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Baldur's Gate NPC Portraits

10/24/13: v2.0 released!

 I'm leaving this up here, but there is an updated version with additional portraits available. ;)

12/26/12: IT'S OFFICIAL! Thank you all so much for your patience. <3 Head to Spellhold Studios if you want to download the separate versions; it even contains extra bonus material! :D

Extra-special awesome thanks to :iconlava-delvortel: who has developed a handy mod to install this package for BG/BG2/BGT/TuTu (the BG:EE files can be downloaded here). Believe me when I say this project would never have been completed without him; not only would it never have grown to the size it is now, I'd still be fiddling around with these endlessly. Which I may still do, unrelated. xD But he kept me going these last few months as this project devoured all my free time... I'm not even sure I can thank him enough. But whew, we finally have something to show for all our hard work! (And at the very least, I got to make a new friend. ^^ :hug:)

I must thank :iconorionali: as well, who convinced me to turn a couple random portraits into that first batch of 13--which has since multiplied past all common sense. And thanks to everyone who commented and faved that original submission; you've all helped to give me the encouragement and motivation to continue with this! SO HUGS FOR EVERYONE :love: :heart:

The .zip file included here is divided into BG:EE and the original BG saga with different-sized bitmaps in each one. But it might be easier to install using the mod + you get some never-before-seen ToB character portraits, hehehe...…

I hope you all enjoy it!! I feel like I need to leave a disclaimer... some of these I was able to spend all the time I wanted, others I hurried a bit... or it would never have been released at all. ^^; (And then I had to go and learn a bunch / improve over the course of them; it is probably obvious the order I did them in. xD)

for alternate versions (Sarevok, Edwin, & Viconia to name a few) as well as additional portraits for your Player Character:
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As someone who loves this mod and wants to use it every time, I'm wondering something. Will this somewhat old mod be available to be used with the 2.0 patch and for siege of dragonspear characters? I don't know if this is the best place to ask but I love these portraits and would hate to have to go back to vanilla again.
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This is amazing. Thank you kindly! By the way, is there any chance of having these converted into Neverwinter Nights compatable format? Best Regards
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These are far better than the originals. Amazing work.
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wow, what a compliment--thank you!! :blushes: :heart:
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By Tempus Shield, this is amazing!
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These are really awesome! It's really cool having all existing portraits remade in such great detail and the new player faces are even better.
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glad you like them; thank you! ^^
I am willing to replay this game again :)
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ooh it's always good to find an excuse for that --have fun! ;D
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Thank you so much for these.
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You're welcome! Thank you for the thank-you. ;) <3
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Amazing work! But why in the Nine Hells no-one did a list of who is who? I'm having little trouble here :P
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thanks! the files are all named so you can figure that out hehe. but working on a second version that should be released soon, and it's organized better, so don't worry. ;)
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Never mind - I got it now. Credit where credit is due.
Simply wonderful, make playing BG a whole new experience. The consistency is so much that I find it hard not using on of your portraits for my own character! Congratulations!
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I'm just wondering, how do I place it in the Portrait Directory but and I know I'm supposed to make one if I can but how can I make the directory manually? <.<
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ummm.... Are you going to make an NPC portrait pack for Baldur's Gate II as well? just wondering...
your portraits are quite great by the way, it blends well in the game especially the new Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition... This thing restored my cravings for playing the entire Baldur's Gate series all over again ehhe :)
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you don't recognize any of the BG2 characters in there? :D this actually includes all the vanilla NPCs from both games (+ a few BG:EE ones). ;D

But yayyy thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying them; that is wonderful to hear. ^^
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hmmm maybe, I didn't see Nalia,keldorn or the others around the background?
I must have miss something?
Anyways your welcome :)

I'm always glad and delightful to see fellow Baldur's Gate fans and gamers or other talented individuals who contributes art works to the BG fandom like yourself hehehe. since they're one of few people who I could relate myself upon and also because I rarely see such people nowadays. oh how I miss the good old days...
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Keldorn is #8 in the 3rd row (bigger view here [link], and then everyone after him is from BG2 (Nalia is #5 in the last row). ;)

and yeah, it is great that the fandom hasn't died off or anything!! I think --aside from how awesome the core game is-- it's because of how friendly it is with mods, so it can stay fresh. ^^
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awesome character collection
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