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Happy 2016, everyone!

Sorry I haven't been so active at all. I've been so busy for 2015. *n* My dad passed away the beginning of the year and the funeral took a month to do (plus months of cleaning after). Then there was work and cons to attend to. Near the end of the year, I moved out to Texas to where :iconinumochi: lives and got an apartment with her! It was a really hectic and stressful year and a lot was done.

OH! I also went to Canada for the first time and it was sooo high class ahaha ;7; like, everything was early development and all the roads were nice. Idk but I was in Alberta and it was lovely there. All I can remember was that the clouds were really close. I went for a con there and I might go again next year.

Anyway, I am now living in Texas and I'm trying to find a job to pay the bills. I did find a job, but the management was sooo poor and I was working full time hours as a part timer. I was also always closing and the store manager would always change schedules last minute and not tell anyone. She would also manually change our clock ins/outs if we went over.

But with this free time, I will be drawing more (specifically for cons but I will draw originals too). I also want to open RLCs soon but we'll see!

I'm hoping 2016 will treat everyone kindly!
Hi, everyone!! I hope you're all doing okay! There's a lot going on with the holidays and current events. Thanksgiving is tomorrow so don't forget to be thankful for things!

I've been quite busy after my recent con last week. I started a new job so they've been training in the evenings. For now, all I do is stand there at a register...But they'll have me training on something else next week so I can get well-rounded in the store. I've already made a few mistakes the past few days I've been working but all the employees are so nice!! Plus, the customers are so patient even though they say that they're in a rush. OTL It just sucks that I'm a bit nervous around new things so I stutter a lot LOL /cries

But since my job is just part-time, I'm hoping to update my commissions for the holidays. They are LONGG overdue and I've been meaning to update them since...Halloween.......SO, hopefully I'll get to that this weekend and art some more.

I've read/skimmed the post that's going around tumblr about how storenvy is changing up from being free to use. They plan on taking 10% from every purchase made and a lot of people are not happy about that! (including me) They're also ditching paypal and wanna use something called "Stripe" I think??? So, anyone not switched to this new pay system has they're storenvy "under maintenance". I think I'm just going to close my storenvy for good and find an alternative site. I've got a few new products and I wanna add them in but wtvs. There's not much I can do for now since storenvy is getting like this. But I guess I'll let ya'll know what alternate site I'll use.

I guess this is it?? I've gotta wake up early tomorrow and help my mom cook, eat, then head out to black friday shop because I won't be able to on friday! /works friday orz/ and much much hope to those suffereing in ferguson! I've been seeing so much of it on my tumblr and it makes me cry. I'm just glad it's back on the news again instead of that ebola shit that never really happened FUCK.…

omg it took me forever to just reconstruct my storenvy!! *n* but it's finally done--for nowww
anyways, i'm doing my first preorder for my howl dakimakura pillow case. it runs from sept 9 - sept 21!! i dont know when the next one will be exactly, but i will have another preorder time after this one for sure.

also, feel free to check out the other stuff! i will be adding mini prints and stickers later on next week. i will also be updating my commissions sometime this weekend. and hopefully, i will get to upload some art fdjslkfjalga

buhhhh! hope you're all doing well! school has started again and i forget that a lot since i havent been to school for years *n*;;;

ps. there is an animu cafe that opened up nearby the lake and i...just kinda want to go.
but i feel so weeabo headquaters. fjdslkjfa /life of a closet weeabo
con season is done for me. thank god *n*;; i had fun flying around the country meeting new friends while dealing with famiry. jfdslkjfal also, thanks for the new watches! i'm making it a goal to draw a lot more so hopefully you'll all see new things. i used to have mixed feelings about posting doodles/sketches on DA, but now i dont think it really matters anymore. so be prepared for those! *3*
HELLOOO i'll be at anime expo on july 3-6, then san japan on july 24-27!! see you guys there!

