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Anella + Dasha by art0fCK Anella + Dasha by art0fCK
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obe1oz Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
simple a beautiful awesome pic and capture
blacklumber Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018
Now this is just showing off, I am not complaining, pure whitegirl heaven her. Gonna have us brothas tripping over 3rd legs you post foxy temptation like this. 
kleinerteddy Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
ben-grimm Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2018
They look cute together.
MyzzyM Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018  Professional Artist
daaash Featured By Owner May 21, 2018  Professional General Artist
KAJ420360 Featured By Owner May 3, 2018
SpecialKitty1 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
A mark of beauty learns to form with the impact that seeks into the mighty shine.  There is an instinct arising.
aullus Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
Sumamente agradecido  por  el aporte 
swgamer451 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
Love her hair cascading over the other's leg. Great tones.
Merluzzen Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018
Bhr3730lhp Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
Exquisite .
c0rwyn Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Professional Writer
Wow. 0.0 
herpduhderp Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017
This photo is relevant to my interests.
HammerinInkminer Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017
...never really cared much for the "two girls" fantasy, but somehow this image along with these two beautiful models has me second-guessing that very notion.  good shot -- nicely delivered.
MRCJames Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
Love the poses as well. Good shot. 
Chaosfive-55 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
A perfect pair!
jeff1219 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017
Wish I walked in on thrm
Chaosfive-55 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
animefan11129 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017
this is offensive. disgusting. absolutely pethetic behaviour. im going to c*m.
c0rwyn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Professional Writer
Rough life, having to photographs these women... I feel for you. o.o
ySMArtS Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] .:Pink pastel heart:   Cutie In-Love - NaNoEmo14 Day 14  Heart  Stupid Me! LoveMy :Heart Love:  +favlove    Jackdirt  Heart2Heart -Free 2 Use GloW   Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
zeus6710 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
simply sublime!
HoorayForSloth Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017
This looks fun! Can I just say how hot it is that she is resting her head on the other girls' crotch? :D
AlexisYoko Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
so sexy
Rasimu Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Who are the models, great photo.

However, do you think next time you could do something more ACTION PACKED.
For example: USE the two models in a more commando action outfit.
Chaosfive-55 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Another one for :iconjustcosette: to see!!
TokyoSkeleton Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How about a little diversity ehConfused Black Girl Meme in an Icon (Smaller)  
Girldeathknight Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017
Hmmm, very interesting and the facial expressions are original which create the character of the picture 
Pumais Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Its western hedonism. No doubt girls look fine, naked but its intellectual garbage and reason why weak millennial generation will jerk off dicks more probably rather than pick up studies in quantum mechanics, material sciences, challenging level art and science-based artistry and lay ground base for next Renaissance.

Sorry but this is  for weak art, references, for next oversexed half-naked elf-like game character design or porn drawing and addiction inducive pseudo-art - meant only for mindless, repetitive pleasurative consumption. 
Such art will kill intellect more quickly than ISIS.

Hedonism is weakness and surrender of ones intelligence's most powerful charge. Such photo-"art", self-pretentiousness on art is perpetuation of this social weakness which will destroy us from inside out. 

DevArt already turned close to hedonistic pornified reference photos/primitive drawing catalog. Its getting harder and harder to find real, seasoned industrial designer, patient painters and professional artists selective artworks on random occasion (which how it was some time ago.)   And this one is just an automated button click and girls egos,nature given bodies, not an artwork.

You perpetuate this slippery slope down into hedo-hole. Feel ashamed. No sorries. And yes - blame me and write off as rude person :j
Here i spoke my consciousness, and that is way more important for me even as an artist (who does know how to appreciate curves and
forms) than dysfunctional liberal politcorrectness. No pussying. Let it other rare conscious artists leave a message they are not alone in they anger of oversex-craze, cheapness, over-hedonism of masses and mass 'art'.  

CHEAPNESS, rush and ignorance is the name of it.
If so into hedonistic orgasm-only arts, author should paint a large canvas full of naked/half-dressed woman, men and (insert something challenging to draw/paint) having nasty sex together - all painted under difficult and professionally executed manner, with correct composition, beautiful personalized unique dresses, hairstyles, body specifics, creative interior atmosphere, drapery, carpentry in painting, facial emotions  - all painted patiently, in a year or two maybe - now thaaat would approach something of an art, deserved to exist.   Author has to undergone some pain.

