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Hello Folks,

those who paid attention to one of my uploads/arts, might have already noticed. But here again, in full. I will stop taking commissions. I do not know if it is a temporarly thing or it will last. For now I just know, that I need a break.. a huge break. There is a possibility that I will take small commissions like small fast headshots or that I will draw some adoptables... Things that will be fast done and dnt take much time to finish. For the most part I will not take commissions any longer. I am tired, exhausted. After around seven years drawing for clients, I can not handle it anymore for now.
I hope you will follow my arts anyways, even if it might be less furry and more of my personal stuff.
If there are any changes about that, I might post another journal.


Hello Folks,

as I mentioned in the journal before, I did all the headshots now... 

I decided I'll be open for commissions now again... BUT I will just take just limited slots for now, since it seems like I gonna move at the end of this year FINALLY!.. That means I may not have the full time and people would have to wait again. For all those, who are okay with the ris of waiting a bit (not that l,ong as last time, I am open now.

I think I will give away 2-5 slots for now, depending on the sizes and details and such. 

Visit my website ( for the commission-guide and basic prices


Hey Folks,

finally I made it. All headshots done... all old commissions finished... Everything that has been paid, is finally done. I feel kinda released, but same time very strange, since I had all the pressure for months.
I must say, I will be happy when this year will finally end. It was a horrible year for me. The end of a releationship, living with people in a flat that wa snot mate for more than two people... had a m lot stress getting my stuff from my ex' home... including my cat... had to pay a lot for it... my iMac crashed... had a lot to pay for a new computer and worked the money down still till today.
Not working with my current roommates. I have to move out. Was not lucky till now, finding a new apartment... still searching, so cross your fingers... I need some luck at the moment.
And all the money-problems...  I again have to safe some money for getting my stuff from here to the possibly and hopefully soon, new apartment. But that's not a thing I think about that madly... That can be managed somehow.
Today, when I drew the last headshot, I burned my right hand, right after I uploaded the headshot. -chuckles- It hurts badly and I'm sure the skin will peal. I don't know if I am able to draw with that pain at the moment, but well... I will test it.
And hey! It is JUL!! ... and I'm sitting here... more or less alone... (except for my roommates guest that sleeps here for a few days in the same room with me)... and think of being with someone really special to me.

Well yepp, the year was not all bad at the end. There were fun times in between too, but sadly not that much than bad times. BUT I found love in someone. That's actually something really relaxes me a bit. It can't cure everything for now, but I'm very released having him in my life now.

Another good was the expierience I had earlier this year in the moment my mac crashed and I asked for help. So many people came and ordered one or more of my emergency-commissions (the headshots)... I was amazed and really touched. Thank you all again!

I had trouble finishing them first, because my new computer had a problem with the driver. Months I searched dfor a solution, called the suport of Wacom and everything... asked people that are knowing about computers and drivers... but noone was able to help... until the day, a yote, that I knew for a while now, randomly searched for a solution... and.-.. yah... yote-luck.-.. He found something that actually helped and solved the problem... Thank you very much, Mr Yote again.

For a last good thing this year, I just need a new apartment... and I will start the new year refreshed... That would be extremely awesome for the last few days of 2015.

Light a candle for me, because I love candles. They making you comfy and looking so nice. So light one for me and one for you, get some tea and lean back with me.