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Digatz la Vertat

By Art-Zealot
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Digatz la vertat, quitament se vòstra votz tremola.
Tell the Truth, even if your voice shakes. (Occitan)

Illustrated excerpt from the end of the RP Truth Be Told.
Tris didn't stick the landing...

Character and Art © H. Lazo

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© 2017 - 2021 Art-Zealot
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Poor, Tris...Here...Take this hankerchief. T.T
Art-Zealot's avatar
She will certainly need one. Or ten. ^^;
InkPawStudio777's avatar
Right. :3
Here's 10.^w^
FishKid28's avatar
:cry: If the RP wasn't enough heartache, you had to pull this piece out. You, Zel, are just too good at this. Manipulating people's emotions is really your sybal power....I'm on to you... 

but seriously, you capture the emotion so perfectly, your illustrative style is perfect.
Art-Zealot's avatar
Hhhhhh Fishhhh thank you! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Ilchymis's avatar
Noooo, no sad moth! D:  //shoves Nagi in for hugs

Also btw your light and shading is amazing <3
Art-Zealot's avatar
Thanks very much, Marshie! Tris would be fine with this. At least he wouldn't see how much her makeup was messed up. :'D
Ilchymis's avatar
Awh ;w; It's okay Tris, just hug Nagi til you feel better, it's what he exists for.
He might even sing if it helps
GodessFae's avatar
//will forever die at how lovely your lighting is alkdhhaldfhlajdhlajdhlafhk 
//also snugs tristine 
Art-Zealot's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much, Fae!
She will accept snugs gladly.
GodessFae's avatar
do Tris and Dey need to have a nice spa and snug day together to recover from gala junk? XD
Art-Zealot's avatar
I think they just might. Can we invite Marron too?
GodessFae's avatar
ahahaha yes, we can XD though will they get any relaxing done? XD I'm sure they'll have a lot of laughter at least ;)
Amazie-Star's avatar
I haven't read the RP yet, but now... I think Tristine needs a hug. //wraps in blanket
Art-Zealot's avatar
I think she do. Just don't ask her for an explanation. C':
Leunbrund's avatar
:c **gets her a mason jar to hold her tears...
Art-Zealot's avatar
Just kinda stand under the balcony railing. There are quite a few to catch. :C
ItalianAssassin77's avatar
Ah, that was a sad read, but a good one nonetheless... poor Tris ;-;
Art-Zealot's avatar
Awwwu thanks much!
Turtle-Arts's avatar
//apologizes on behalf of my stupid son X''D
Art-Zealot's avatar
//accepts this on behalf of my dumb daughter
Dragonanne's avatar
That was honestly a gorgeous but heartwrenching RP to read. I'm glad you chose to illustrate the end too.
Art-Zealot's avatar
Thank you so very much, Anne!
Perry-Pictures's avatar
..... wow.... :wow: right in the feels too
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