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My Bio
freelance illustrator... I mostly do sketches/concept drawings/storyboards for retail... if I'm not working, I'm writing, and if I'm not writing, I'm painting. Or occasionally sleeping. A love for fantasy and RPGs has led me to almost exclusively painting character art/portraits for fun *cough* "practice." :roll:

Open for doing portraits! ;) 40 USD (+PayPal tax :P)… on hold while I catch up

You are absolutely free to use any of my images as avatars online, like for discussion boards and things like that (though I respectfully would prefer to reserve my self-portraits --and Drexl xD -- for my own online personas), or as part of non-profit mods for games (please notify me for those!). Please credit me where the option is available. ^^

PLEASE DO NOT ALTER AND REPRODUCE MY IMAGES. I know people have fun altering the original BG artwork into new combinations, but keep in mind those artists were paid for their work and it belongs to the game, and mine was all a labor of love and belongs to me... please respect that I do not want to see my efforts manipulated and edited. Of course you are free to do so for your own personal use, but please do not publicly post them.

As mentioned above, my artwork is free for the people who want to use it in free scenarios, but anything for-profit or part of an official production needs to be individually approved with a fair monetary compensation subject to the scope of the project/projected sales/etc.

Favourite Movies
Pan's Labyrinth, My Fellow Americans, 28 Days Later, Snatch, Inception, Enchanted, Captain Ron
Favourite TV Shows
Sherlock, Misfits, Archer, Firefly, Psych, Futurama, Wilfred, Louie, American Horror Story
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sigur Ros, Archive, Tool, Hozier, Radiohead, Aphex Twin
Favourite Books
Beloved, The Long Walk, Tommyknockers
Favourite Writers
Toni Morrison, Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson
Favourite Games
Baldur's Gate, DA:O, SW:TOR, FFVII, Legend of Legaia, Ico, NWN2, MGS, Lunar-SSSC, Deus Ex, Hitman
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos 3, Photoshop CC
Other Interests
psychology, reading, writing.... or imagining things to write. used to be video games, but now I just fangirl over them rather than have time to actually play. x'3

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She's dead, Jim.

Can you tell something more?

I'm not dead! *claws self out of hole in the ground, brushing off dirt* I'm getting better!! Braaains v2

though truthfully it's not a terrible metaphor, as I've been stuck in this prolonged process of recovering /pulling my life back together; every time I start feeling like I could maybe handle it, I lose my footing again

so I never managed to reach a stage where I felt like I had enough 'extra' to be active anywhere

but also it's apparent I need to force myself to do things or I will keep hiding forever!! ^^;

so uhmm

I do want to return here, and hopefully soon; I'll keep trying :thumbsup:

I actually started on a self-portrait last week to update my portfolio, which tbh is the first real painting I've managed to invest in in years... and even though self-portraits are a rough place to start lol it's really reminded me how much I used to love painting, so I think it's a good sign I'm getting back on the right track! hopefully I'll have something to share with everyone soon :dalove:

(and thanks for not forgetting about me, aww, even if the inevitable conclusion was regarding my demise :iggle: rabbit heart emoji )

I feel you so much girl. I've been in a similar state of mind for a couple of years, and whenever you think you've clawed yourself out something new hits (such as this pandemic). It's so hard to channel creativity under the circumstances, you can't simply force it like other types of work. I hope you don't let it get to your feelings of self-worth. You're an absolutely brilliant artist and have given so much joy to fellow fans of the IE games. Take care out there and thank you ever so much for giving us a sign of life after all - we were really worried.

It's great to know you are ok. Many people were worried when you disapeared so sudden. Hope to see more of your works. Personaly i wait for SoD portraits for BG :)

I am curious if you're open to do more portrait commissions. I'd like to discuss it first since it would be based off real life photos of me. I am asking because above it says you're putting things on hold to catch up and I don't know how old that message is. Please let me know if you'd be interested in it.