ahhh i will be attending a-kon 25 in dallas, tx this weekend! please visit me if you're going! i will be at table C6!
seriously, you look amazing. no joke.
keep on strutting today. /winks

hello everyone. or whoever is reading this i dont really know...aha * A*;; i have been very busy the past weeks because of animu conventions. been drawing buttons and posters orz (( IM SO TIRED YOU GUYS. SERIOUS DARK CIRCLES ;o; ))

but last week i was at anime detour with brownrabbits @ tumblr. other people that were there :iconlucidsky: :iconaluhnim: :iconpistachii: :iconge-b: :iconmmmaoh: there was also someone else but i lost their business card in my room somewhere. i'll probably find it later when i clean but thanks to her, i was able to get more buttons supplies 9A9 i am forever grateful!!!

anime detour was fun. i just wish dealers sold pokemon cards; not booster packs, but cards. fjdljfaljfsa it was really tiring though. it might just be me that's getting old because when i first started doing artist alley, i was never this tired OTL

ALSO!! i met :iconcerulians: too!! sorry if i am awkward! i have...bad social skills. I TRIED OTLL. but it was nice meeting you and your sister. i hope to see you guys at other cons. and :iconpaigyloli:!! we met but we just didnt know! * A* hopefully i see you at AX.

after detour was over, i had to work on more stuff for my next con. i'm heading out to sakuracon on the April 18-20 so i have to make more stuff to fill a table * n* so im sorry for the inactivity. i will however post new artwork i'll be selling i guess?? or rejected ones //sobs bc i wasted time drawing them// if you're going to sakura too, come say hi!! i will be next to some scary intimidating pro artist that happens to be :iconlucidsky:'s bf FJDLKJFALDJGA BUT ITS OKAY. I WILL...BE FINE. BECAUSE HE DOESNT HAVE BUTTONS. OR KAWAII MOE DESU DESUU THINGS. YES. //flails about

ANYWAY, i hope you guys are doing well!! spring is coming and the grass is starting to turn green! people are bbqing and i'm just on my laptop /cries/ i wanna go out too ;A; SO GO IN MY PLACEE. GO ENJOY A WALK AND SOAK SOME SUN FOR MEEE
sorry for lack of update. i was prepping for a con that i...was lol /late update/ anyway, i am selling stuff at a con so online stuff is going to be delayed for the weekend * n*

i will finish rlcs and update my group after the con.
i've been so busy lately omg. i'll be busy again this week with relatives orz i am the only who is responsible to clean the house whenever my relatives come in town. my brothers just dont care if the house looks like crap. anyway, there are going to be so. many. kids. running around. plus my puppy /savemeee
would to..make..zodiac animal gijinkas with me? i have gained sweet inspiration from this manga:…

it doesnt have to be all yaoi. and you can feel free to take more than one zodiac.
if anyone wants to participate or help me expand on this into a small group thing, ahh i would be grateful 9u9;;

rat - :iconchuuchichu:
ox - :iconmukuro-sama:
rabbit - :iconneririn:
dragon - :iconserandaria:
snake - :iconart-on-a-stick:
horse - :iconkillaminjaro:
sheep/goat - :iconti-ri:
monkey - :iconaccarini:
rooster - :iconkouri-n:
dog - :iconyueru:
pig - :iconcellokun:
tiger - :iconkhetis:
HEYY! i finally got my online store running to where i want it to be ((i'm out of stock of a few items but that's okay))
here's the link! :

i will be adding more buttons into my fire emblem and pokemon sections and start on attack on titans, oofuri, and south park! hopefully i'll get some mini prints added in as well.

if you aren't looking for fanart, my RLCS are still open! i'm thinking about raising the prices soon but we'll just have to see!

happy new years, guys! let's start it with a bang!!
doodling for the first time since i got back from my trip and the holidays. come watch! i might not talk much. idk. * D*;;

also, anyone wanna be 3ds friends?? here's mine: 0920 0858 9189
lemee knowww

EDIT: MOREE DOODLINGGG. also, fixed the error on my friend code.
so i am...looking for someone. from anime fusion. i bought pins from her and she gave me her bsns card because i didnt have any and i was going to contact her after the con.

