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BG: Friendly Arm

so this ended up waaaay cuter than I meant it, haha, but I couldn't bring myself to "fix" that. ^^;

{{Sajantha and Edwin at the Friendly Arm Inn}}

any scene with these two diametrically opposed views/personalities/morals is terribly fun to write, but I had a lot of fun with this one, especially... they still haven't given up trying to convince the other person that they're right, and this time they mostly managed to keep the yelling to a minimum! ;)

Reference-friendly arm by artastrophe <--my references

I did this back in January... I think 9-10 hours? spent most of a day on it. still couldn't get her resemblance quite right, but lak;djfladkjf drawing smiles is already enough of a pain. ;P
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Waaaiting for the next chapter!
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Arca's comments made me relive some of my teen years there, wow. Kinda reminds me why I have quit the boards as well.
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Jesus this is so damn adorable I'm gonna cry.
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Have I ever told you that I love your style? Because I totally do.
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(Yes.....she will prove a worthy consort.)


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hahahaaa omg <3 but let me just assure you, that is the farthest thing from his mind; we're closer to 'amused despite himself', here.  (I think I somehow managed to layer a little too much into the expression, though. xD)
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My own experience with the original writer of the Edwin romance mod is showing.  That's ancient history, I left gamejag under a cloud of my own fanboy rage and don't regret it, but the view of the relationship stays.
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oooh, intriguing! xD do you have a view of a PC x Edwin relationship in general, or just Laufey's specifically? I know her and my views of his character diverge a great deal. (IMO xD)
{only if you want to talk about it, of course! if the rage is still fresh, I don't mean to pry. ^^}
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It's not fresh and it wasn't to do with Laufey's work on the Edwin/Charname specifically, which I was fine with.  It was what she and others at the Gamejag board were willing to do in their stories, and cheer on in the stories of others, to specific characters they didn't like.  It struck me as sadism, and the same sort of callous, bullying attitude they (rightfully) hated in others.

Let me use a reverse example.  I personally hate Jaheira.  I might kill Jaheira off, quickly.  I might have had, say, Imoen, get in Jaheira's face and call her out on her Harper BS.  But I would *not* rewrite Jaheira as a plotting, evil priestess who liked to rip people apart for fun and wished to destroy Charname's party from within.  Kill the characters if you must, yes; but let them live or die as who they are.  Laufey and others (the loudest supporters of Sarevok and Viconia amongst them) did this sort of thing regularly, and as time went on the friendships I had formed with them soured, then died.  But I hung on, doing my own story.

Eventually a relatively new person to the boards joined the clique and did a story involving a Sarevok-killed-Charname-but-Imoen-survived-and-they-wound-up-together-in-Irenicus'-dungeon story.  As that story progressed the new author did things to both Imoen and Edwin that I simply could not accept, and it was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I made a long angry rambling post, and quit the boards.  I used Arcalian as my name there as well as here, you can find my posts if you really want all the details.

Aaaaaaanyhow, to get back to your question, my instinct was to see, in your art, the Edwin/Charname relationship as Laufey wrote it, which again, I was fine with.  It not being that way is fine too, of course.  (I've never played the romance mod itself, though I was reading the scripts of dialogue while it was in development).  The art just made it the first thing I thought of.

I certainly don't want to drag you into a now-long dead argument.  It's been years.
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Ahhh, got it! No worries, I asked you to get into it, thanks. ^^ Yeah, I have read some pretty disturbing fanfics across genres that did weird OOC things, and occasionally they actually worked and added new depth; I like looking at things from new angles and adding new pieces and things like that, but only if it offers something relevant/purposeful... otherwise, you're right, it's just taking things too far from what they were. If the only reason you can see behind it is that the author didn't like the character, that's a bit ridiculous + unnecessarily vindictive.

Although, I guess most people writing fanfics are probably trying to 'fix' or explore something in their minds, so maybe that is just a way for them to channel all their pent-up hostilities, haha-- and better to unleash them on fictional people than real ones. xD

I didn't play much of the romance mod, either, but I had read her original story (at least the first parts of it)--which was probably the problem, as I kept being like, this is the Edwin that Rini is with, so having 'my' character interact with *her* character's LI was really weird for me. xD

I mean, we all have our own interpretations of NPCs; I can totally condone taking them off in different directions, since we are shown such limited facets of them--which leaves them a bit more flexible/open when you are writing extended stories--there are always some blanks to fill. (Obviously not to the extent of changes you mentioned with Jaheira, though. I think I remember Aerie being a disciple of Loviatar, too?? xD)

My story will probably end up being one of the least-romantic versions of a romance imaginable, but that is because I wanted to keep it realistic and chose to treat Edwin like the almost borderline sociopath with dismissive-avoidant attachment style that he comes across as. ;)
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Yeah, Aerie was the main issue.  I turned it around and showed if it was me, with Jahiera instead, since Jaheira is the one that I hate.
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*nosey* Oh dear god they didn't ship EdwinxImoen did they?
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No, they had Imoen kill Edwin and embrace her Bhaal heritage.
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Okay I can't help myself even if this is a year old!…

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