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Perfect Level Up!! by SmashBros2008
The Blushing Diva by SmashBros2008
Woody Wants Waifus by SmashBros2008
Bukavac by Reapr38
Digital Art V Full
Narusasu you are my love by Hagiel84
A Grieving Wolf*At Wilford And Minerva's House* *Wilford is seen sitting on the side of him and Minerva's bed, looking at a picture* *It's a picture of female white wolf, with short white hair, and glasses* Wilford: *sniffles* *tears well up in his eyes* *whines* *Suddenly, there's a knock at the door* Wilford: *yelps* *He looks at the door* C-Come in! *The door opens, and Winnie walks into the room* Winnie: Daddy, your dinner's getting cold.. Wilford: *He looks away* I'll be out in a minute.. Winnie: *A look of concern appears on her face* Hey, are you ok..? *She walks towards him* Wilford: I--I'm fine, Sweetie.. Winnie: Please don't lie, you said it's not nice to lie.. Wilford: *sniffles* *whines* Winnie: *She sits next to him* Please tell me what's wrong.. Wilford: *He looks down* *Winnie sees the picture in his hands* Winnie: Huh? Who's that Daddy? Wilford: *He looks at the picture* That' mother. Winnie: Grandma? Wilford: Mhm.. Winnie: Grampa's told me about her, is she coming over? *Wilford chokes up, and tears fall from his eyes, onto the picture* Winnie: *gasps* D-Daddy, are you ok? Wilford: Sh--She's dead, Winnie.. Winnie: Dead..? Oh no... Wilford: She died when I was in my early years of high school.. Winnie: *She has a sad look on her face* *whines* Wilford: I--I m-miss her s-so much..! *he whines loudly* Winnie: *She hugs him* Daddy.. it's ok... please don't cry, she'll be always with you..even if she's not here physically, she'll always be by your side no matter what.. *Wilford hugs her back* Wilford: *sniffles* Thank you Winnie.. Winnie: Anytime Daddy.. (The End.) In Memory Of Peter Scolari. 1955-2021. Animaniacs belongs to ©Warner Bros. Winnie Wolf belongs to Me....
PINK! by CleverSpruce
Marella by Hector-Monegro
Digital Art IV Full
My enemy`s enemy by Cranash64
Radiance Weather (UPDATED 12-NOV-2021) by xxenium
Henry by nofgoffles
Red seafood by B0tjenArt
Traditional Art IV
Can i have this dance?- Comission by terraaremar
Confetti Cloud by NotJustAnArtist
Hayse. by Shiro-i-Tori
.::Seelie::. by Fenrir-Twilight-Star
Photography II
Denise Kanstrup Dupont - (Danish Curling Player) by DDFAN10
11 19 21 by ButterflyBlew
ych 3 [open] by KOCHKODACHKA
11 18 21 by ButterflyBlew
Morning cofee by Rendorgal
Vigida's Widowmaker 2 by Rendorgal
Vigida's Widowmaker by Rendorgal
A Kingdom Now Forgotten by MorishitaKurumi
Miniature Wood Trestles in Gauge1 Scale by RNDmodels
Miniature Main Street Building Facade by RNDmodels
Miniatures Workshop Art Studio Supplies by RNDmodels
YCH #8 SET PRICE 3/4 slots OPEN by Grimlai
Beautiful World English VersionIt's only loveIt's only loveIf I could make a wish on the stars in the skyOh tell me would youLet me stay by your side, no matter where you areI’ll be fine as long as I'm with youBeautiful world,I cannot bear to look away from your lonely face tonight Beautiful boyIf only you could see yourself through my eyesYou’d know how brightly you shine It’s only loveTossing, turning, half asleepWishing you were the hero in the storyHow can one person be so caught up in their own worldUnsure of what your wantingYou search for everything Yet hold on to nothingCrying your tears when it all comes falling downTheres nothing i want to sayPlease just let me see you once againCan’t say what i want to sayI’m a coward guarding all their wordsI’m ok with that for nowIf i could make a wish on the stars in the skyOh tell me would youLet me stay by your side, no matter where you areI’ll be fine as long as I'm with youBeautiful world,I cannot bear to look away from your lonely face tonight Beautiful boyIf only you could see yourself through my eyesYou’d know how brightly you shine It’s only loveTrying so hard to get byWhen you're getting knocked downYou keep pushing forwardsIts fine, its all an experience you knowNewspapers still full of liesNothing importants ever insideHow are you doing today?Well then if you say that you're alrightI’ll try to be fine as wellIf I cannot see you until the worlds endOh tell me would youLet me stay by your side, it doesn’t matter whereAnywhere is fine if I'm with youBeautiful worldIn the eyes of the children passing usAn almost dreamlike momentBeautiful boyTake my hand and seeI love you, can’t help how i feel If I could make a wish on the stars in the skyOh tell me would youLet me stay by your side, no matter where you areIts only loveBeautiful world(Beautiful life)Beautiful world(Beautiful boy)Beautiful world(Beautiful girl)
*Karolina* by notice-my-babies
Lovely date by notice-my-babies
parasoul by Shiroxe
Beauty Egyptian Queen Mom Nice Booty 78 by TStorm78
Art payment for SkoopyBeab by Wisteria-Lantern
Comic and Manga strips
Arnak Calendar 07 by Eternien
Stamps and Icons
closed by 2Dotakurip
Tutorials and Resources
Frozen in time Fractal Stock by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Fosya/Adopt/Auction22/OPEN by MrSneakers
Flash Games
Art summary 2021 by Bitterrrr
Contests and Giveaways
Diassociation by LaQuenouille
Works In Progress
Alex [Collab] by 108-ZeroForce
My Top Ten Favorite Games Of 2021 by DelightfulDiamond7
Digital Art I Full
Rivaldo cortez by Zantetsuryu
Digital Art II Full
The Flame of Love by EstherPuche-Art
Digital Art III Full