but then i misplaced the card.
so i checked all the bsns cards and looked them up on the internet, checked tumblrs and DAs but i still couldn't find her still orz

if any of you know her DA or contact info, let me know. here's a photo of what i bought from her: image

annd i guess i should do an update.
i have most of my storenvy inventory in stock. there are a few buttons i need to restock as well. so please be patient with me! orz
here's my store link:

i havent been too happy with my art for the past month so i haven't been drawing lately. i've been trying but idk. i dont think its and art block or anything...probably just not motivated as i used to be. oh man if i just suddenly stopped drawing...omg. /cries/ but yeaahhh. i wanted to do so much stuff before the end of the year with my art but ugh, idk guys. i'll try and snap out of it.
so i got internets again. 9 79

watch me not have the funds for it in a few months /cries so hard/
i will be updating a lot more frequently

but that depends if animal crossing and pokemon dont suck my life away > A>
because i am a bum now.

since i dont work anymore nor dont go to school, i'll be drawing and posting more art
(and getting a lot of crap from my parents...9 o9)

but in the mean time, i'll be trying to set up an online store with my prints and buttons and commissions. just need to figure out where. dont really want to do it on look forward to that!

OH!!! i will also be at anime fusion with :iconinumochi: and :iconsennel: and :iconlucidsky: october 17-20!
come check us out and say hello yah??? and let me street pass your animal crossing or fire emblem! fufuf * 3* /will destroy your FE team mwhaha/
sorry i havent been posting too much. i've been so dead on the internet because of work. :C

anyway, just letting everyone know i will be going to metacon in minneapolis last weekend of august. i will have a few new things. i feel kinda nervous since it'll be my first time there..and that i havent been to a con in such a while ahaha * u*;;;

if youre going too, i'll see you there!

also, i see that i've a lot more watchers now. thanks for watching me even though i dont post much! * n*
WOOO. What an exhausting weekend I had at Anime Detour! It was insane but I tried to keep my hopes up! At some point, :iconbrownrabbits: and :iconsennel: noticed I was shaking a lot LOL! They thought I was tired but it was really just a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Anyway, I had a table for artist alley this year. I shared with :iconsennel: because she's always fun to be with and :iconbrownrabbits: came from Canada-land to join the fun! I meant to let everyone on DA know I was going to be at Anime Detour but it slipped my mind because I had so many things to do! * A*;;

Let's start with the recap of the con then!

It was quite frustrating that morning because we had so much stuff to carry and Art Alley Dept wouldn't let us put our stuff in the art alley while we went to get our badges with the rest of the con-goers. :iconbronrabbits: was raging LOLOL she talked to the staff and eventually we were able to leave our stuff in there. The line was terribly loooonnng. It took us maybe 30-40 mins to get our badges??? I honestly can't remember but because of that, we lost A LOT of time to set up our table!! When the artist alley opened, I wasn't even done setting up! (but of course…I wasn't done preparing my inventory lol)

As soon as artist alley opened, my friends and I were SWARMED with people! * A* it was ridiculous for a Friday! And :iconbrownrabbits:'s awesome display pretty much made people stand there for so long, they crowded up the lane LOLOLOL way to go!! /thumbs up

We all went home to :iconsennel:'s house and pretty much were like "WHAT A CRAZY FRIDAY" and braced for Saturday.

Artist alley was already open when we got there LOL people were already wandering in and idk but I was just "AW CRAPPP. WE'RE LATEEEEE." OH! I also woke up with a sore throat! So it made my voice really hard to hear  and I'm just jfdlksjfakhga it really sucked though! Maybe I talked too much. I still talked away anyways! * U*b

It was less crazy Saturday since so many people were at panels and shoots. So I was really glad. Then :iconbrownrabbits: found out that rammy was in the dealers! I was really surprised he heard word of Anime Detour!! Ugh the guy really pisses me off you guys! Please, do not but art from the guy! Just…don't! He's had a really bad history of doing artist alley and now he thinks he can get away by switching to dealers room! I don't know the details by heart but all I know is that he once tried to hog all the tables for himself! The guy is all about money and has no consideration for his fellow artists! O n O

