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I promise myself I wouldn't do this until Rogue Crew was over but I couldn't help myself. Warning this story may contain Animal abuse and child abuse. As people who have read both stories will know this and as the animal abuse one well...people who know Crona's backstory will know what's up. Yeah, Medusa's parental skills make Endeavor look like A class parent.________Crona was looking up at the blue sky as they sat down on the balcony where one can look over the whole city. It was calm and peaceful; much different from how Crona was feeling at the moment. Anxiety crawled through his chest, but deep breaths seemed to help with the unwanted feeling. They made a mental note to thank Marie and Stein for teaching them that. Waiting is the easy part but the hard part was to explain themselves to Maka.Don't get Crona wrong, Maka was the kindest and nicest person they ever met. But once she sets her mind to something she sees it through. It's one of the things Crona likes about her. But now he has to convince her to let them go on this mission that she thinks is a bad idea.________Crona stood awkwardly in the Death room. The last time they were here was during the battle with Asura, still recovering from Medusa's stab wound. But that was a month ago and things were peaceful once again for the most part. There is some trouble with evil souls still running amuck but nothing the DWMA can't hold.Crona stood next to Maka and Soul. Maka reached a handover and gently squeezed his shoulder and smiled. Souls copying the gesture. It makes Crona feel better. They were always supportive of them. Crona couldn't ask for better friends.Black Star had a big grin and talked to Tsubaki about the mission, who was listening to every word he said. Patty talking about random stuff with her sister and Kid. Lord Death was standing patiently in front of the group... Meisters and weapons alike waited for Marie and Stein to arrive.Crona heard footsteps coming from behind them and turned. They were greeted by the sight of Marie and Stein walked toward the group."Now that we all here let's get started." Lord Death started and everyone stopped what they were doing to pay attention to the god, "We found one of Medusa's old labs and it had a device that travels between worlds." That immediately caught everyone's attention."How is that possible? I thought traveling to another world was just a myth." Soul asked in disbelief."There are a vast number of worlds out in the multiverse but it takes an enormous amount of energy to travel one if you're not a god." His tone grew more serious as he continued, "However, it's forbidden for even gods to travel freely between the world; for a good reason. One cannot know if the locals are friendly, and Madness can infect other worlds as well. Plus, as I mentioned, it takes an enormous amount of energy to travel to another world. If you run out during transit you get lost in-between the two worlds forever. Even witches don't dare to travel to others as a result." Crona wrapped themselves in one arm hug. They never know about this device, but then again Medusa kept a lot of secrets from them."We look through her notes and not only did she make contact with another world, but we also have reason to believe she worked with someone called All For One in this other world on some sort of project. We are going to send an investigation team to find what this project is." Lord Death explained, and Black Star immediately volunteered."I'll go! I make this All For One ta-""No. You, Kid, and Maka have to stay here." Lord Death cut the hyperactive teen off."Huh?! Why!" Black Star exclaimed."You three are needed here. Just because Asura is gone doesn't mean the Madness has left as well. You three are one of our best fighters and you need it here." Lord Death explained to them."Then why call us here?" Kid narrowed his eyes on his father."In case something goes wrong you three will be back up. I'm sending Marie, Stein, and Crona to go on this mission instead."Did…Did Crona hear that correctly..?Crona looked up at the god in shock but it was Maka who spoke up first."Why Crona?" Maka questioned the god with a tone that said 'you better have a good reason for this'. Soul grabbed her shoulder to calm her but he was frown as well.Death sighed, "Because Crona has some insight into Medusa considering their past with her." Crona looked down. They could understand Death's reason but the last time they went on a mission they…"Crona almost died going after Medusa the last time. I can go instead of…" Maka was cut off by Death."Like I said you need here Maka. But I understand why you're worried. Which is why Crona has a choice to go on this mission or not," Lord Death turned to Crona, "You have a week to decide, so