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I'm a Brooklyn born, New York, Puerto-Rican Christian that KNOWS GOD EXISTS because I'm Alive! I've had two parachute accidents (1st in the Rangers '77-'80 & the other in the 82nd Airborne Division '89-'92). I've been in four deserts (Death Valley, Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Iraq). I've been kissed by electricity twice & almost got my brains blown out by a Guatemalan Police Officer in '85' while being in Guatemala. I'm a humbled happy-to-be-alive, 63 year old man going on 9. My photo of Poppah's Baby-Back-Ribs, shows that. I no longer work two jobs. I no Ionger have the energy, drive, time & solitude to let out my creativity because I now serve my wife at her beck & call. I'm Always doing for others. So with the amount of time of rest I get, I Get to Enjoy Looking at Everyone's Works in Deviant Art, which Soothes Me. Thank YOU ALL for Sharing Your Art Works & Allowing Us to Fave Your Works! 'HOOOOAAAH!' :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:

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Life is more REAL-Exciting-Satisfying-Valuable-Interesting & Engaging! DO Something with Yours!
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Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

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Hi! I don’t mean to interrupt your day, but I'd love it if you'd visit my profile~

I have my nude and sexy shots there~


Thank you so much~

Please continue to have a great rest of your day~ And thank you so much for a moment of your time~

Hello ArtAdmirer. This is suzi han penny palm.
Hello ArtAdmirer! Haven’t seen anything from you in quite a while. How are you doing?

Hello. How is life so far?

Life is Good! How about You? How is life so far for YOU!

Good. Thanks. Oh, and the DeviantART upgrade idea's getting considered by DeviantART themselves when I mentioned them it, then when I sent them it, they surely appreciated how I'm supporting the DeviantART community.

guys like You ar ethe reason why America Wins Wars. I haven't Talked to You in a While Drop by and say Hi.