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SIX FANART by Cubesona
Elven cat by andylittle
Samus by Omegachaino
MEMEME by Wolfenoctis
Timea by UszatyArbuz
Master by PixalBoy
A Buff Alien by PixalBoy
Strange Mushroom by Rappenem
bar tricks [comm] by sarurun
are you prepared [comm] by sarurun
[002] uchiafrog by lupipix
01 by fool
No BG-Fanart
Luna by txsnew
DooM 3 Lost Soul sprite by Infernis76
A Seal and a Goat! (Gift) by SonicZetrex
The Time Traveller by Damian2841
ICONS, Posters
sleepy again [commission] by macaarons
[002] gei-kkun by lupipix
TBOI: Isaac by DanOcean
SIX FANART by Cubesona
Pixel Dailies: Waterslide by SymbolsWriter
(FOR SALE $10) Pastel moon icon by UszatyArbuz
Wladmimimi by Baphometin
Ionna by Baphometin
Alien Hominid pixel card by DanOcean

Mature Content

Camilla (naked) by Noscium
Mr. J by andylittle

Mature Content

Loba (Apex) wants Fuse D by TheR3mnanT
MOCKUP, Fakeshot
Indie Fighters - Ori VS Dust by KentoBalisto
the legend of zelda: Wind Waker Snes by gilamasan
GTV fantasy console by EmblemDefender
Winter Scene Mockup by agifarclor
WIPS, In Development
Mini Idle Avatar by QuartzStash
Aurorakaka [ Commission ] by IrregularSaturn
Milly Sprite by Julius-B
Pocket Fighter Jane Doe by Dorkyguy
--HR HD--
Meta Knight- Snow... Angel? by DarkmaneTheWerewolf
Pocket Fighter Edits 10 by Ryoga-rg
Chun Li by FeLoLlop
Athena 2 by melcore89
MvC Centaur Man and Slash Man by Countgate
JURI SF3 by armentis
--KoF XII--
Wyler by OMEGAeFeX
Stan Lee by Dan-Artworks
Robin Classic (Dick Grayson) by alan-san
.:Anime, Manga:.
Goku Ultra instinct by PanshArt
Lisa walking by mystic-swordman-lv13
Raipurr by Porygatto
Elm [S-Scratch H-Scratch] by ohgaki-m
SHEETS, Portrait
Guardians of the realm by txsnew
Chiseled SiRO by sanstrong
Sweet's Room by ohilin
_3D, Digitized_
Storm Eagle Render by VEXIKKU
++TUTORIALS, Processes++
Lyn, the Girl from the Plains! [Fire Emblem] by Tmanex2013

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Powergirl by Sulley45635 Powergirl :iconsulley45635:Sulley45635 43 4 Samus Zero suit2 by Sulley45635 Samus Zero suit2 :iconsulley45635:Sulley45635 16 0 Shehulk2 by Sulley45635 Shehulk2 :iconsulley45635:Sulley45635 14 3 GokuSSBlue by Sulley45635 GokuSSBlue :iconsulley45635:Sulley45635 7 0 Yet another RPG battle by jnkboy Yet another RPG battle :iconjnkboy:jnkboy 444 23 Fishing with grandpa by jnkboy Fishing with grandpa :iconjnkboy:jnkboy 455 18 Turrican II by jnkboy Turrican II :iconjnkboy:jnkboy 1,105 56 They Live by jnkboy They Live :iconjnkboy:jnkboy 546 70 Ryu THird Strike HD by steamboy33 Ryu THird Strike HD :iconsteamboy33:steamboy33 1,034 111 Ken Third Strike HD by steamboy33 Ken Third Strike HD :iconsteamboy33:steamboy33 705 57 Akuma Third Strike HD by steamboy33 Akuma Third Strike HD :iconsteamboy33:steamboy33 721 63 Chun Li Third Strike HD by steamboy33 Chun Li Third Strike HD :iconsteamboy33:steamboy33 1,054 81 Alex Thrid Strike HD by steamboy33 Alex Thrid Strike HD :iconsteamboy33:steamboy33 682 75 How to LIGHT character sprites by HIIVolt-07 How to LIGHT character sprites :iconhiivolt-07:HIIVolt-07 23 8 KOFXIII sprite tutorial by EnlightendShadow KOFXIII sprite tutorial :iconenlightendshadow:EnlightendShadow 222 51 Terry Bogard Hi-Res Sprite by Marsonite Terry Bogard Hi-Res Sprite :iconmarsonite:Marsonite 274 62


AOS Decal Left by LuisChamat ART OF SPRITING by LuisChamat AOS Decal Right by LuisChamat

Roster-1 by LuisChamat Roster-2 by LuisChamat Roster-3 by LuisChamat Roster-4 by LuisChamat Roster-5 by LuisChamat

Ryu by LuisChamat Rule-1 by LuisChamat Ken by LuisChamat
1- by LuisChamatWe aim to showcase the BEST sprites, pixel art and animations around DeviantArt, we focus but aren't limited to arcade fighting games since we also accept ORIGINAL CREATIONS: Characters, Concepts & Projects.