Anyway, after the con, we went out to eat at Chili's and went back home to draw our commissions. The three of us got on a table and decided to talk and draw at the same time. But talking about personal stuff and bawling our eyes out pretty much got the most of us and we were unable to finish all our commissions orz we stayed up all night talking and drawing but our commissions never got done (except for :iconbrownrabbits:. She only had one…/stares at her real hard). So :iconsennel: and I gave our commissioners the option to refund or wait for us to snail mail their commissions on Sunday. * A *

I HAD ABSOLUTELY ZERO HOURS OF SLEEPPP. Not sure how I did it but I was still running. Also, my voice was even worse and someone thought I was drinking all night and I'm all "OMG NOOO. I REALLY WASN'T. IF I DID, I'D BE HUNG OVER RIGHT NOW AHHH" * D *;; I really hope no one else thought too. What a terrible time to catch something orz

We had expected that art alleey was going to close at noon so we planned to leave at noon and venture into dealers for a bit to last minute buys. Turns out, WE WERE CLOSING AT TWOOOOOOO.








DO YOU KNOW HOW UPSETTING THAT IS?? Sure extending the hours is great for business! Thanks, but WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!? Because me and my friends were sooooo confused at why people were still wandering the art alley when it hit 12pm!

We didn't give a crap though! We still left at 12 and handled people that wanted to buy whatever we hadn't packed yet. But I felt so much better after I got outside of the hotel. * A* But forgive me if I seemed rude or unpleasant if you were buying something while we were packing. Really, I was stressing out and multitasking and urggghhhh.  Anyway, I will be giving my two cents to the art dept anonymously or not because the people of the con deserve better!!!

Other things worth noting from the con!:
*I really want to thank people who bought my fire emblem stuff! SERIOUSLY! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVEEEE FIRE EMBLEM. And I was really happy when people said "OMG THANK YOU FOR HAVING FIRE EMBLEM STUFF!" and "HERE'S ALL THE FIRE EMBLEM STUFF!!!" It really makes me happy and I plan to draw more! So be patient with me and I will try and poop out more! 9 u9<33 I did however, forget I had one fire emblem button to sell until I saw it on Sunday in my pile of designs ORZ I felt so bummed it because it only had 3 hours of sell time.

*Ahhhh. I also felt really embarrassed with people watched me work on the button machine. *///* like, I really struggled on some buttons because I printed my designs on a really thick photo paper so my buttons could have a shinier look. But because of that, it was really hard for me to press everything!! So it wasn't because I was weak or anything fdjskjflajfa button makers are very easy to use and require very little arm strength but thick paper changes that by a lot and you're bound to struggle. So I pretty much nervously stammered and grunted and apologized every time I pressed photo paper into buttons. Bwaaa I'm a dummy you guys but my lessoned is learned. Thin paper only!!!

*I also want to say hello to a few people I met at the con! New friends and old friends but friends all the same!

I'm glad I met :iconcheekyzhu:, :iconameryln:, and :iconhuali: again! You guys don't know how much I just wanted to throw free stuff at you guys again! Seriously! I'm not kidding! Although I don't know you guys well, you guys are just the cutest! I wish I was able to go to Animinneapolis with you guys (and make you draw for me kekeke) but oh weeelll. I'll try for Anime Fusion and hope you guys do too!

Hello to :iconlucidsky:! You are an amazing person I really do hope to see more from you! Really do! I love how your mom comes to these conventions with you and I just think it's the cutest and sweetest thing in the world. In case you're wondering, I saw her last year sitting at your booth and she looked very proud of you. C:

Hiiii :iconshiiso-tikku:, :iconkaskachan:, and :iconcho-zero:! I'm sorry if :iconbrownrabbits: and I were way too friendly! LOL Aughh I really wanted to get some your prints and bookmarks but there was no way because of time! I also wished I had more original stuff to give away for you guys. I hope to see you guys again in the future!

