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Portrait Pack - 3rd Edition

Not an official PaintBG release or anything yet; I still have more I want to finish first to add in BUT AGH THE DEADLINE HIT ME FOR SOD >_>
So! Just for you folks raring to go, have some new NPC portraits for Siege of Dragonspear! some mod NPCs courtesy of agb1! some commissions and other portraits I've done in between the last pack! :D

First 3 PC portraits (Tanith, Trentok, and Tomlin) courtesy of :iconmade-of-scones:!
Flail guy and Frank from :iconarcalian:!
The next four characters are from :iconby-tempus-shield:!
Elinor from :iconkupieckorzenny:!
Valeera from :icontessie21:!
Bard guy from :iconentropyxii:!
Warrior guy from :iconrftppr:!
Maric from :iconprettylegitimate:!
Reyna and Orlagh both gifts for friends!

and the rest are random things of mine o_O (Ethyja and young Gorion and Snape as earlier pics hehe and new Edwin, noble-y Anomen and baby-face Anomen)
it is possible I screwed up something somewhere though I am pretty sure I haven't uploaded any of these fellers before... xD

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and donated their characters :yay: :heart: ~and if you would like a commission, please lemme know ^___^
bitmaps formatted for EE and original saga available in two separate folders in the download
2nd edition with NPCs + PCs @…
extra PC portraits…
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These are so great...I wish though there was a (half-)elven variant of Adanor though, the guy with blonde hair in Lathander armor...that would fit perfectly with my perfect character...

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Muchas gracias por dejar descargar estos retratos, soy un gran aficionado de BG!:wave:

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Would it be alright if I converted these images into circular tokens and shared them on
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Glad to see Pinkoen and Edwin together XD
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I absolutely HAVE TO do a human mage playthrough with young Gorion as my Bhaalspawn's portrait at some point! Amazing!!
Beautiful and perfectly matching with each other and the game over all, as always. Wonderful job!
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awww thank you very much! :blushes: <3
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hahaha!! so sorry. :hug: you know, I *figured* you did but then when I was searching through my DA notes I didn't see you, and you didn't have your DA name on your emails, and then I got really confused and I'm terrible at names so I just gave up. :shrug: and now of course I remember and remember you left a comment on my profile instead of a note. xD but yay, thank you bard guy! ;) :heart:
Fantastic portraits! Could you also add 169x266 versions for the NPCs? These are the main window portraits in BGEE (with a 'M' suffix). The SoD portraits don't appear in the game either.
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ooh that's fun... I guess I'll have to track down someone to figure out all the file-naming and everything. I thought BG:EE only needed the one image and it could resize it, sigh. I'm no good at this end of things. xD
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I love you so much for creating these portraits!

You rock!
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aw thank you!! and thank you for your commission, yay. :heart:
Glad to these! I'll probably wait until a full paint-BG is available as i'm pretty terrible at editing files.
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yeah I'm terrible at all that too; I need to find someone to take care of that end for me since I don't have the time or skill to deal with it... ^^;
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Your portraits always look so nice. They mesh with the game very well. 
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Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear it. ^^
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+fav  They all look fantasticw00t! 
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hooray, thank you! :D
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