Mature Content

Haliotis Pendant by UmihoshiAnze
Photography I Full
Hydrangea After The Rain by lemgras330
Traditional Art I Full
Armidian the Archmage by B-Boogie-Bruh
Traditional Art II Full
Silent world by Earth9uake
Traditional Art III Full
Mi Vecino Totoro by oscarb1
Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Art 4
Art 5
Art 6
Digital Art VI
Merry Christmas for you by Dasalsan99
Hey everyone,

Reapr38 here. I just wanted to make a blog Entry to say that the group is still active. Most of the Admins have a lot of other things going on at the moment so we haven't been able to do much of anything special for the group lately....or last 2 years lol. I want to point out that our Founder has gone inactive, or created a new account, or something... not quite sure since he wont message me back lol. But anyways we are trying to get the Founder chair changed and get things back in motion. We might be looking for new admins to fill the shoes of those that have gone inactive or are too busy to admin the group. Anyways I hope yall all enjoy being apart of the group. We hope to continue growing it in the coming future.

If you have any questions you can always shoot us a note or message me directly. It may take a bit to get to you but we will always try to answer you as quickly and to our best ability.

Thanks for the wonderful 3 years with more to come,

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Welcome To Art-Universe!


:bulletred:Welcome To Art-Universe:bulletred:
Stamp: Commission - Art Universe by 8manderz8 Art-Universe Stamp by Reapr38
:bulletblue:READ EVERYTHING PLEASE!:bulletblue:

:bulletpink:Don't worry, we accept all art from photography, to drawings, to literature, to cosplay! You may submit mature content, but please remember to put the correct warning sign and label! Go ahead and post anything you think is art~!

:bulletpink: You don't just have to post art, get to know people, hang out, or just browse art!

:bulletpink: Being in the contributors means our group loves you very much so, and it is an honor.

:bulletpink: If you need something, just comment and a Co-Founder will get back to you~!

:bulletpink: We will often host contests, and such, so stick around!

:bulletpink: Were glad your here~! Thanks for visiting, and come back some time!


:bulletpink: Limit is 6 deviations per day. Contributors can submit 8. Founders and Co-Founders can submit unlimited.

:bulletpink: No Spamming or cheating at any time. Especially no art theft. Seriously.

:bulletpink: You may submit mature content, but it must have the appropriate warning and label. Also, put your deviations in the appropriate folder. Do not put your deviations in the featured folder, we will do that if it is worthy.

:bulletpink: Nobody may "Request" to be a contributor or Co-Founder. We only chose a few selective people for that.

:bulletpink: Please follow all rules and follow the rules in giveaways and contests we might hold. If you do not follow the rules you will pay the penalty.

:bulletred:If you have any questions or you would like to report something please contact one of our Co-founders - Reapr38:bulletred:






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