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In Vino Veritas - 50. A Ball cut short
New YorkWhile the Russian manoeuvred the captured Athena down the hallway, two other grunts began advancing toward them, but the first man told them sharply to get out of there, spicing the language with a line of profanities. The next instance one of the others spun and barked in alarm and annoyance. In the cramped hallway, Athena couldn't completely see what was happening until one of the thugs moved, and she saw a bulbous, Hispanic woman in a housekeeping uniform push a cart around the corner."Gentlemen, what is the meaning of..." the old woman said demurely, while dipping her head in subservience. The thugs shouted at her and pointed to the elevators. Athena tensed, ready to take advantage of the distraction. If only her captor would let go.It happened so quickly that she barely understood what she was seeing. The cart shot forward, slamming into one of the thug's midriff, pinning him to the wall. The cleaning lady spun, lashing out a blow of an iron shovel, that landed with a heavy crunch on the chin of the second thug. He spun, his nose spraying blood and then he fell like a stone. Athena's gunman shouted in alarm. The Glock came up to point at the new threat but Athena grabbed his gun hand's wrist and spun. In surprise, the Russian loosened his grip and his body turned far enough for her to jab her right hand savagely into his throat. She felt the man's windpipe crack and his mean, piggish eyes went wide with surprise and then panic when he couldn't draw a breath. In a swift move, she broke free and kicked hard into the man's knee, sending him sprawling on the floor.There was a loud thump behind her. Athena turned and saw the Hispanic woman take out the legs of one of the thugs with short, nasty ASP tactical baton. The attack left her vulnerable to the broken-nosed one, who took her from behind in a savage chokehold designed to break her neck. Athena lunged, covered the distance, and grabbed him by the collar and hair and forced his head back. The Russian jerked and threw an elbow back into her stomach, but she'd tensed her stomach muscled, anticipating the blow so it didn't drive the wind out of her. Meanwhile, he'd lost his grip on the Hispanic woman, who swiftly wriggled free of his grasp and slammed the heel of her squary hand into his already-broken nose. The man howled in pain and Athena felt the his body frisson as if hit by an electrical current. She spun the man around, gained momentum and sent him headfirst into the wall. His head smashed through the drywall up to his neck and he slumped, arms and legs going limp. Athena yanked him out in a cloud of plaster dust and dumped him on the floor.The cleaning lady was leaning against the wall, glancing at Athena. The glow from the lamps cast a dark and foreboding shadow across her face. "Are you all right?" Athena asked, getting a good look at her for the first time, as she felt herself starting to smirk, her brother had done a good job with his disguise. "Yes, I'm just a little winded. Hold on..." then he tore the latex away from his face and nodded his way out of the faux-blond wig. "That's better," Denis said as he shook out his dark hair. "Awesome work," she said. "How's Gabriella?" "She wasn't in her room, so she missed a bottle of wine and a little chat. I scanned trough the room though and no sign of the Talisman there. Then I just talked to Kostas. He's been in contact with your Eric and I'm afraid there's been a change of plans."Again?" "Yes again. The FBI has opted to raid the hotel, to seize a drug cartel they believe is here and will most probably round up as many people as possible. Ahmed and Tate don't know it yet. I guess, they're on the ballroom floor where they're supposed to meet up with those other Illuminati who have brought in Baldur Aesir. One of them has the Talisman with him or her, of that I'm pretty sure at the moment. Yet we can still intercept then if we're quick. Once the fibbies make their move though, there will be a mother of a chaos.""So we're running short of time," Athena said as she wiped dust from her jacket and churned her hands through her hair. "Ready to go to a ball?""Sure thing," Denis replied as he wormed out of his cleaning woman's coveralls and rapidly brushed the wrinkles out of the same Tom Ford tux he'd worn in Miami two nights ago. "Especially with such a stunning company."