don't rush your decision." The meeting continued, but Crona didn't pay close attention, thoughts occupied by the offer Lord Death had just made._____Three days later as Maka, Soul, and Crona were walking home from school Crona was thinking about Lord Death's request. The trio walked from school to home after a big test. On one hand, as the DWMA student, Crona should endeavor to help the school in any way they can. On the other hand, they were going to face whatever their mother left for them. Crona knew that women left something bad behind and they don't know how to deal with it!"Man that last test was hard." Soul comment which snapped Crona out of his daydream. Crona rubbed the back of their head just at the thought of it. Maka makes sure to make Crona and Soul study for it all week."Well, I told you to study Soul!" Maka scolded at him."I-I did! I remember what happened last time I didn't study." Soul stuttered a bit."I still can't believe Black Star tried to cheat." Crona shivered as they remembered Black Star's bleeding body hanging from the blackboard. Teachers at the DWMA don't like students cheating on their tests."How about you Crona? Did you find the test hard?" Soul asked Crona. Before Croma could answer as him a body crashed into them as the group turned around a corner."Oww," The kid muttered as he landed on his butt from the impact."You ok?" Crona asked as they held up a hand for the kid to take."I'm fi-" The kid was about to take Crona's hand but then the kid's mother grabbed him and dragged him away from Crona."Mark get away from them!" The mother yelled at her child."What's your problem lady?!" Maka yelled at the mother while Soul helped Crona up. The woman said nothing as she walked away with her son in tow. Maka was about to run after her but Crona stopped her."Maka is ok! I'm used to it." Crona told her. Crona said the wrong thing because Maka's head whipped back to them when they said that."Used to it? Crona, has this happened before?" Maka asked them. She can tell what was the answer when Crona looked away from her."Why didn't you tell us Crona?" Soul asked Crona. His eyebrows furrowed in concern.Ragnarok chooses this moment to speak up. "Crona didn't want to bother you guys because they thought they could handle it." He scoffed at the last part, "You can see how well that went."Maka looked at Crona with pity, "Crona…"Crona looked up, "It's..." They bite their lip before continuing, "It started after I betrayed DWMA. Some people after that..." They gulped, "Don't trust me and kinda been avoiding me." They explained."I thought Lord Death forgave you for all your crimes after?" Maka raised an eyebrow.Soul sighed. "Not everyone is going to forgive Crona just because Lord Death did Maka." Maka gave him a look so he quickly added, "It sounds bad but it is true. People have this weird habit of remembering everything bad someone did rather than remembering what they did well." He explained."Still it doesn't make it right!" Maka exclaimed angrily.Crona put a hand on her shoulder, "Maka you don't hav-"Maka cut them off, "Crona we talked about this. No more talking bad about yourself." Crona blushed; they had forgotten the promise they made to Maka and nodded. They had tried, honesty, but old habits are hard to break."I'll talk to Lord Death tomorrow about this ok? But if this happens to you again you tell me. You don't need to put up with this abuse." Maka told them.Crona nodded, but knew there was little that can be done to change people's opinions about them…__________________That night Crona couldn't sleep. Lord Death said he would talk to the people about their attitude toward them, but Crona wasn't sure if there was anything Lord Death could do. Even a god can't change people's options. Crona's mistakes will haunt them for a long time or until they do something to make up for it. But what?Crona thought back towards the mission. Going to a different world sounds nice. There no one that knows about their past, giving Crona a chance to have a clean start. But this wasn't a vacation. They will be on a mission to face whatever Medusa let behind. Whatever it was, it wasn't good. Nothing good ever came from that woman.Not even her child.Crona's gaze was blurred a bit from the tears that were started to form when Crona wrapped away from the tears. Self-loathing crawled around their heart. They tried to follow Maka's advice but it was hard. Hard to forget. Hard to look at themselves. Hard to-Smack!"Oh well just shut up and go to sleep!" Ragnarok shouted, and then started to pinch Crona's cheeks, "If you don't then I'm going to stick needles in your shoes again!" Crona grabbed Ragnarok's hand and pushed him away."Don't do that! I can't deal with that right now!" Crona protested as they finally manage to push Ragnarok's hands away.Ragnarok's frown deepens. "Then go the fuck to sleep! I can't fall asleep if you keep on tossing and turning like that." Crona looked down. They know Ragnarok is right."Whatever you think, it can wait for tomorrow ok?"Crona nodded, "Ok. You're right.""Of course I'm right! I'm the brain on this team. Now go the fuck to sleep." Ragnarok told Crona before yawning. Ragnarok faded back into Crona's body as they pulled the cover over them to sleep. It took a while but sleep did claim Crona at the end.