*OMG THIS YEAR…for some reason, I was able to actually people watch and i-spy cosplays of things I love! FIRST OF ALLLLL, there was an AMAZING and sweet totoro cosplayer who gave me and my friends gifts for identifying her cosplay. (I haven't seen totoro in a long time so idk what the gifting from totoro was called orz) so we all gave her stuff in return for free and dkjflajfa! There were also a lot more Tales of series cosplayers than I thought! So that made me really happy! And I also saw a Wonder Chef wandering too! I really wished he had come to my aisle so I could spread some admiration T nT he never did. There was also a Link cosplayer with a working ocarina! She played the song of time for me and I was just alkdjglajfesfea fangirling inside with awe LOLOL. I also found a tingle cosplayer and instantly wanted to give him my tingle button. He didn't come to my table and I tried shouting to him but he couldn't hear me * n* so I made a tingle button and ran to find him! AHHH SUCCESS THOUGH.

*ALSO! Thank you to those who commissioned me and are willing to wait for me to snail mail their art after the con! I really hate not having it done before the con but I'll throw in some extra stuff for you as a thanks!

*AND AHHHHH SHOUT TO MY HOMMIES :iconbrownrabbits: and :iconsennel:!!! It was wonderful to see :iconbrownrabbits: irl! She was sorta what I expected to be and sorta not! LOL (not sure if that makes sense or not but it doesn't really matter xD). I'm going to miss you a lot and I hope you had a great time with us in Minnesota! And thank you so much :iconsennel: for letting us stay at your place for 4-5 days! Thank your family too for letting us stay! I'll return the kindness one day! 9 u 9

Well, that's all for my con. It was a hectic and exhausting con. I'm not sure if I will attend next year but we'll see. Anyway, thanks for reading! You've just read 1700+ words!
i have been playing too much fire emblem. is anyone else playing that? because you sure everyone is if its sold out on shelves everywhere orz

oh but my favorite units are:
gaius > ahhh. like, what cant he do? i've heard he could cook and i've already had convos about how he can sew and fix weapons. plus he has orange hair and like candy and he's a theiffff pfffttt.

henry > i love henry to pieces. you should too.

owain > i havent gotten this guy yet but fffff i just love how he shouts out stuff from the older fire emblem games

lucina > i dont know. lucy is such a strong chara at heart. and she went through so much. and she's always like "I CHALLENGE MY FATEEEE!" during her critical hits. her strength is amazing.

okay. im done spazzing.
you'll be seeing fanart soon.

hello! updating because i havent in awhile!

i have mostly been working and not drawing because im so lazy...and i can never think of what to draw. so i have been thinking of ideas for sewing and crafting. ahaha...9 u9

anyway, i went to nebraskon with :iconsennel: and it was so tiring! traveling is hard you guys! * A*
how do celebrities do it?! but it was really fun. i enjoyed it a lot, aaaaand, if they have johnny young bosch as a guest next year like i had asked in their survey, then i will be there next year too! ahahahaha

since i made enough money, i am gonna buy a button maker! im excited to get to experiment with buttons and draw faces of things i like! ehehe! if you guys have any suggestions for me for what to draw, please do tell!

and since halloween is over, its time to for the winter holidays! i will be giving out cards to the first 4 people who reply with "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB AND IT FLEW AWAY". i will then note the first 4 people for addresses. i can mail to the US and canada but i am unsure of other countries. so i am very sorry if you live out of north america 9 n9

all cards will have a specific drawn design just for 2012 and will come in a handmade envelope! i will make send them really early because the post office gets really busy around december. so feel free to open your cards early if you want to!

thank you so much and stay healthy you guys! hup hup!

so i've been absent because i dont have internet anymore. i finally worked the courage to free load wireless from the public library after mourning my loss.

but i'll work it out. i dont plan to be internet-less forever orz

and thank you for the birthday wishes! i came back on and i had over 300+ messages (mostly deviations ahaha...) /cries

um...did i have more to say...?
i dont know.

maybe i miss yaoi? maybe. ehee...