***"Baldur!" Athena hissed in hardly concealed anger as she laid her hand upon Denis' chest to stop him and they turned around, trying to look as innocuous as possible, as they eyed the quartet which just stepped out of one of the elevators. First came an enhanced woman, who in spite of her length of nearly 6 feet was walking on sky-high Louboutin heels, her knee-long, petrol-blue Gucci dress looking as if painted upon her slender form. Next to her was a man in a tuxedo, his face covered in bandages as if he was a mummy, blonde hair and beard poking through here and there. But in spite of his mask, Athena recognised him well as she sensed his vibes. This was Baldur Aesir, the man whom the Illuminati had planned to use The Shield of Anagar on, to cure the damage he had inflicted upon himself when he had let lose the bomb in Egypt last year. Flanking them were two oxen men of the regular kind who could only be bodyguards and were of no interest to Athena and Denis right now.Everyone had thought Baldur dead, but he had apparently survived, to be rescued by the Illuminati later on. And they planned to turn him into the new European leader, their marionette. As Athena and Denis watched, the trio stopped in the middle of the upper floor foyer, and the tall woman looked down at Baldur."The man with the item that can heal you is here at the hotel now, Aesir," she said. "This means that it's only a matter of time before our plan starts to roll. But remember one thing, the new, healthy face you'll soon acquire you have us to thank for. And you will keep doing as I command, as your persuasive powers do not work on people like me." She lashed out with her index finger and hit the shorter man hard in his chest, a large diamond glittering from a ring, before she went on. "You work for us, you follow the plan and no own ideas. Because if you do, you will be better off than you'd ever imagined. You hear that now?""Yes," Baldur nodded his head fiercely. "Yes, yes, I do." With that the group recommenced their walk across the foyer and down the short flight of stairs to the ballroom. Athena tried to not glare as she followed their path with her eyes. Then she turned to her brother."We'll have to find Ahmed before these people do!" she hissed. "I'm quite sure now that he has he talisman with him.""How about Gabrielle?" Denis asked."Knowing Ahmed, he's not the kind who gives away the Talisman until it has ended up in its presumed final hands. And that, I'm convinced, is this lady in blue." "Then let's go down there," came a rapid whisper in return. ***Security at the ballroom entrance was light, only a pair of rookie-looking guards checking invitations. Athena suspected that this wasn't a group that would be amenable to their bodyguards surrendering weapons. Taking that in mind, it was probably the most secure function in New York city that night. The guards waved Athena and Denis past, and into a large, sumptuous two-storey hall lit by two giant chandeliers. The ballroom's antechamber was a sea of black tuxedoes and expensive gowns, where people networked and held forth in a dozen languages. Athena thought about FBI storming this place, convinced that there would probably be a gun fight but in the end they'd rid the planet of its fair share of organized crime. Then again, that would only pave the way for a newer generation. Remove one gangster, Athena knew, and there was always two new to take their place. "There!" Denis whispered and nodded his head. Jamal Ahmed was standing in a small cluster of fancy-dressed people, all laughing heartily. He looked no more pleasant in tuxedo than in military garbs, just older and more hardened. His suit was ill-fitting, and from a few dozen meters away Athena could make out the bulge of his gun. "How should we take him?""Back of the house," she said, gesturing to the doors behind the stage, remembering the layout of the Hotel from the maps Eric had mailed her. "Employ your thespian wiles to distract him and get him away from the group! I'll walk by and stick my gun in his back. Then we'll walk him into the kitchen and the service elevator there.""My thespian wiles," Denis repeated with a smile."Your considerable thespian wiles.""How about yours?""They're a bit disabled. At least considering what I'm wearing."Denis laughed, was about to say something, when the intercom boomed."Get out! Get out! Get out! We're being raided! Federal agents are in the lobby!" Athena cursed as she heard the announcement repeated in Russian and then in German. The hall was thrown into pandemonium as the crowd surged like a technicolour wave toward the exits. "He's making a run for it!" Denis exclaimed, seeing how the Arab was joined by a dozen or so black-suited men holding Glocks."He's got the same idea as we, heading for the service elevator," Athena replied.Quickly the sister and brother pushed through the crowd with Denis serving as a blocker, shoulder-checking people out their way and making a hole that Athena darted through with superhuman agility. With the crowd flowing in the opposite direction, they were free of the crush relatively quickly and erupted through the door to the kitchen. They ran down a brightly-lit service hallway, pushing aside surprised kitchen staff until they got to the foyer with the elevator. One of Ahmed's men twirled around and fired from a crouching position behind a metal counter top. The blast of the gunshot sent sashimi slices flying in a pink spray.Athena hurriedly fired twice, saw the shooter spin and fall. Another thug emerged from the elevator though, but taking a second to process what was happening. It became a fatal second, by the time he realized where his target was, Athena was already firing. More gunshots