Or better - author better create hydrogen and solar powered car engine's version, some concept of it, artistic version - after studying how hydrogen and metal materials work, anything that can help humans transition into sustainable, social and sane condition. The world now needs more of this kind of art, not pleasures. Artists, girls and hedonics must take a pain and stop being intellectual pussies. Girls in photo, while cute,young, smiley, they probably get to photo-shoot by car - which is diesel or petroleum. And hardly they were thinking there about solar +
urine powered engine creation, so they can give back some of energy/resources they consumed, back to future generations.  And that's exactly the problem with all this pussy-photoshoot-hedo-ego-art  -   it is just a waste of future generations resources.

What kind of animations does need such references? Drawn porn? There is already too much porn films, cartoons probably. No need for new ones, pick something of what already exists. There is no need for such photo-shoot as well - there is already, during all previous years made sooo much and more than enough of porn, other naked movies that you get probably all possible posing, sexy dressing/undressing scenarios and references for you covered already! You can get it from already existing material that grew during few decades!  So claim that this is for references for animations is an empty claim. Its cheap and self-serving way to cover your true motive - which is "heey watch us, give us attention, we are hedonists and sex addicts, we are intellectually weak yet self-important."  And that all the while we know unsustainable current human societies are crawling towards Resource Wars, a real Resource and scarcity wars - not a dominance wars that currently happens.   Those posing chicks should also be spending time and trying to come up with some offer of solutions to current problems, don't you think?  

 Try to get 5400+ attention by offering a solution of urine+solar powered car generator design with cool coloring and possibly working mechanics. Can you and photo-chicks do that instead showing off only nakedness?

This is stupid, anti-intellectual, quick empty camera's button click.  F you for impatience, non-artistic spirit and weakness in intelligence energy.
Non-art, naked drawing references should be at the bottom level of art-domain, harder to get any popular, mass, large count attentions - only for those working hard for difficult, complex,laborious and close to the Renaissance level painting. There must be pain in the process.

I hope life-experienced and self-conscious artists see my message. Comrades in intelligence - its for you.
rainydave Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, the obvious reply  is : You, SIR OR MADAM, need to get laid more than anyone else commenting on this site.  

But more seriously, while i agree with much of what you are espousing:  that the world would be better off if there were as much effort and interest put into renwable/ sustainable energy practices and innovations  as is currently spent on sex/fun/ porn/humor by humans collectively. However, ( and I'm normally more diplomatic but you've set the tone here with your " no sorries" etc. ) I have to ask: WHY would you interject such a sophisticated, loaded comment into the critique /comment section of a photograph in an individual artist's gallery, on a site that invites modeling and photography as one of many types of art, and to choose a photo that is not controversial or extreme along any spectra,[except perhaps most scrumptiously fun pair of fantasy- inspiring romp session buddies most of us could ever wish for..]    I guess my question could more simply be asked:  Out of all the pictures available, welcoming your free expression in their comments section, why pick on this artist and these models?   I can hear in your comments that you are more bothered by the lack of originality you see on this site in general,  than by any offense taken at the subject  matter. At least you are not raving about the immorality of porn. I'd be way less forgiving if that were the case.  
I think you have some valid concerns about art not living up to its potential as inspiration for our collective future;  not currently fulfilling that role sufficiently, but I really doubt that pointing a blaming finger at those that wish or need to spend some portion of their life's potential deriving pleasure from the various aspects of sensuality is going to convince anyone to change their interests, priorities or perspectives . I say, these beauties are here now, might as well enjoy them and trust that the emergence of any truly important ideas will be glowingly irresistible by their very nature and when they are presented will easily attract and inspire without even trying. 
Chozam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totally agree !!
Thurvald Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There is a mature filter if you cant handle the photos. You dont have to use DA, no one is forcing you too. Also you sound arrogant. This is an art site, and even if you dont like it, this is art.
Chozam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He has the right to criticize the art
WesGuthrie Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you for you eloquent statement. DeviantArt has become just that - deviant.
Vandal030 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017
Really nice arrangement. Nice shot.
dragerART108 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So what, you guys took a picture of yourselves and posted in an Art community? Does that make you an artist or Are you just here to get views or likes?
MonsterLollipops Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
Not that I'm supporting them but this website is open to animations, art and photography.
dragerART108 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Photography as well? Ah okay, sorry for my rudeness I'll delete my comment 
MonsterLollipops Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
Don't apologize, You didn't know. It's completely okay.
dragerART108 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh well, thank You
MonsterLollipops Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017
No prob.
Siamese-Goldfish Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
wow, just wow.  beautiful models.  great photo.
vanBlood Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
foureyes Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
:thumbsup:....Beautiful Photography, World Class  !!!
Ayane-chin Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
So cute!!!
chuck26 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
Really sexy
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