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It's been a while since I've made a "normal" planet, so I wanted to do something simple this time around.

Trudeau is an Earth-like planet that has 103% the mass of Earth and is 106% the size of Earth. Although gravity on the surface is more than on Earth it is so slight that you likely wouldn't even notice. It is named for Canada's most well known Prime Minister and one of their greatest statesmen. It has four continents with a diversity of biomes and lifeforms rivaling those of Earth. It has a single moon, Hadfield, which hosts a substantial Helium-3 mining industry to provide fuel for the planet's numerous fusion stations. It was originally colonized in 3308 by an interest group from Canada, many of them from Quebec. Additional waves of colonists came from the United Kingdom, India, the United States, France, Cambodia, and West Africa over the years, each contributing to Trudois culture as they did. The planet is well known for its unique cuisine which has blended traditional French cooking styles with utilization of the abundant native flora and fauna as well as incorporating South Asian and African influences. The food is so popular that Trudois restaurants can be found just about anywhere in the Earth Federation's core worlds and the export of native agricultural products is a booming business. In addition to native crops many communities grow Earth crops such as plantains, wheat, citrus fruits, root vegetables, and peppers for local consumption. Another product of Trudeau's culinary greatness is a popular beverage made by fermenting the sugary sap from a native plant known as tige de sucre, creating what is called Vin Trudeau, though it is technically a liquor (often aged in oak barrels or fermented with additional ingredients for flavor) rather than a wine as the name implies. In the outermost of the core worlds and the rim worlds of the frontier Vin Trudeau is held in high regard though the people on Earth and the inner core worlds snub their noses at it as an imitation of true Earth wine. Despite the large culinary and agricultural base on Trudeau the planet's largest and most profitable industry is pharmaceuticals, and many important drugs are produced from Trudeau's native flora. The planet has many strict laws protecting its environments and fully one third of the planet's surface is devoted to wildlife preservation with no development beyond scientific outposts and limited outdoor activity facilities. During the beginning of the Galactic Dark Age this would prove a boon as much of the populace was able to escape from urban and developed areas into the essentially untouched wilderness and avoid the heavy, indiscriminate orbital bombardment by Earth's enemies. Though technological and scientific progress would be lost the people of Trudeau would rebuild into a civilization that was at a roughly 1930's level, but they never did forget their origins and archaeological expeditions aimed at rediscovering long lost knowledge would become a cultural motif. During the rise of the First Martian Empire the people of Trudeau would hold a plebiscite in which they agreed to voluntary annexation into the Empire, though unchecked exploitation of the environment by the Martians would lead the Trudois to rebel, becoming one of the first worlds to win independence during the twilight years of the First Martian Empire.

The official languages of Trudeau are French, English, and Earth Conlang. The most popular religions are Roman Catholicism (68.3%), Protestantism (22.8%), Hinduism (2.3%), Jainism (3%) and Buddhism (1.6%). The most popular political parties are the Liberal Progressive Party (46.8%), the Independent Democratic Party (15.2%), the Progressive Conservative Party (11.3%), the New Technocracy Alliance (8.7%), and the Catholic League (2%). Trudeau has a population of 4.6 billion entities, all of which are human with it's capital at the city of Nouvelle Montreal (pop. 3,779,430) and it's largest city being Kennedy (pop. 34,010,857). Trudeau has an estimated GWP (Gross World Product) of E$187 trillion in PPP (purchasing power parity) and E$86 trillion nominally, ranking 15th in the Earth Federation.
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nice clouds !
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Could you make a picture for Earth?
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Like one of Earth? It doesn't look any different than it does now.
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