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Mistress of the Gray Waste

Viconia DeVir, drow priestess of Shar
(Baldur's Gate © Bioware)

"Drow have obsidian colored skin and pale yellow (or pale golden), silver or white hair...some are known to have different colored, commonly much paler, eyes such as blue, lilac, pink or silver." ~Forgotten Realms wiki

Trying to be more lore-adherent... but it is really hard to paint "obsidian-colored skin," let me tell you! Still, I did try to make her darker than her original portrait, where her skin was light blue. ^^

2nd attempt at darker/"obsidian-colored" skin: xD
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No matter the skin colour, still quite beautiful.
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Viconia De'Vir, the Sun-Touched Drow.    My favorite Dark Elf . . . EVER.  Yes, I love her even more than Jarlaxle, and certainly more than Drizzt, even if her being in the games, and them being in books gave them more exposure, I always loved her personality best.   She was every bit the Dark Elf, yet her storyline, and her struggles to adapt to surface life after the fall of her house, I found to be better handled than most Dark Elf characters.   She retained enough of her former self, yet had developed some convincing traits from life on the surface.  As if she was clinging to her past life, but unable to escape her new one.

However, I didn't mean to go into a soliloquy, I just love her to bits, and adore well done fanart of her, as this is.

She made a gag to a little boy who didn't realise she was a Dark Elf, that she was just covered in soot from falling down the chimney.  So I think the skin is just sort of charcoal, not quite the BLACK black that is sometimes described, or it could just be her.   Anyway, this is lovely, and she's spent a lot of time out in the sun, so it makes sense that her frequent exposure to daylight has lightened her skin, and brought gold threads to her once entirely ivory hair.    The sun has a tendency to darken the skin of topsiders, so it makes sense it'd do the opposite to Underdark races.
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Beautiful art :heart:
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I really liked Viconia and had her with me all the time :) I also made her "phrase" "Trust is for the foolish... and the dead" my life's motto and fared better with it than with being naive and too trusting ^^
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awww.... poor, jaded Viconia. <3 I mean, she certainly has a point about being taken advantage of (which is how I believe her philosophy could be integrated in our somewhat-less-dangerous modern lives...? ;D), but hers is a rather bleak outlook just the same. :hug: There's so much juicy bitterness on her tongue when she spits it out; the voice actress did such a great job with that line!! I really love her character, too. ^^
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Oooh, Viconia looks gorgeous! Nicely done. :)
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thank you very much! ^^
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Very good image of Viconia, not quite as sharp featured as she appears in her ingame portrait, more of a classic style, like the more homely, less pretty elf, Drow in classic 2nd Edition AD&D.
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I suppose her original portrait looked more like a model, so hmm perhaps in comparison... but don't let her hear you call her homely!! xD
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I approve most wholeheartedly of this.
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For me, the skin is a bit too purple and too little black, but still, a great work.
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yeahhh I should maybe try another version where she's more black; when I was experimenting with it, it looked rather horrid/flat/unrealistic that dark, hahaa... xD But I've gotten a lot more practice painting skin since then, so it might be worth another attempt! ^^ Thanks!!
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Absolutely brilliant :D
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You're most welcome :)
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*worships* gorgeous work, to be picky i think she's a bit too brown, but that's just me being very picky, she's an amazing piece of artwork :) Hey, you ever thought about doing the character portraits so you can use them in the game? O_O
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Why, yes, actually! :D [link] I was just finishing little tweaks to them. Then they will undergo a testing phase, and should be formatted and ready for deployment shortly! ;D

And thanks! I was adjusting the color balance because I thought it was too yellow/brown earlier, lol, and then I was worried it ended up too purple. So that's actually kind of reassuring! xD I did use some warm undertones in her skin--which is probably the brown you're seeing-- mostly because when I started using cooler colors it ended up looking too blue/too much like her original portrait. And I had to use some color; her face looked really flat and bleh when I tried it with more grays... but, um, a learning process, for sure! Next one I'll try to do blue, maybe. (and it sounds like people expect red eyes, too...) ^___^
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Oh yeah, i think i remember seeing them and thinking that they were awesome at the time :) You got Jaheira perfectly for me lol

And I never imagined her with red eyes... dark brown I always thought, but you have to bow to popular opinion :P Hey, you could always go a very dark red, so it would make every-one happy lol. And yeah, every artwork is a learning experience :P
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oooh dark red... that actually sounds pretty cool; I think I could get behind that! :D thanks for the idea!! ^^

and for a long time, I don't think I was learning anything with my art hahaha (:roll:), but now I'm actually trying again, and it's quite exciting for me. x3
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No problems hunny, thanks for the idea about the Baldur's Gate rewrite :P Maybe we could get a poll going after each chapter about what should happen next or something 'do we pick up this character' 'do we try and talk the flaming fist down or just punch him'. If the character was chaotic neutral it could work lol :)

And learning with art is awesome! :)
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