5 weeks! Hey, it seems I wasn't the only one who was curious... :D But, in my humble opinion, Edwin looks great under any kind of sauce. ;)

I love designing 'animal' kind of tattoos lately, but I don't know about posting them.

I bet you had a lot of messages to sort... ;)
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Edwin before going to Sword Coast maybe... Amazing!
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thanks! yeah, he does seem a little younger probably hehe
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This is really a magnificent piece. Can't get my eyes from the tattoos, and yes I agree. Mages have magical tattoos and it looks great!
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