__________"Crona...""Crona….""Crona!"Crona's eyes snapped open and were greeted by a horrifying sight. Their mother was at the door, eyes missing from her sockets, empty space where the eyes should be. There was a hole in her chest, leaking blood that painted her hoodie red. When she opens her mouth more blood dripped on the floor as she gasped for breath.Crona curled themselves farther into the corner but they couldn't keep their eyes off of the nightmare crawling before them."Crona..." The... thing called out to them, "I miss you! Why aren't you coming home? You don't belong here. It's time to come back to your family." The... thing took a couple of steps forward until it was at the foot of the bed. It reached out toward Crona but they smacked it's hand away from them."I'm w-where I belong!" Crona shouted at the nightmare, "You're dead! Long gone! You are nothing more than a nightmare. SO GO AWAY!" From Crona's skin pores, his black blood formed a sword and with a single swing he cut the nightmare's head off. But nightmare grinned at them and then from the stump of its neck a giant snakehead appeared and wrapped itself around Crona, Pinning their arms and legs so they can't escape."You will never be free of me Crona. You're broken Crona, and one day you snap and become the killer you were meant to be. So quit running away and come back to your family." The nightmare opened its mouth to swallow Crona whole. Crona black blood spires shoot out from their torso and stabbed the snake. The nightmare hissed in pain and let go of Crona., who used this time to draw their sword and cut off her head!...Only for the image of his mother to change into Maka's.Crona can only watch in horror as her head falls to the ground. Crona slowly walked forward to touch Maka's head; to see if it's real. It felt like her silk hair and skin but her green eyes were frozen in terror. Crona felt bile build up in the back of their throat, so they turned away and threw up. Tears fell onto the floor as Crona turned back to see if the head was still there, hoping that it would be gone. Despite his wishes, it was with the smell of blood permeating in the air. The full weight of what happened hit Crona like a train and they screamed._________Crona's scream ripped through the quiet morning, waking nearly everyone in the house."Crona what the hell?!" Ragnarok yelled in a worried tone as he woke up. He shook Crona's head to get their attention, which earned the parasite a glazed look, shock still gripping Crona's mind."Crona!" Maka and Soul immediately ran to Crona's side when they busted the door open."Crona, what happened?" Maka asked them, placing a hand on their shoulder. "I-it was a nightmare. Just a horrible nightmare." Crona croaked out as tears spilled down their face. Maka's hand moved from their shoulder to Crona's back, gently rubbed circles around it."It's ok Crona. It was just a dream." Soul whispered to them. Between Maka and Soul, Crona began to calm down a bit. Their breath evened and their tears started to dry up."Do you want to talk about it?" Maka asked once Crona calmed down. Crona was about to lie to her before they remembered Medusa's words."You don't belong here. It's time to go back to your family.""Actually yes," Crona spoke up which surprised both Maka and Soul. "But I'll talk about it later once I gather my thoughts. And I need to talk to you about this alone, Maka. No offense Soul." Crona added that at the last second."None taken?" Soul replied, as he raised an eyebrow but chose to not comment on it, which Crona is thankful for.Maka tilted her head and for a second Crona thought that she might say no but Maka said, "Um… sure Crona."Crona a small smile appeared on their face when they heard that. "Thanks, just meet me where we usually meet after class ok?" Maka nodded and she and Soul headed out so Crona could get ready."So what are you going to talk about with a flat-chest over there?" Ragnarok asked Crona once they were alone."That I'm not going to run away anymore." They answered him."What's that supposed to mean?"