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Krystal Commission Line Art



This is the Krystal commission for my friend Mike that I've been working on. Typically, I would wait until I post the final piece before posting the line art, but I was so happy with how the lines looked on the grey paper that i decided to do it now. Needless to say this is will be the next toned sketchbook I work with so consider this a tease. I have an earlier commission I'll be posting too, but I need to check that it's ok with the client first. 

I don't know a whole lot about Starfox let alone Krystal. I just got an emulator and I'm playing Starfox Adventures now, but I love her character design. I even got a small commission of her myself just because I loved the design so much. Depending on how I like the game will determine if you see more of her and other SF characters in the future.

Character is owned by Nintendo 
Artwork by me
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I can see that is the same pose of her trophy from the last Smash Bros. Very nice done :D.