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NightmareKing15Hobbyist Traditional Artist

What can you tell me about the Leader Zords, the People, Rare Zords, Weapon Zords, Secret Zords, Sidekick Zords, Tool Zords, Star Zords, Giant Zords, Super Secret Zords, Trap Zords, Super Zords, CPU Zords, Epic Zords, Legendary Zords, Crystal Zords, Fortress Zords, Guardian Zords, Ancient Zords, Ultimate Zords, Godzilla Zords, Titan Zords, Mega Zords (not the Megazords made of 5 Zords/Robots) Headmaster Zords, Supreme Zords, and Spirit Zords?


The Leader Zords are obliviously the leaders of each Elemental Powers.

The People are the People of the Elemental Powers, are the commonly known animals like Allosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Styracosaurus, Dimetrodon, Archeopteryx, Carnotaurus, Neovenator, Pelecanimimus and Longisquama.

The Rare Zords are the rarest of each of their elemental powers.

The Weapon Zords are the Zords that transform into weapons like swords and guns.

The Tool Zords are the Zords that transform into tools to fix and sneak into enemies hideout.

The Sidekick Zords are zords of different elemental powers that help other zords of other elemental powers like symbiotic.

The Star Zords are the zords with Star power versions of each of their elemental powers, each of them gains their powers for each of their 3 constellations and each of them guards different pieces of the Golden Armour that only the King of all the Zords can wear.

The Giant Zords are some of the largest of the Zords, even those some of them are not bigger than the others but in this hierarchy, they have the ability to grow to gigantic size like big as the biggest volcano, biggest mountains and the biggest clouds.

The Secret Zords are zords with secret powers but had been kept secret for a long time since most of them are the animals that had been driven to extinction by man.

The Super Secret Zords are the zords that haven't been seen for a long time because of a super-secret power.

The Trap Zords are the zords that had the ability to trap their opponents.

The Super Zords are the zords with superpowers but also with the names of super in the name of one of the Super Zords.

The CPU Zords are the female Zords that are the teachers of their leaders and they are also the second leader when their main leaders aren't around. But they also had the ability to transform into robot modes.

The Epic Zords are the Zords with the most epic powers but only two of them had the ability of the crystal powers

The Legendary Zords

The Crystal Zords are the zords with crystal powers, two of each elemental powers had the power of each crystal.

Fire and Electricity Ruby.

Earth and Plant Emerald.

Fighter and Sky Amber.

Water and Ice Sapphire.

But a few don't have the same type of crystal

Ying and Yang Moon Stone and Sun Stone

Sonic Diamond

Plasma Platinum

and Gravity Pearl

The Fortress Zords are tributes of Team Fortress 2 but they are useful in fortress battles

The Guardian Zords are the guardians of each elemental powers but most of a long time they are the guardians of the forbidden powers that are the same kinds of Nuclear powers, the forbidden powers are the forbidden powers of the Super Volcano, Uranium Electrons, Muscorian strength, Aura, Bioluminescence, Magic Lightness, Bitter Cold, Ancient Camouflage, Neozon Energy, Ultra Sonic Crystals, Dragon's Vein and the Sub Energy

The Ancient Zords are the ancient group of zords who mastered ancient powers, they disappeared after the middle ages until they reappear again to help their brothers and sisters

The Ultimate Zords are the zords with ultimate powers of the elemental powers

The Godzilla Zords are the zord who some of them are named after kaijus and some who gave rise to the kaijus and had the powers of the kaijus.

The Titan Zords are the zords who some are names after titans and had the titanic powers of the Titans.

The Mega Zords are the zords with the Mega word in their names and have Mega powers

The Headmaster Zords the smallest zords with knowledge and can transform into heads to help the Megazords (made of the combined Zords/Robots).

The Supreme Zords are the strongest of all the zords with supreme powers and the predecessors of the leaders of the elemental powers

And the Spirit Zords are the spirits of each elemental powers

That's all for now

NightmareKing15Hobbyist Traditional Artist

In the ED Universe, who created the Elemental Dinosaurs?


The Elemental Dinosaurs are once flesh and blood, then one by one by God has chosen each one of their species to help him to protect the Earth, heal the Earth in each after great mass extinctions, protect the innocents and punish evildoers, each of them has been given elemental powers and immortality, even though they can be defeated in battle they'll turn into cards and Brachiozord is the only one to regenerate them, of course as zords/robots they can feed on energon.

So that way they live forever so that's why most of them are millions of years old.

NightmareKing15Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Did God chooses them from oldest to youngest or from Fire to Electricity to Earth to Fighter to Water to Sky to Ice to Plant to Yin and Yang to Sonic to Plasma to Gravity?


Yes from the oldest to the youngest but not from Fire to Gravity though

NightmareKing15Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Who is your mascot: Mr. Wanapon?