___________Crona sounds so sure earlier that morning, but unease began to creep in their heart as the hours melted away. Crona simply wanted to go home but opted to just take a couple of deep breaths and calm themselves instead. Ok, they can do this! All Crona has to do is talk to Maka, their friend! This should be eas-"Crona?" Crona almost fell when Maka seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Oh god, they...can't do this! Maybe Crona can still escape if they come up with a good excuse-"What is it you want to talk about?" She asks them, cutting down any chance of escape.Crona closed their eyes and took a deep breath, "I'm going to take the mission Lord Death asked me to do!" They blurted out. Crona took a peek and saw Maka's shocked face. Oh boy did they say something wrong?"Crona why?" Maka, asks them, "If you feel pressured into do-""It's not that!" Crona cut her off. They then cover their mouth in surprise and look at Maka wide eyes.Maka just blink at them, "If it's not that, then what is it Crona?" She asks them.Crona sighs, "It's..." They took a deep breath before they continued, "Is that I keep seeing Medusa in my dreams." Maka looked at Crona in pity. She was about to touch Crona's shoulder but Crona continues with their story, "I keep seeing her in the head, in mind, in my dreams. Even when she died she still haunts me!" Words poured out of Crona's mouth and their eyes glazed over in a panic. Maka didn't waste any time and gently rubbed circles around Crona's back to comfort them."Shhhh it's ok. Let it all out." Maka confided in a smooth tone and Crona feels better enough to speak again.Crona took in a deep breath, "Thanks, Maka." They look back at Maka so they can continue with their explanation, "It's just that I feel like the only way I'm going to closure is by destroying any of her research she left behind." They explain to her."You can go. I understand now." Maka said but Crona didn't hear her and continued."So please don't try to sto- wait what?" Crona just realized what Maka said, causing them to stumble over their word before continuing "You're letting me go?" Crona questioned, tilting their head.Maka shrugging, "I know I can't talk you out of this. But you need to promise me one thing if you want to go.""What is it?" They ask, still reeling at the lack of refusal. "Promise me that if you're in trouble call me. No matter what time, day, or anything just call me ok?" Maka asks them, in a worried tone. Crona flinches at that as he remembers the last time they went on a mission alone. Crona's hands grab their chest as they remember the death blow that Medusa struck them with. If Marie and Stein were a moment later Crona would be…Crona felt a hand cradle theirs. Glancing up, Crona saw Maka holding their hand with a concerned look on her face."Crona…" Whatever Maka was going to say, Crona cut her off by holding her hand."I promise that I will call you when I'm in trouble. Ok, Maka." Crona promises her and with that Maka smiles at them."I hold you to it."_____That's a wrap for now. Special thanks to Spedicorn editing this. And special thanks to thirrin drawing the cover. Also, the fanfiction challenge is still up so if you want to put your own spin on this crossover this you can! My Public Discord: Patreon: And tumblr where can see updates:
A Favor for the Baker - CH04 - PG05 by DrMistyTang
Irken of the Opera- The BeginningI made this one-shot inspired on some of my pics on Tumblr in which i depict Invader Tenn as Christine and Tallest Purple as Erik in a PoTO AU. Other characters will also make appearances as other characters from the novel, but I'll explain down a bit down there.Just so you know, though, this won’t be like my other fics following a linear plot. I’ll just be posting one-shots without any particular order as they come.Enjoy!<hr>Tenn poured her heart into her voice as she sang. Her song’s melodic tones echoed throughout the auditorium, captivating her audience. The glitter and satins in her dress’s lavender fabric almost seemed to glow under the white spotlight. Her hands delicately moved along with her singing in perfect synchrony, conveying more emotion into her performance. As the music reached an inevitable crescendo, Tenn knew the cue that the performance was near the end and followed it with her voice until it culminated with a powerful note. Tenn returned to the real world just in time to see her public clap their hands loudly and get to their feet in a standing ovation, all of them cheering as roses and exotic flowers landed at her feet. Tenn delicately lifted the gown of her dress and curtsied in gratitude before she elegantly made her way backstage, still hearing the echoes of her adoring public.It didn't end there, though. All around her, the dancers, chorus girls and workers clapped their hands. Tenn strode through the corridor and towards her dressing room, proudly glancing at her carved name in the door before stepping inside and closing it behind her. Tenn’s dressing room was spacious and fancy, and