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The only condition is quality. We realize that there are many art-groups who focus on war and the military in general and as such this group focuses at gathering good quality artwork only in order to stand out among so many groups. If you have submitted for membership or a deviation inclusion to our galleries, and this has been rejected, then it's most certainly because it did not match our quality standards. We hope you understand and accept this.
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I am pleased to announce tha my novel "Beyond the Black River" is available in English and French. The French title is "Au-delà de la Rivière Noire".
Here is the blurb (EN/FR):
"On leave during a long, endless and apocalyptic war, Captain Martin Walker of the 5th Special Forces Group is given a special and secret mission. General Williamson instructed him to arrest or eliminate Colonel Rheault who disappeared during a CIA mission on the Black River on the edges of Cambodia. Thinking they were embarking on a relatively easy mission, Walker and his men reached a territory where all their moral and civilizational bearings no longer existed. Beyond the Black River takes place in the alternate history universe of At the Edge of the Abyss, written and illustrated by Thomas Diana."
"En permission pendant une guerre longue, interminable et apocalyptique, le capitaine Martin Walker du 5ème groupe de Forces spéciales reçoit une mission spéciale et secrète. Le général Williamson le charge d’arrêter ou d’éliminer le colonel Rheault disparu lors d’une mission de la CIA sur la Rivière Noire aux confins du Cambodge. Pensant embarquer pour une mission relativement tranquille, Walker et ses hommes vont atteindre un territoire ou tous leurs repères moraux et civilisationnels n’ont plus cours. Au-delà de la Rivière Noire se déroule dans l’univers uchronique d’Au Bord de l’Abîme, écrit et illustré par Thomas Diana."
Here are the English and French cover:
Beyond the Black River - Cover
Au-dela de la Riviere Noire - Cover
Here is an illustration:
Beyond the Black River - Monitor
I am pleased to announce to my English-speaking comrades, that ‘Au Bord de l’Abîme Cycle 2’ is available in English under the title ‘At the Edge of the Abyss Cycle 2’.
Here is the blurb:
The Iron Curtain divides Europe and the tension rises. Two blocs oppose each other: the communists on one side with the USSR and then China as the main spearhead; the anti-communists on the other with the United States, Japan and the former colonial powers. Decolonization begins in the post-war chaos; insurrections and civil wars flourish. In this alternate history and even more chaotic world, there is little chance of avoiding the sometimes little-known horrors and tragedies of a war that is not so cold.Welcome back At the Edge of the Abyss (contains more than two hundred elements of illustrations).
At the Edge of the Abyss - Cycle 2 Cover
Au Bord de l'Abime - Battle for Hanoi
Au Bord de l'Abime - Operation Swordbreaker
Au Bord de l'Abime - Ruins of Hanoi
Au Bord de l'Abime - Soviet intervention in Poland
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