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This is a place to collect, display, share and be inspired by quality art filed under the four basic human emotions.

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:bulletblack: HAPPINESS
:bulletblack: FEAR - SURPRISE
:bulletblack: SADNESS
:bulletblack: ANGER - CONTEMPT

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The psychology of art is an interdisciplinary field that studies
the perception, cognition and characteristics of art and its production.

Art is considered to be a subjective field, in which one composes and views artwork in unique ways that reflect ones experience, knowledge, preference and emotions. As the piece of art progresses during the creative process, so does the artist. Both grow and change to aquire new meaning. The "aesthetic attitude" is important in viewing art because it allows one to consider an object with ready interest to see what it suggests. However, art does not evoke an aesthetic experience unless the viewer is willing and open to it.

Cognitive psychologists use the terms "bottom-up" and "top-down" when processing art. "Bottom-up" refers to stimulus processed by the visual system into colours, shapes, patterns etc. "Top-down" refers to conceptual knowledge and past experience of the particular individual. Bottom-up factors include abstract vs figurative, form, complexity, symmetry, balance  and movement. Top-down influences relate to art appreciation including prototypicality, novelty, additional information like titles and expertise.

The popular distaste for abstract art is explained by the basic human need for meaning of life, a survival instinct.
Studies have shown a Personal Need For Structure that is heightened when viewing abstract art, and even more heightened when viewing absurd art. Dada. Brain waves studies have shown that artists show a lesser need for structure than non-artists.

A persons choice of art can be a useful measure of personality. Thrill and Adventure Seeking is positively correlated with a liking of representational art, while Disinhibition is associated with positive ratings of abstact art. Neuroticism is linked to liking of representational art.

Reading direction determines how one percieves a work of art, generally from left to right.
The light in a painting is preferrably placed on the top left corner.

As for detail complexity, people tend to like art as it goes from very simple to more complex, until a peak, when pleasantness reactions begin to fall again.

Gender differences show that women prefer happy, colourful and simple paintings, whereas men generally prefer geometric, sad and complex paintings. Preference for complex art increases with age.

Viewers and artists alike seem to prefer symmetry, the way humans prefer to look at symmetric faces for instance.

The creative process of art yields a great deal of insight about the mind that transfers to other areas of ones life. Art comes from within oneself, and is expressed in the external world for the entertainment of others.
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The Creative Personality:The Creative Personality:
Ten paradoxical traits of the creative personality
By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Of all human activities, creativity comes closest to providing the fulfillment we all hope to get in our lives. Call it full-blast living.
Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives. Most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the result of creativity.
What makes us different from apes--our language, values, artistic expression, scientific understanding, and technology--is the result of individual ingenuity that was recognized, rewarded, and transmitted through learning.
When we're creative, we feel we are living more fully than during the rest of life. The excitement of the artist at the easel or the scientist in the lab comes dose to the ideal fulfillment we all hope to get from life, and so rarely do.
Perhaps only sex, sports, music, and religious ecstasy--even when these experiences remain fle
  Exploring Art 7: The Psychology of ColorIt's often though that simply looking at a color can affect a person's mood. That every single color has it's own emotional value, that's universal across all people. Do you think that's true? Would it be possible to create a series of paintings that completely affect the mood of the viewer, just by use of color? Or does shape and subject have a part in the defining emotion the piece elicits? There have been studies that say that your body will actually physically respond to certain colors (such as red or yellow are thought to speed up your metabolism, do I know if this is true? No, but I know it's something that's been said as true) and react accordingly.
Sometimes I wonder if what makes a piece a success isn't just the composition, the anatomy, the subject.. but also how well the artist chose colors to compliment the mood of the piece. But that would be assuming that everyone responds to colors the same way, what if everyone responded differently? How then would you choose a color to
  Psychology meaning of doodles/drawings.*Disclaimer* not my own written work just a collection of notes from many sources.* Last Edit: 8/23/2014
Many of us doodle and you may not realize it but doodles will actually tell you a lot about your personality and mood. The size, position as well as what the object(s) of focus of will lead you to some key clues. There are many different shapes, designs and colors of doodles, just as there are different dream scenarios, but there are some that are quite common and, as such, more easily interpreted. 
Size and Placement
Large doodles that take most of your page, you are likely to be attracted to nature. Moreover, you might also have a reserved personality, but would want to socialize.
Small doodles on a  corner of the paper suggest that the person is neat and organized in his/her ways. Because the drawing is placed on a side of the page, it shows that a person does not like wastage and prefers everything in its
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