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Malla Drow

Okay, really tried to make her as dark as I possibly could this time while still retaining some amount of detail. xD

{(hopefully) more lore-adherent version of Viconia ;P :heart:}

(Baldur's Gate © Bioware)

{download for BG-sized bitmaps available here}
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That is the darkest elf that I have ever seen. 
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Where's tha "Download" button?
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on this page!
there is a link on the bottom of the description.
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This is the kind of work that makes me thankful I have eyes to see :) Wonderful and beautiful!
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Fantastic art :la:
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This is really awesome! I love the skin color and the hair. Brilliant!
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thanks!! I'm getting some good drow-painting practice in hahaa...
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She looks beautiful :) you did well with her skin.
Creating dark skinned, realistic looking, characters is not easy.
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thank you so much!! it is definitely something that requires a bit of practice/experimenting; it's an entirely different approach than I normally use, so I'm glad I got it to work this time--thank you!! :)
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Oh wow, beautiful!!
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thanks!! ^^

(and again, your signature still cracks me up whenever I read it; I just... have this insane urge to tweak it...)

✔ Taken* ❒ Single
*Mentally dating a character that doesn't exist.

OK I feel better now :iconurhappyplz:
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Haha, nice! :D I like that. :3 You're awesome!
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Well done. Sexy - scary - angry - sad.

I don't think the skin is too dark at all. Depending on what you consider canon, Drow are supposed to be jet black to dark brown.
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wow; I couldn't have ever hoped for that much of her character to come across in her face!! I think I just got lucky, but hooray--thank you! :D (And I think sometimes canon may end up compromising with what is realistically paint-able, which could explain the number of blue-skinned drow running around; they're insanely easier to paint/get to look good. :giggle:)
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I'm thinking about how the portrait is going to look in game. It will be resized and resolution of the smallest version is 38x60 - then that dark skin with little details (because of the hue / skin colour + shadow), it may turn into one black blob. Some players may still want to see lines of her face etc :P
(still love the portrait, I'm just keeping the usability in mind)
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As an avatar, you may have to lighten it, as an artistic rendering of the essence of Vicky, I would leave it as is.
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oh, and I mean it should be lightened just a *tiny bit*, really :)
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Vickie! Vickie! Vickivickivickivickivickie! :iconfuckyeahplz: :iconsexahplz:

Vickie is Vivacious! :love: :iconbedsexplz: :iconfuckyeahplz:
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AWWW YISS those are some great icons lol. thanks--glad you like her!! xD
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Nice lighting !
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