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May 15, 2024
OC: Liaender and Rhaevyn by Art-of-Li
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OC: Liaender and Rhaevyn


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My very first two OC’s in reel format!  My partner and I absolutely love immersing ourselves in fantasy and roleplay. Having spent hundreds of hours in games like Lost Ark, Baldur’s Gate, as well as dabbling in some D&D, we’ve developed these OC’s pretty well over time to have some rich personality & thematics😊

Liaender is a paladin who exiled himself from his Order when he realized the true nature of their philosophies and values. It became apparent that those he swore an oath to serve, eradicated their chosen enemies out of fear or greed, rather than the justice and holiness they claim to worship. He has since become a wandering nomad with nothing in his possession but his renowned swordsmanship and his own moral compass✨ In present time, Liaender works as a sellsword, but more often than not involves himself in the endeavors of those in need more due to a sense of moral duty than any institutional allegiance 🛡️

Rhaevyn is a a half-human with demon-blood coursing through her veins since birth🩸Despite the carnivorous, flesh-consuming ways of her people, Rhaevyn grew up questioning their seeming over-indulgence in the macabre & willingness to consume humans for mere sustenance. She believes that should her kind curb their tendencies & consume the flesh of the beasts instead, they could end an ongoing war with the humans that has been waging for thousands of years⚔️

& Chai 🐈‍⬛ is their pet familiar, who has the power to tap into one of four elements & cast a simple spell of that type when shifted💫

Since their uncanny chance encounter that culminated in a gruesome, yet evenly matched fight, the two have discovered they share more principles & views in common than they ever realized🔥Now they have agreed to a pact to help fulfill each other’s life missions that would ‘rectify’ the established institutions of their own kind in hopes for a better future for both kinds❤️‍🔥⚖️🛡️⚔️💫

Song : Phil Rey Gibbons - Bastion

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Congrats on the DD!