Kyo by LuisChamat Rule-2 by LuisChamat Iori by LuisChamat
2-a by LuisChamatThe group is for spriters, pixel artists, animators & game developers. Creators of art that could be implemented in games.

2-b by LuisChamatThe group is NOT for beginners. We aim for quality works. If you want to improve your skills we have a folder with Tutorials.

Terry by LuisChamat Rule-3 by LuisChamat Ryo by LuisChamat
3-A by LuisChamatMembers and Contributors can freely and unlimitedly submit their deviations to the group.

3-B by LuisChamatYou can upload more than 10 deviations per day, simply select a different and appropriate folder to circumvent this. Each folder is limited to 10 deviations per day.

3-C by LuisChamatNon-members can propose their works for the group, which will be set to voting. This means that it can be accepted or denied.

Chun Li by LuisChamat Rule-4 by LuisChamat Mai by LuisChamat
4- by LuisChamatWe accept content as long as it isn't sexually explicit or outright insulting to any community.

Kasumi by LuisChamat Rule-5 by LuisChamat Ayane by LuisChamat
5-A by LuisChamatWe don't accept content that isn't yours without the consent and credit of the original author.

5-B by LuisChamatWe don't accept simple edits, works done with bases or deviations that lack quality or at least a proof that you did something more than a mere edit.

Jin by LuisChamat Rule-6 by LuisChamat Kazuya by LuisChamat
6- by LuisChamatTo be a Contributor you must show interest, have highlighting deviations and be active in the community.

Sub Zero by LuisChamat Rule-7 by LuisChamat Scorpion by LuisChamat
7-A by LuisChamatWe have different resources and tools, including Tutorials and a folder for Job Services.

7-B by LuisChamatFor Job Offers you can leave a comment in our homepage, we will solve it with all of our capabilities.

Captain America by LuisChamat Rule-8 by LuisChamat Iron Man by LuisChamat
8-A by LuisChamatWe organize the different deviations in the folders pages according to their themes, so don't worry if your deviation isn't the first to be shown in a specific folder, it's probably in a page with the characters from the same series.

8-B by LuisChamatDo not bump your works. Removing and reuploading your content will not be taken kindly.

8-C by LuisChamatYou can only bump your commissions journal if you are accepting commissions once again.

Superman by LuisChamat Rule-9 by LuisChamat Batman by LuisChamat
9-A by LuisChamatWe have the right to reject and remove content from the group.

9-B by LuisChamatWe also have the right to reject and remove members from the group.

Goku by LuisChamat Rule-10 by LuisChamat Vegeta by LuisChamat
10- by LuisChamatPlease keep a polite behavior when you are communicating to anyone in the group. Insulting any Member, Contributor, Co-Founder or Founder will not be tolerated.


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melcore89 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2021
Hey, Is there anyone here that can do the kof 2000 portrait style?
Like this style:…
If so please message me, I would like to commission a couple to have made.
thank you.
MaskedAmp Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2021  Professional General Artist
Looking to recruit a 2D Animator for an Android game I'm currently working on, we have a sprite sheet made by me that needs some improvements in terms of movement and ect.
Shen-fn-Woo Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
Wanted:  Sprite Artists.  Read here please

WANTED - PIXEL ARTISTAd for SuperDaz:Myself and a small team of people who love and grew up fighting games are looking for some help with animating/spriting the characters. The project is a traditional style 6 button fighting game (by traditional, I mean street fighter) and draws inspiration from many others. The full game will feature 14 playable characters and online play while a demo is being released first with 4 playable characters.The game has chain combos and a special feature "Highlight Reel" which is a combo extender system and defence options system. Here is a few videos of the development, the duration is quite short as it's early on but watch this space! Axel Combo Blazer Music "climax" and Movement test Oh and an absolute nonsense combo for fun (training mode only lol) While the project is a hobby project, we are looking to go commercial with enough feedback/interest from the Demo. In this case this unpaid position will change to Rev-Share.SUMMARY:If you're a hobby sprite artist who'd like to participate in helping create a fighting game, please send shen-fn-woo a note. We're going to make a kickstarter campaign that, if successful, will financially benefit all of those involved.

I read that it was okay to advertise in the above widget.  Sorry if I misunderstood.  And thanks either way!
Joie-de-Guerre Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, I’d like to submit the following animation to “Fighters-OCs” and possibly join the group if you’ll have me. I’ve been working to improve over the past couple years and would like to share future works in this group.…
FireAndIceARTZ Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2020
hello guys!
LuisChamat Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2020
hi there!
Blueblood2 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Guys, I got missed since this fuck:n DA changed so much! Sorry. I switched to old site then I noticed so many notifications... Sorryyy
LuisChamat Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2020
lol yeah, I still use the old layout, the new one isn't very friendly with groups management and that new layout has been around for 2 years if my memory serves me right.
Blueblood2 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I started to use it recently, well... I had no idea it was sooo old.
God-of-Death-Alex Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2020
If you keep using deviantart you'll have to get used to the new layout, since the old one will be removed on May 20th. At least I read so in the notifications. :\
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