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Turanga Leela Sculpture

By artanis-one
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Edit: Wow, First Comedy Central showed my work and then it went viral from [link] and [link] and even tweeted me! This is unreal..

Sculpted in super sculpey blend. Ball bearing eye.

Pony tail is sculpted separately to allow for easier casting.

I hope you all enjoyed my real life renditions.

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Professor Farnsworth :)


and everyone's favorite Lobster Doctor, Dr Zoidberg!


Matt Groening ©
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This is something I definitely did not expect! A realistic approach to how the iconic Futurama characters would appear to look like, with the others currently up, they look brilliant! Whilst I'm writing a critique for this one, I'm speaking for all of them! The approach you've taken is brilliant, it really tries to capture how these characters would look in real life, and it does that superbly well, The extra angles really provide a complete overview of this bust of Leela, which captures her original style fantastically as well as having a realistic stylisation to it. As I mentioned before, this is completely unexpected, and all the characters you have created so far have such a surprisingly real approach to them.

Away from the idea, now to the actual bust, you've done a fantastic job, everything seems to be proportionally correct, the hair is brilliantly done, the face is really well detailed and I can't see much, if anything, wrong with this! The eye is also pretty striking compared to the rest of the bust.

Great job, keep it up! Fav'd + watching, and can't wait to see the rest of the characters!

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ConorXPetuniaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I've always wondered how Leela would look rendered in a realistic manner. This is incredible! :D

:iconzappbranniganplz:: I find the most erotic part of this sculpture is the boobies.
:iconkifplz:: Ugh...
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MathTicksMeOffHobbyist General Artist Too amazing for words even! I love it! Very nice!!!
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JamestheDrowHobbyist Digital Artist
omg..i love you !!
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chlojojoHobbyist General Artist

I am a High School Art Major, and for my Major work I am going to be doing something very similar to what you have done here. I am curious to know, did you fire this work? How durable is the clay once fired, and did you hollow it out?

I'm sorry for these questions, but I don't want to create an amazing sculpture for my Major Work only to have something go wrong and leave me with nothing!

Thank you!!
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
Hi Chloe,

First off, Ceramics is fun, But not very good for sculpting this kind of work. When water based clay dries, it shrinks so the sculpture you thought you had looks a bit skinnier than you intended. Its good for making LARGE sculptures and molding/casting when the clay is leather hard.

For smaller work. I suggest using polymer clay, super sculpey is a popular choice, also super sculpey grey firm. You don't need a kiln and can bake it in your home oven. You also don't need to hollow it out. Just use tin foil/wax paper as a base to start sculpting with.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Keep making art!

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chlojojoHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

I'll do some more research into Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Grey Firm, since I was concerned with using water based clay. I've heard way too many horror stories about the clay not being wedged properly, and exploding in the kiln! The home oven option with polymer clay sounds much more appealing!

Again, thank you!
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
No problem!

Alternatively you could also use a heat gun to cure the clay. Be sure to share your works :) Good luck!
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LeilaneeHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing!!!
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Awesome! I did one a few years ago and sold it as a kit. You can see it in my gallery.

Very cool!

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artanis-one Traditional Artist
Did you produce your own kits or did you sell it to a producer?
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I did my own casting. It was limited to about 25 kits. Ran out of money for resin, oil skyrocketed, I had 2 heart attacks...

Classic "boy meets hobby" - "boy can't afford hobby" story.

Thinking of doing a run? These guys are refiners of polymers and rubber.
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
Oh neat. I cast using smooth-on resins. But I'm thinking in the future I'd outsource my work... :X
I figure, do what you love and the money will come. :)
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SanLouNieHobbyist Photographer
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Wow great sculpting!:D
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demonjack123 Digital Artist
As Duke would say "Hell I'de still hit it!"
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Can you sculpt fry as a reference, these sculptures are very realistically creepy and there needs to be a control sculpture.
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
Stay tuned :)
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These are amazing. Really nice work!
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
Thanks for stopping by!
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wow....lovely work on the hair (really digging the bottom right photo) would this be too delicate to take a mold/cast of to do a colour piece with? Again amazing result...the eye is downright super!
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
I'm a whale biologist. Enough said :D
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DjakeHobbyist General Artist
Ball bearing eyes! Brilliant! I need to try that in my next sculpt...
I haven't been able to find a convenient vendor for glass dolls' eyes, and have been resorting to sculpting my own; but have never been pleased with the results. This solution is simple, yet wonderfully effective!
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artanis-one Traditional Artist
Step ya game up then. Make Art :D
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