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My main oc's


(RQ) Arwen's girls by Promarker-04, visual art


Arwen Bourne

Arwen Bourne Reference Sheet For 2021 by ArwenTheCuteWolfGirl, visual art


Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell Reference Sheet For 2021 by ArwenTheCuteWolfGirl, visual art

Serena Garcia

Serena Garcia Reference Sheet by ArwenTheCuteWolfGirl, visual art

Polyamorous couple


Me with Arwen, Anthony and Elizabeth (G) by Blu-rayVincent, visual art

Artist // Student // Digital Art
  • May 4, 2005
  • United Kingdom
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My Bio

hi I'm Arwen Bourne and I like drawing, ships (couples), being cute and of course my friends and I'm also autistic.

Arwen x Elizabeth

icon by @BlueTheArtist12345

background by @Promarker-04

arwen logo


  1. don't spam me.

  2. when I go school the art status will be on hold.

  3. no opinion bashing.

  4. no mean comments.

  5. don't ask me for a request or a gift (because it stresses me out and annoys me).

  6. no harassing me.

  7. don't steal or use my pictures without my permission.

  8. don't attack me.

  9. art thieves, trolls, bad users, hackers, bullies, impostors and art tracers are not welcome.

  10. no death threats or hate art out of me.

  11. no whiteknighting.

  12. don't draw fetishes, vore, nudes, gore, inflations and NSFW on my characters (it is gross).

  13. no sending me notes or chats (it really annoys me).

  14. don't ask me for points or a core membership.

  15. no homophobic comments.

Arwen the Cute Wolf girl

don't break the rules and if you break the rules I'll block you.

so enjoy my page thank you.

My New Logo

Favourite Visual Artist
Dinskii, Gballoon7, PooltoyNeko, Vivziepop, Ramufuu, Blu-rayVincent, Promarker-04, MixelFanGirl100, NoreenTheArtist, Ra1nb0wK1tty101, Serpanade-Toons, Ced145 and YayCelestia0331
Favourite Movies
mlp movie, powerpuff girls movie, doraemon the movie: nobita and the steel troops, equestria girls, the regular show movie, zootopia, aardman movies and a star is born
Favourite TV Shows
regular show, mlp, eddsworld, hazbin hotel, the owl house, helluva boss, sailor moon, panty and stocking, hi hi puffy ami yumi, my life me, total drama, anime and bob's burgers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
melanie martinez, green day, michael jackson, billie eilish, oasis, rihanna, little mix, diamante, panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots, 80's, 90's and 2000's music and kpop groups
Favourite Books
frozen charlotte, harry potter, molly moon, hunger games and twilight
Favourite Games
fnaf, roblox, minecraft, team fortress 2, just dance, super mario, doki doki literature club, sonic and undertale
Favourite Gaming Platform
xbox1, wii and ps4
Tools of the Trade
ms paint

Stuff about me


I'm cute wolf girl who does draw a lot of stuff randomly.

taken by @Blu-rayVincent and @Promarker-04

I also do roleplays but only on deviations and I don't do these a lot.

also I do have a oc girlfriend named Elizabeth.

sexuality: polysexual and also a bit of a polyamorous.

what I can draw: humans, furries, happy tree friends, anime (only half bodies), shipping art (not zoophilia, incest and pedophilia), oc's powerpuff girls, gore not too much, fictional characters and a lot of people but not to many.

what I can't draw: NSFW, vore, inflation, muscle characters, fetishes, thicc art, way too much gore, ponies, hate art and things that are way too detailed.

..:: Arwen And Elizabeth (RQ) ::..
happy pride month to all my friends and watchers I'm proud to be a poly girl :createwithpride: also I realised that my pride month picture has over 100 favs 0_0
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I have been looking at my new college and it's really good
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I usually going to make a rock band for Elizabeth but it's got scrapped sometimes I got ideas, sometimes I don't, my ideas are useless I want to make Elizabeth's band but I don't feel like I want to do it at the same time maybe I just don't want to make Elizabeth's band because it takes to long and might not have enough time also I'm busy with other things as well.
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Art status

Arwen and Elizabeth (R)

Requests: never

Roleplays: sometimes but only on deviations

Collabs: open

Gifts: friends only

Art trades: friends only

Commissions: no

Point commissions: open

Kiribans: no

(R) Arwen and Elizabeth

Donation Pool

Donate please

if you guys like me use the donation pool if you like to give me points.

173/1000000 points

Bit of a fanart gallery

other deviations I like from my friends. 💖

Pirde Couple Check (art request #5)
(R) Arwen, Elizabeth and Serena
CD XIX:Unicorn Dream (ATCWG)
(Gift)  Change of clothes Arwen and Miku
{ ART REQUEST #1 } my girls
Art trade

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are you up for art trades at the moment?

no sorry I don't have enough time

now i'm doing a collab for our friends

I will a new girlfriend of your coming oc very soon