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Everyone's favorite (?!) chaotic good dark elf ranger! He must have been brooding off in the corner because he got left behind from the rest of the group when I was putting the pack together, oops... o_O

I uploaded a bmp here though we'll see if that works... in any case, I'll fix the next update with him, sorry. ;P

(The title was actually a typo because I was typing too fast/lazy, but I'm just going to keep it like that out of mild amusement.)
Drizzt Do'urden - created by R. A. Salvatore - fearsome gnoll-killer cameo in Baldur's Gate
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Great work. Just like I imagined him.
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Ah, those eyes...nice work!
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The title is awesome :D :P
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is there any possibility to bring us Elminster? Too greedy's there~
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Looks about right. Gotta love that smoldering look.

You know, it will always amuse me that Drizzt started out looking like a haggard old man on the covers of the early books and then gradually evolved into a pretty boy.
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I love this version of Drizzt.  It's beautiful :)
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Great work, I like that broody look ;)
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Great art as always!  The book where he's on the surface for the first time is pretty good.
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Beautiful, accurate and on point as always, Artastrophe!! I'm loving these more and more every day <3
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An amazing looking Drizzt.
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hehe thank you! he's always so scowly in official artwork xD
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Yes he is. You're welcome.
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