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Welcome to the Art of Adornment!

Welcome to a group for all creators of jewelry!

:bulletred: Anyone can join!
:bulletblack: Normally, members could submit up to 5 deviations per day, but since I feel we need to encourage more involvment, that limit has currently been lifted.
:bulletred: Anyone who is a member can suggest a Favourite, but there is a limit of 5 per day.
:bulletblack: Once a week, the best deviations will be selected to add to the Featured folder.
:bulletred: Jewelry can be made from anything, but it must be your own work.

:bulletblack: “Necklaces and Chokers”, “Bracelets and Cuffs” and “Rings and Earrings” are for the jewelry items mentioned in the title of the folder.
:bulletred: “Necklaces and Chokers” includes pendants.
:bulletblack: “Bracelets and Cuffs” includes ankle bracelets/anklets.
:bulletred: “Rings and Earrings” includes toe rings.
:bulletblack: “Misc. Jewelry” is for any jewelry that doesn’t fit into any other category. This can includes head-dresses, brooches, hat pins, original designs for body piercings, or anything else that can be classed as jewelry or body adornment.
:bulletred: "Matching Sets" is for sets of 2 or more separate items, e.g. a necklaces and bracelet, or necklace and earrings, etc.
:bulletblack: “Religious Jewelry” is for jewelry such as rosaries, prayer beads, or any other spiritual or sacred jewelry from any religion. They can be traditional designs (such as Christian rosaries, Buddhist malas, etc.) or contemporary designs made with personal symbolism.
:bulletred: The “Jewelry Related Art” folder is for art with jewelry as a main feature. This could be a drawing or photograph, or another craft item (such as a doll) with jewelry that has been made to adorn it.

Gallery Folders

Jewelry: Earrings 002, 'Onyx Fruit Earrings' by 4pplemoon
Celtic bracelet by skuggsida
Chained by Coquette3D
Evil Eye Ring Handmade by WrappedbyDesign
Necklaces and Chokers
Rings and Earrings
Assorted Wire Wrapped Rings by MoonlightMysteria
Earthy Jasper Beaded Brass Wirewrapped Ring by MoonlightMysteria
Sandy Autumn Wire Wrapped Ring by MoonlightMysteria
Autumn Wear (Ring) by MoonlightMysteria
Bracelets and Cuffs
Black Gold Bulky Beaded Bracelet by MoonlightMysteria
Bronze Turquoise Tila Bead Bracelet by MoonlightMysteria
Earthy Dragonfly Beaded Bracelet by MoonlightMysteria
Dark Autumn Treasures 4-Strand Bracelet by MoonlightMysteria
Misc. Jewelry
Floral hair pin made with antiqued copper wire by IanirasArtifacts
Legendary (Touken Ranbu - Mikazuki Munechika) by craftsbyblue
Amethyst Planchette Ear Weights by BlackFaunAdornment
Halloween Crystals by Dreaming-Witch
Matching Sets
Amethyst Set by rosnicka17
Wooden Boho Spring Set by Squeakboutique
Sedona Necklace and Bracelet Set by Squeakboutique
Avanturine set by rosnicka17
Religious Jewelry
Copper wire wrapped cross pendant with amethyst 2 by IanirasArtifacts
Rosary for a friend by KatrinaFTW44
Copper Cross Pendant by OrestesGraphics
Undead Sovereign Skull and Cross Necklace by ArtOfAdornment
Jewelry Related Art
[OPEN] handmade pins with your character/ idea by sudarinabizaa
Vintage Style Wooden Jewellery Box by Cre8tivedesignz
Steampunk Wooden Jewellery Box by Cre8tivedesignz
Big Fish dreams by WhiteSquaw
Icon Contest
ArtOfAdornment icon by Makogoeth


Chic Deco by Nemhiria Chic Deco :iconnemhiria:Nemhiria 35 3 Fabric Bracelets - SALE by pestenkerani Fabric Bracelets - SALE :iconpestenkerani:pestenkerani 0 0 Rainbow Glass Dragon Eye Wire Wrap Pendant by Create-A-Pendant Rainbow Glass Dragon Eye Wire Wrap Pendant :iconcreate-a-pendant:Create-A-Pendant 33 2 My Good Luck Charms All Together. by nightwolf2008 My Good Luck Charms All Together. :iconnightwolf2008:nightwolf2008 5 10 Freeform Wire Wrapped Chrysoprase by nightwolf2008 Freeform Wire Wrapped Chrysoprase :iconnightwolf2008:nightwolf2008 4 3 All of My Completed Work by nightwolf2008 All of My Completed Work :iconnightwolf2008:nightwolf2008 10 25 Purple Wire Wrap Glass Dragon Eye Pendant by Create-A-Pendant Purple Wire Wrap Glass Dragon Eye Pendant :iconcreate-a-pendant:Create-A-Pendant 721 44 Yulia's Handmade Jewellery Designs by RussianJewel Yulia's Handmade Jewellery Designs :iconrussianjewel:RussianJewel 8 2 Yulia's Handmade Jewellery Designs by RussianJewel Yulia's Handmade Jewellery Designs :iconrussianjewel:RussianJewel 3 0 Yulia's Handmade Jewellery Designs by RussianJewel Yulia's Handmade Jewellery Designs :iconrussianjewel:RussianJewel 4 0 The Catch - Sand, Sea, Time by Fandragon The Catch - Sand, Sea, Time :iconfandragon:Fandragon 11 4 Star, Sand, Sea by Fandragon Star, Sand, Sea :iconfandragon:Fandragon 14 0 Teardrop Watchcase Pendant by Fandragon Teardrop Watchcase Pendant :iconfandragon:Fandragon 5 1 The Persistance of Jewelry by Fandragon The Persistance of Jewelry :iconfandragon:Fandragon 6 9 Rings by sheorun Rings :iconsheorun:sheorun 20 12
Hey everyone, Janec here with this month's featured artist! For those who doesn't know, we choose one of our active members each month that we'd like to show off.

