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Art-Zone is group for all kinds of art! We accept all submissions! Are you Creative? Have a wild imagination? Tired of getting your ideas shot down or your art going unnoticed?
Then this is your place. All art and all artists welcome, no judging (unless it's a critique) or put downs.

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FSTDT updateRemember my journal on FSTDT? I went on the website and saw that I was quoted a second time with my status update ,Yes, I purposefully wrote something like this in hopes of getting quoted so I can learn more from these guys and “use” something from them, and it worked. of course, I had to make it so they don`t realize they`re falling for a bait. It was just today that it was an exciting turn out. now, let`s go over said comments with these guys, shall we? :3while I love Canada (since some of my favorite shows come from there), I`m sad to see it turn into a totalitarian state"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic": DHX, Canada. 2010-2019: 222 episodes."Squirrel and Hedgehog": SEK Studios, North Korea. 1977-2012: 32 episodes.As per the latter making USA - as wolves & foxes - awesome, your 'argument's just blown up in your own face, OP.Uh.. I don`t understand this comment. I think They`re trying to "roast" me or something. But I am aware that not all shows are completely Canadian made but I love some of them anyway, I guess“I’m not a wingnut, some of my favorite shows are from Canada!”This one is also hard to make out. It doesnt even make any sense XD"Canada is not totalitarian, you idiot. Words mean things."I dont know where this guy has been (or maybe that is just his own bias) but i`m pretty sure there`re a lot of sources pointing to the issue. But I will explain more the further we go. Moving on“I don’t hate black people, them minstrel shows is hilarious! But when they march for rights all uppity like they is special well that there gets my dander up.””,hehe. Since when did race play a role in this? what is up with leftists comparing everything to black people, which just comes off as ironically racist. Now that makes me think about it. It is usually anything to do with African American (despite being one myself). Not Asian, not Jewish, not even Native American. This could only mean one thing. hmmmm.... and ‘dander’? ...wut? additionally besides putting words in my mouth, there are Canadians out there who do agree. This is even the words of a Canadian himself admitting the issue,don`t try to hide it."I used to love Canada, envy them, precisely because they brought in gay marriage early, then there was Trudeau's father's famous quote about them. Until we rose up and brought it in, also.Awww, poor dear, it must hurt so much to be such a bigot!"Their "arguments" come in different, but generally predictable addresses, especially the bigot button. they are making it clearer that these everyday terms are not arguments but merely complaints and a tool used to silence those that oppose those that throw these terms out like throwing knives. but this just isn`t for me, if anyone uses them against you and the application is unintentional, then they`re using them as a tool for silencing you (whether or not you are conservative) and whatever the term may be, they are the villains they claim to fight"while I am mostly indifferent to America (though some of my favorite non-anime shows come from there), I'm sad to see it turn into a totalitarian, fascist, theocratic state run by Fundie WASPS and radical homosexual/transgender persecutors that seek to dictate and destroy all who do not submit to their dogma. It is a constant pattern I’m seeing. People are going to rise up and fight back eventually (such as the next presidential elections)There, fixed it for ya."Ad hominem"Ah yes, we’re all aware of the Canadian government outlawing all the straight, white heterosexuals & rounding them up into extermination camps.Oh wait, that’s just delusional fantasies from the easily-triggered snowflakes on the far right…"ironically some have "delusional fantasies" of their own such as anyone who doesn`t support modern feminism is automatically sexist. but I`ll let you be the judge and comment on this one. If they believe far leftists are not easily triggered then why do they quote people in the first place? or they just saying these things just to get a rise out of people? Some make absolutely no sense: "When the right wing majini hate you, you know you’re doing something right. Keep it up, you hockey pucks!Side note-would any of you be willing to adopt a poor Yankee girl? I’m fully articulated, have my own accessories, am fully housebroken & am also free of the T Virus. Not much of a cook but I’m damn good housekeeper & conversationalist."And lastly, following these comments;"If you hate the rights and diversity based society that is probably one of the better representations of the melting pot ideal on this planet and proud of it, then no dipshit, you do not love this country.""A totalitarian state is one where people who I think are disgusting perverts are allowed to live their lives in peace and I'm not allowed to constantly harass them even though they've done me no harm!""SliceOfEdge: “I want the Good Old Days back! When gays and transgenders were considered droputs from the human race that we Normals could persecute and kill without being considered wrongdoers!!!”"Meanwhile here are my own thoughts on LGBT:“To my most sincere point of view, you decide what to support, and you should do it according to your own interests and not because others force you. It is a non-detrimental and merely psychological decision, you should not even be afraid to express