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For a Contest on PSD

Hintergrund/Background from „kevron2001“ on deviantART [link]
Grasnarbe/Sward from „Rainer Sturm“ on Pixelio [link]
Zaun/Fence1 from „FrostBo“ on deviantART [link]
Zaun/Fence2 from „FrostBo“ on deviantART [link]
Vorhang/Curtain from „geoectomy-stock“ on deviantART [link]
Laterne/Lantern from „camelfobia“ on deviantART [link]
Kabel/Cable from „nilnemo“ on deviantART [link]
Haus/House from „FairieGoodMother“ on deviantART [link]
Briefkasten/Post Box from „Descripted“ on deviantART [link]
Fountain/Fontäne from "rocamia-stock" on deviantART [link]
Rohre/Pipes from „utoks-stock“ on deviantART [link]
Schornstein/Chimney from „shudder-stock“ on deviantART [link]
Schafe/Sheeps from „Tigg-stock“ on deviantART [link]
Treppe/Stairs from „mysticmorning“ on deviantART [link]
Heuballen/Straw from „shelldevil“ on deviantART [link]
Weg/Way from „kuschelirmel-stock“ on deviantART [link]
Windmühle/Windmill from „FoxStox“ on deviantART [link]
Vögle/Birds from „WingsOfAHero“ on deviantART [link]
Flugzeug/Plane from „Fufnahad“ on deviantART [link]
Rauch/Smoke from „PerpetualStudios“ on deviantART [link]
Erdtextur/Soil Texture from „Sed-rah-Stock“ on deviantART [link]
Vogelscheuche/Straw Man from „YBSilon-Stock“ on deviantART [link]

Thanks very much for the stock ressources

Watch also to some of my other Pictures

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Jun 16, 2008, 3:45:47 PM
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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hey man, i have to say your job is amazing... first of all: imagine this in your front... would be amaazing hehehe

well, lets go to the technique parts (even if i'm not able to talk about techniques hehe). I will number that to be more readable:

1- Sources are very well chosen, specially the sky, it is very beautiful

2-the frags on bot of the house are very well done, it brings the real impression of movement and you didn't blurred the house to give it!

3-the way how you match the sky and the far horizon is interesting, it show a very large scenery

4- the hole on the bot of the house is well done!

Now, i'll be a little bit of boring, not telling you i'm better, but ill try to give you some ideas to (who knows?!)improve your amazing art:

1- the posts are good, but the lighting on it and in the bot of them would be more smooth.

2- house could receive more color adjustments, a liiitle bit, maybe growing up the reds and on the highlights, the yellow (that is only one suggestion...)

3- you could try (just for test it) to put one part of the house affected by the source light in the background...

well, you art is thoroughly well done, high number of sources and i know it must have taken several hours from you... i am very impressed, congrats!