exploded in the echo-chamber of the kitchen, and a pan exploded next to her, showering her left hand with shrapnel, a stinging pain as blood briefly burst through before the small cuts healed themselves again. She spun, but there were more gunshots, and by the time she had a bead on the doorway, there were bodies slumped by the doorway to the ballroom. Beside her, Denis lowered his Beretta."Nice shooting," Athena commented wryly."That's part of my thespian qualities," Denis smirked. "He's got an armoured car in the garage, level B2," Athena said. "We can get him there.""Lead on!" Denis requested.The parking garage was already thundering with automatic weapons fire when the sister and brother duo scrambled out of the elevator and darted to the safety of a parked Chrysler Grand Voyager. "Who's firing?" Athena wondered aloud, tentatively peering over the silver grey hood of the Chrysler."FBI units at the other service elevator," Denis pointed with his gun to the far side of the garage to their three-o'clock. Three agents in dark clothes were clumsily trying to return fire without leaving the cover of the edge of the elevator by sticking their rifles around it and firing blindly. Every unaimed burst was met with a reply of quick, accurate suppressing fire that sent them scuttling back behind cover."Damn amateurs!" Denis swore and continued his invective in a foul language which Athena could barely hear over the sound of the gunshots."Shooters at one o'clock," Athena shouted in his ear. "By the silver Lamborghini." He craned his neck around the bumper of the Chrysler then withdrew and nodded affirmingly to her.There were four shooters taking cover behind the expensive car and the concrete pillar it was parked beside. Beyond them, Athena spotted Ahmed and an Asian woman hiding behind a Mercedes Viano with a destroyed windshield, and she wondered vaguely where her old foe Baldur was. The gunmen by the pillar were concentrating on the feds."A fleeting advantage," Denis murmured."What," Athena frowned."Cover me. I'll rush them." he explicated.Abruptly the shooting stopped, leaving only waves of echoes, rolling like phantoms amid the concrete beams. The federal agents had retreated, closing the elevator doors. Athena made a thumbs-up and then Denis ran. The first badass took a hit in the chest from his sister's gun before he even made a meter. The red blossom on his white shirt told Athena that he wasn't wearing bodyarmor. That was the good news. Instantly, the rest of the foes instantly looked in Denis' direction. That was the bad news.Slowing her gait, Athena braced the PPS in a two handed grip and fired once at the man closest to her, watching him fall backwards, a hole in his forehead. Denis's Beretta cracked twice more. Athena fired once more at a stocky woman, swung the gun back to the first, saw that Denis had missed, fired again. Denis's gun fired quickly, four rounds. Athena fired at the furthest man, saw him jerk and fall, drew a bead on a woman closing in, but she was gone from Athena's sight picture. She swung to target the final man to her 11 o'clock, but he collapsed amid the snap of Denis's final rounds. Then Denis was home free, all five foes at his feet injured or dead. He flattened against the pillar and reloaded quickly. Quickly he glanced over at the Grand Voyager. His hand popped up from behind it, two fingers raised in V, before he reloaded. After returning the V signal, she pivoted, scanned for Ahmed, and saw him disappearing behind the smoked-glass off a black Chevrolet Camaro's door. It slammed shut with a muted thud, signalling good new car. She fired twice, seeing her rounds pulping in the three-inch glass. Brake lights flared and the Chevy bolted like a racehorse. With a frown, Athena tracked it as it rounded the parking lot, looking for a clean shot, but by the time it cleared the other parked cars, it was disappearing up the exit ramp. She lowered the gun and swore."Are you all right?" Denis shouted from behind the Chrysler."We lost Ahmed," she spat disgustedly. After everything, a near-impossible HALO drop, being discovered in his suite, outrunning the FBI, she had lost the man and the talisman by a matter of seconds. It was Iraq all over again."We can still catch him.""You have a car?" Hope flickered in her chest like a faint ember at the end of a drenched cigar."There," Denis pointed to a row of cars nestled behind a bank of scooters."Behind the scooters?" Athena asked."No."Athena looked at him, finding that he seemed dead serious. "We can't catch up to a Chevy in that.""My dear sister," Denis smiled impishly again, shaking his head. "It's obvious that you don't understand New York.""I admit it's been quite some time since I last sat foot on the Manhattan island, but...""Come on!"Within moments, Athena came to be zipping out of the Adamita Hotel on a hot-wired yellow scooter clinging to her brother's hard form and wearing a white Hello Kitty helmet. The scooter drove up the garage ramp and out on Broadway - which was now a scarlet-lit parking lot, choked with immobile vehicles....
