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BG: Portrait Package

Custom Portrait Package for Baldur's Gate

Formatted for use in Baldur's Gate/BGII as well as the BG:EE sizes! Download zip file for the bitmaps; there is a directory for each version of the game.
re-released 12/26/12
updated 5/25/13

1st row: Tamoko, Alternate Edwin with hair and with hood, Minsc with tattoos, a red-headed Khalid (to match his paper doll ;)), Baeloth from BG:EE (we'll eventually include him in the official mod even though he's a latecomer), a darker-skinned red-eyed Viconia, Sarevok with tattoos

2nd row: alternate Yoshimo hairstyle

<next 5 portraits are all new PCs for the 1/17 update>

<2/18 update = last two third row, first two fourth. Is this getting complicated yet??> Civilian, Lena, one of my OCs, Ser Gilmore.

fourth row, #3-4: Alaja belongs to :iconorionali: and Selene belongs to :iconinversereality-2:. The next six are all donated commissions of :iconmaelora69:'s. :)

Then as of 3/6/13: a couple more of my OCs: Cameron and Daymond, two half-elves belonging to vigovilingar & clairerosso... & the last six also maelora69's! Thank you all so much for donating your characters! ^^

4/2/13: an alternate version of a portrait I did for :iconlava-delvortel: and the last 7 are all :iconmaelora69:'s… :heart:

4/13/13: 7 new ones from

5/25/13: 11 new ones from… and also added in Tamoko ^^…

The rest are either my OCs (both new and refurbished portraits), or unique characters created specifically for this project that you may use as your own CHARNAME! :D

for even more NPC portraits... or head to Spellhold Studios for the official mod!*

*This package contains new portraits that didn't fit in the mod, but there is also some overlapping... ^^

CLOSE-UPS: (sorry thumbnail limit--the rest I included as in-text hyperlinks ^^)
© 2009 - 2021 artastrophe
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Awesome! Mother of god GODLIKE

Thank you for your exellent work!

incredible , fantastic, wonderful, amazing, these are masterpiece, thanks

Excuse me is there a way to use these on the android version if so how do i do it?
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according to…, you'll need to create the 'portaits' folder, but add them to (sdcard)/Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/portraits
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So I've noticed that allot of the portraits in the above image are not in the 2.1 download. Is there anyway I can get them?
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all of the images shown on this page should be in the download for this page; you can click the 'download' button or follow this link here
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thanks! lack of sleep makes my brain not work haha! Love your work btw!
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haha no problem (it's happened before ;P)! thank you very much <3
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OH GOD, I am so grateful :D!
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Oh great, even now Im spending an hour on creating a character, with so many great portraits it will take another half hour :( Amazing job!
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I specifically want ONE portrait, and that is in the 4th row and the 7th portrait over from left to right. 
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I purposely packed them together so no one had to search around through dozens of submissions and download a bunch of separate ones. I would imagine it's vastly easier to delete the ones you don't want than to spend time browsing through piles of them... ;)
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I suppose you're right. This is actual an adventure into the multi-player and my friend doesn't want to download a lot of images in order to get a singular one. 
I really like these so I will probably end up downloading them anyway. :D
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Can I just say, I love love LOVE these? Especially the dark-haired one with glasses. <3 Now I have a portrait to use as my PC. Yay!
Hi artastrope, beautiful work. This is going to be a silly question... as I am new to using this site. How do I download your portrait pack. I notice you say to download the bitmaps... but I don't see where to do that from... most likely just not seeing the download link.
Nevermind! Found it... man I feel silly. Love the work :)
Oh my Gog ! I looking for a such good portraits for a years ! You're my master !!!
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Excuse me, I work with a wiki. (Non-commerical, Non-Profit) and I am interested in this for a number of articles I need images for. I was curious if I could use these, with your permission, of course.
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Hi! Thanks for your interest. (Out of curiosity, what kind of Wiki/could you link it? :D) and which images were you looking at, or did you need something from me aside from my permission? (Like larger files or something?)
Bensuzi80's avatar…

I would just need your permission, it's a copyright issue, you see.
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looks cool, thanks for the link! and yeah, as long as you credit me, that's totally fine. ;) thanks!
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