For this month (July) we've chosen michelleaudette as our featured artist. Here are a few of her pieces:

Wire Wrapped Butterfly Necklace by michelleaudette Skull Heart Necklace by michelleaudette
Immortal Love Necklace by michelleaudette Under the Sea Necklace by michelleaudette

She's on Etsy and Facebook. You should definitely go check her out.  Networking, people! Networking! :giggle:

:bulletblack: When did you start making jewelry? Why did you start?

It all started when I met my future sister-in-law Leni, she has been making jewelry for years. When I found out that she makes her own jewelry, I asked her to teach me. That was December 2010.

:bulletblack: Who is your favorite jewelry designer? Do you have a favorite on deviantArt?

My favorite jewelry designer at the moment has got to be ukapala here on deviantART. I just started wire wrapping and I would be thrilled if one day, I could be as good as her.

:bulletblack: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from lots of things, but mainly it's from music, and looking at jewelry magazines.

:bulletblack: Do you prefer to work at home (inside/outside?) or in a studio/workshop? Why?

I would prefer to work in a studio in my own home; but at the moment I'm working on a little crowded table in my small living room. I'm finding it hard to organize all my supplies in a small space, and I would love to have a desk and proper lighting.

:bulletblack: Do you have specific method for storing the materials you use? (An organized system vs chucking them all in one bag)

Yes, I definitely have an organized system. I recently have acquired a fishing tackle box that has small compartments and is perfect for holding all the beads I have purchased. I'm not sure if I could function knowing all my stuff was chucked in one bag. It'd drive me crazy.

:bulletblack: Do you want your jewelry to communicate any particular message? How do you accomplish this?

No, I don't want to send any message in particular. I'm just happy when someone appreciates my art. :D

:bulletblack: What is a technique you use a lot?

The technique I use the most is probably wire wrapping. Whether it's wrapping a loop closed to keep a bead in place or wrapping wire for decoration. I like the way it looks.

:bulletblack: What types of techniques do you want to learn?

In the future, I would like to be able to make my own lampwork glass beads, that way the jewelry I make will be made entirely by me. And as I have said before: wire wrapping. But I'm working on that one.

:bulletblack: What's your favourite color? Do you find you use this color a lot in your work?

BLUE!! And yes, I use it a lot in my work. I'm trying to not use blue all the time but it still features in most of my pieces.

:bulletblack: How long on average does it take you to make one piece?

I'd say in average it takes me at least one to two hours to make one piece. Of course that's depending on how complex it is, or if it's wire wrapping (wire wrapping definitely takes over an hour to make one piece).

:bulletblack: Do you usually plan out a piece before you start or do you just make it up as you go? How do you know when a piece is finished?

Both, I definitely have planned some pieces and for others I have spontaneously put them together. I know when it's finished when I like the way it looks.

:bulletblack: On average, how long do you take on the photography of a piece? Do you have advice to give other members?

Honestly, I don't take a lot of my photos, my sister-in-law, Leni has a nice camera, and she's kind enough to take my pictures. I don't think it takes more than a couple of minutes to photograph each piece. If you want to take pictures of jewelry, I'd suggest purchasing or making your own light box. This gives perfect lighting, as well as a uniform background for all your pieces.

:bulletblack: Do you make your jewelry for yourself, as gifts for other people, or to sell?

Yes, I make jewelry for myself, and I make some as gifts; but mostly I sell it.

:bulletblack: Do you have a favorite piece?

I don't think that I have one absolute favorite. Rather, I love a select few of them. My "Under the Sea Necklace", and "Skull Heart Necklace" are just to name a few.

:bulletblack: Do you have any interesting experiences or stories about your work that you would like to share?

Learning to make jewelry in itself is an amazing experience. I find it to be an awesome creative outlet and I hope that one day, I'll be able to quit my job and make jewelry full time.

:bulletblack: What is the best advice you've been given about your own work?

I've only wanted to make jewelry for a couple years now, but it has turned out to be my biggest dream. Going after it gives me a purpose in life and is the best feeling ever.

:bulletblack: Any other thoughts you want to share?

The best advice someone has given me would be to have fun! I have fun every time I make something new.

Feel free to ask more questions, guys!
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