Isekai Gynoid 2, Chapter 6Chapter 6: Treasure of StormbeardThe Wong Family, alongside Dr. Aldebaran and Fiora were having lunch, while Jay was seen charging up her batteries. A slight jealeousy came up to the gynoid, since being a robot does mean she doesnt need to eat, but Jay still missed eating all of those delicious foods.*Guys, I think I can unravel now that secret project we have been working on in the last couple of days, since its almost finished now.* Dr. Wong announced.*Wow, what is it?* Fiora perked up her curiosity.*You will see after lunch.* Dr. Aldebaran said.*I cannot wait to see it, too.* Jay added.After lunch, Dr. Wong led the group downstairs, to his lab. Once there, they see a vehicle resembling a submarine.*A submarine?* Tsuki questioned.*Yes, but now quite.* Dr. Wong said and pushed a button on the remote controller he was holding. The submarine then opened with metallic noises and transformed into a large humanoid robot!*Oh my!* Jay gasped.*A robot that can transform into a vehicle!* Fiora exclaimed. *Awesome!**With them we will be able to handle otherwise dangerous and difficult tasks.* Dr. Aldebaran explained. *This is our prototype, suited for underwater operations.**And there is the catch.* Dr. Wong said. *The thing is, Mr. Bernstein assigned me to make something that could help him to find the treasure of Stormbeard.*This caught everyone surprised.*What? Mr. Bernstein did?!* Hiro exclaimed.*And to find that treasure?* Tsuki added.*Excure me, but who is Stormbeard?* Jay asked.*An infamous pirate who tuled the seas near Rigel City a couple of centuries ago.* Dr. Wong replied. *This was an another surprise for you kids!**In short, we are going on a treasure hunt!* Dr. Aldebaran added.*YAY!* Fiora cheered. *Treasure hunt!**But is Mr. Bernstein okay with this? I mean, with us tagging along.* Tsuki asked.*I have already spoke with him. He said as long as we are not in the way, we can accompany with him.* Dr. Wong adjusted his glasses.*Wow, a sea expedition.* Jay remarked. *First time I take part in one.**As for you, I plan to have some special modifications.* Dr. Aldebaran turned to Jay. *Follow me.**Alright.* the gynoid followed the professor to an another room.*So, they managed to find Stormbeards ship?* Hiro turned to his father.*Yes, the exploration team of Johnny Mako has found the ship, but it is too deep to reach with their equipment.**Excuse me, but who is Johnny Mako?* Fiora asked.*An amatuer treasure hunter.* Tsuki said. *He was the one who was hired by Mr. Bernstein to find the treasure, but without the proper equipment, they needed my dad to make something for this. It seems Dad took this as an opportunity to come up with something new.**Ah, I see now!*Meanwhile, Jay was sitting on an operation table in the neigbouring room.*So, what is up with the special modifications you mentioned?**You are going to play vital part in this exploration, so I will modify your body which will enable you to move underwater more easily. Dont worry, I will change you back, once the trip is over.* Dr. Aldebaran replied.*Now you made me curious.* Jay said and laid down.Everything for her went black as she was switched to Sleep Mode....Later, everyone boarded on Mr. Bernsteins hi-tech yacht. Mr. Bernstein was a well-built man with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a black business suit with a necktie.*Its a pleasure to meet you, everyone. Especially with you, Miss Fiora and Miss Jay. My daughter told me she met you at the Plaza on the other day.* he said.*The pleasure is mine, Mr. Bernstein.* Jay said.*Same with me.* Fiora added.*By the way, Miss Jay. You look incredible as a robot mermaid!**Well, it was Dr. Aldebarans work...*Indeed, Jay had her legs replaced by a mechanical horizontal tailfin similar to a dolphins, making her essentially a mer-gynoid (is this even a word?). This allowed her to swim very fast in water, but in turn made her mobility on land very limited. She was sitting in a special wheelchair for now.