your position on the issue. I`m talking about agreeing or not, NOT hating on (which apparently many confuse). Nor do I speak of being in favor of persecution, or of bullying or prejudice against homo / bi / trans people, it is something unacceptable for all types of people. So here with this post. Any opinion or aggregate is well accepted."Also, notice the irony "could persecute and kill without being considered wrongdoers". You know what`s divine? These same people commit hate crimes against those they dislike. Some of their activities on the website can be considered unethical or even criminal behavior such as stalking, vandalism, slander, hate plagiarism, and other hate crimes. yet if a right winger were to do these same things to a leftist, they would have been panned a long time ago. Of course these guys will inevitably get triggered and try to justify their actions, but the truth stands. however this isn`t the only instance of their hypocrisy. the most obvious example being the users on the website deliberately going after anyone they disagree with, as well as the site not allowing dissenting views on their forums. And this is for a website that claims to be against hate speech, which is again contradicted by the derogatory language and sometimes even rape wishes they use to degrade their targets. One time they quoted a grieving mother and someone they knew was a young teenager. don`t be surprised if this journal ends up on there. but that should be a good thing, there is always something to gather from them. so watch out you see, regular FSTDT users behave like Light Yagami; they are egoists who want to believe they`re doing the right thing but in reality they are the exact kind of people they want to avoid becoming. Or one can say that they are secretly fundamental Christian right wingers themselves and they don`t like that. So it explains why they take measures to attack their fellow right wingers to dispel that reality </sarcasm>But nonetheless, their SJW behavior one of the reasons I chose to identify as conservative due to them making it their life`s goal to attack everyone they disagree with. This is the epitome of how not to deal with your enemies. Human psychology is fragile, so the last you`d wanna do is mess with it - this type of behavior is never the answer because the only thing it breeds is more hate, pain, and division. when you do that, you strengthen or even create the very thing you`re trying to destroy. People like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr fought hate with love and respect. The victims of the Charleston shooting fought hate with love and forgiveness. My bisexual friend Pristine fights hate with respect and tolerance. Do these guys call out people when they hurt others? You bet. But they never join those doing the hurtJust because you believe you`re right does not give you a free ticket to be a self-entitled narcissist. The others feel they are every bit as right as you do, and you have no more right to be intolerant than they do. Quoting not just me but conservative espousing views so that you can post hate propaganda is extremely immature, and says more about you than it does about "bigoted Christians." fighting (alleged) hate with hate is never the answer. else you might be on the end of receiving the same treatment some day Its easy to judge people and assume they are evil beings who dont deserve to exist. but that is only what our fractured hearts want us to believe. it seems that way on the outside, but there is always a pain beneath, whether it be mental illness or even something that is relatable. yes, people like fsdtd users are nasty and spread the pain they feel onto others but that does not mean I should stoop down to that level too. many people think fighting fire with fire is justified in this situation. While its good to stand up for yourself, to truly defeat these types of people is to not let anything they do or say stop you from being happy, smiling, living your life, pursuing your dreams. You are not defined by what people say or think. If you take a 100 bill and trample it under your feet, it is still worth a hundred dollars and it will always be no matter what. People like this exist in this world and we cannot really do anything about it. The only thing we can do is to be there for each other and wish good on those who persecute you. Love triumphs. Always...
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21.2-15~They Call the Wind Mariah Carey by EyesofthePotato
Mr Wing. Gremlins by Godzilla2137
OCs and character sheets
Runaway by Xilx44
ATALANTA by FrancisLugfran
2 25 21 by ButterflyBlew
Love Is A Loosing Game by silviya
Pixel Art
New Icon by peachythighs
19- Axolotl by Jacy13
Nessie by zdrer456
Requests 2
Chibi Request for Papaya by chaoticventriloquist
Hisoka by suipudoragon


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We request art to give every artist a chance!

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Welcome to Art-Zone! :love:

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This group is a multi-purpose group for ALL kinds of art. EVERY TYPE OF ART WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! Beginner to professional. We accept it all. We don't care if it's a sketch, doodle, or masterpiece -
We love every artist equally and want them ALL to succeed.

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A: Of course! Anyone can :happybounce:

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A: Pretty much anything as long as it's not overly sexual, or really rude/offensive.
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A: Send us a note about it! :note:

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