*Wow, Jay as a mermaid?! Lucky you.* Tsuki said.*Huh?* the gynoid looked at her.*You know, I was always fascinated by mermaids, as I heard tales about them during my time in the gondolier school. There is a legend that tells a story about a pod of mermaids living near the coasts of Rigel city.**Is this true?* Fiora asked.*Of course not, its a tall tale.* Hiro shrugged.*Still, I wanna see a real life mermaid!**For now, you have to be satisfied with Jay.**Oh, Hiro!* Tsuki pouted in annoyance.*So this is how I will approach the shipwreck.* Jay looked at her new tailfin.*Exactly.* Dr. Alderaban said. *The metal of your frame is very resistant of water pressure, but I applied an extra layer just in case.**I see.* the gynoid looked at her hand. From the extra layer of metal, she now seemed a bit bulkier.*I advise you to get into the water in order to get used to your new modifications.**Will it be okay?**Of course! Remember, you managed to learn how to swim just two months ago.**Then here goes nothing!* Jay manouvered her wheelchair to the edge on the yacht, then leapt into the water with a huge splash. She was underwater for a couple of seconds, but then she remembered how dolphins swim. With some vertical movements of her tail, she managed to swim to the surface.*Jay!* Fiora exclaimed.*Dont worry, I am okay!* Jay waved to her from the water.*Wow, exactly like a real mermaid!!* Tsuki exclaimed.*I can get used to this.* Jay swam a circle around the yacht.*So she is this infamous gynoid.* a male voice said.It was a tall young man, wearing a dark tank-top and green shorts. He also had red hair and bluish-green eyes.*Oh, Johnny! Just in time.* Mr. Bernstein said.*Like always.* Johnny said and turned to the girls. *Nice to meet you! Johnny Mako, adventurer and treasure hunter, at your service.**Fiora Adria Aldebaran, but call me just Fiora.* Fiora introduced herself. *The gynoid in the water near the yacht is J-0426. But you can call her Jay.**Ah, the gynoid that gained sentinence, then respect by defeating an infamous robot terrorist. I swear, she is gonna become as famous as Stormbeard was at the time.**That uproar is calming down.* Jay snarked.*Well, speaking of Stormbeard, are you ready for some adventure ladies? Because Johnny Mako will give you the adventure of your lifetime!* he winked at Fiora and Tsuki.*Oh...* Fiora blushed.*Womanizer.* Hiro remarked silently.*The sea might hide a lot of dangers, but no need to worry as long as I am around!**Nice to hear it Mr. Mako, I am not worried...* the cyborg schoolgirl said and looked at her gynoid friend. *Because Jay is besides me.**Oh, your robotic guardian.* Johnny looked at Jay. *Well, I am looking forward to work with you, Miss Jay!**Similarly* Jay replied, but then narrowed her eyes. Something about Johnny Mako seemed off to her.*Hey, Dr. Wong, where is that invention of your which will help us to find and bring up the treasure?**Right away!* Dr. Wong showed the submarine transforming robot vehicle to Johnny.As they were sailing out, a group of shadowy figures obsevred then from their boat in the distance.*I hope Johnny wont screw this. That treasure must contain valuable things.* one of them said.*Yeah. However, I am concerned about that gynoid named Jay...* An another added.*Dont worry, anyone who stands in our way, will be eliminated.* A third, larger figure remarked.Just who are these mysterious figures and what is their connection of Johnny? Are our heroines in danger?To be continued...
Baby mechmon Evo. For TheHonorlessRavage by I5HIMARU
Adopt 161 : Mechamon Remake | OPEN (3/4) by I5HIMARU
Photography Full do not upload here
Corydalis cava var. alba by mossagateturtle
Old walls by Sergiba
Officially Spring Now by wiebkerost
4674 Blue Tit on the ground by RealMantis
Digital art FULL
Waterproof Joy by JBergen1910


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