as always, it was filled to the brin with flower bouquets, chocolates and many other lavish gifts from secret admirers. While Tenn accepted the gifts out of courtesy, she refused any advances anyone made. She had no time for silly romance, not now when her career is at its peak.With a relieved huff, Tenn quickly removed the layers of makeup and changed into a more simple dress to relax. She loves to sing, but finds all the costume wearing and dressing up far too stressful. Letting herself fall into the couch, Tenn closed her eyes for a few moments to clear her head.Bravo! You did spectacularly, my dear Tenn!Tenn didn’t open her eyes. She merely smiled a bit as her unseen, maybe imaginary mentor praised her, just like after every performance. While she remembered her father’s tales of the Angel of Music quite fondly, she was far too old to believe in fairy tales.”Miss Sakhak?” Tenn raised her lekku. That voice wasn't an hallucination. ”Come in.” Tenn said, not moving from her spot even after the door opened and a tall Irken with crimson eyes stepped inside. ”Exhausted?” he asked.”What makes you think that? The fact that I am trying to nap?””No offense, but you are quite predictable.””What do you want, Red?” Tenn asked impatiently.”I wanted to congratulate you on tonight’s performance. You blew them all away, as always!” Red said, smiling a bit. ”I don't know who your tutor is, but he certainly did a good job!”Tenn sighed. She wasn't sure of who had provided her with singing lessons; all she remembered was an Irken dressed in a black cape in her dreams, but a figment of her imagination doesn’t exactly count. “Whoever he is, he is a great teacher.” she said simply. Red gave her an odd look, but said nothing on the matter. “Anyhow, if you need a break, Spork is willing to give you a free night tomorrow. Tak could perform the lead in Mausk.” “She’s back? Last time I heard, she threw another fit and left after a sandbag fell on top of her head.” Red shrugged. “You know Tak, she hates when the spotlight is on top of anyone that isn’t her.” Tenn chuckled. Tak is perhaps the only person she considered a worthy rival, but all her talent is wasted in her self-serving attitude and smeetish tantrums when things didn’t go her way. But in a way, Tenn was grateful; if it weren’t for her fits, she wouldn’t have had the lead in tonight’s performance. “Okay, then. I could use the free time for myself.” Red nodded.“Very well, then. I shall inform Spork in a while. Meanwhile, you’re free to go home for the day. You deserve it.”  Thanking Red again as he left her dressing room, Tenn shifted on her couch. She’d go home, alright, but first she’d take a small nap. She wouldn't like to fall asleep on the wheel. Better late than never, after all. Besides, it’s not like there was anybody waiting for her back home, anyway.                                                           -IZ-Once he delivered instructions and sent most of the dancers and workers home for the day, Red went to his usual spot in the rafters and lit up a small cigarette. It’s supposed to be forbidden, but everyone’s gone home, so it’s not like he’s bothering anyone right now. Besides, it’s not like Spork was roaming around like security; he’d rather lock himself inside his office and not come out. His lekku twitched when the metal planks behind him creaked. “You’re losing your edge, Pur.” The shadow behind him chuckled. “Ah, Red. You heard me because I wanted you to. Otherwise I’d already be next to you before you even blinked.” Red looked back at his companion. A tall Irken of his same height clad in a black vest and cloak; one might think he was his twin, except his eyes were a shade of purple instead of bright crimson. The defining feature, however, was the white half-mask his companion wore at all times, concealing the right side of his face from view. He’s got many names: The Phantom, Opera Ghost, murderer, Angel of Music, but Red knew his real name.Purple. “How’s Miyuki?” “She’s coming back to work next week.” Red smiled a bit. “We had a little girl. Her name is Ilk.”“One of these days, you should bring her. I’d like to meet her.”“I will if you can spend the whole week without throwing the chandelier on top of the audience.”“Hey, you should thank me for that! Thanks to that incident, Spork gave you your job back!” Purple countered. “Besides, the only person who got hurt was the guy who was supposed to replace you.” Red sighed. He kind of felt bad for that poor fella; it wasn’t his fault. Spork had gone against Purple’s will and fired Red, and Purple retaliated by frightening his replacement in an exaggerated manner. The guy didn’t die, but he quit as soon as he could speak again. Red didn’t hate Spork perse, but he’s been coveting his manager status for a good while now. Spork wasn’t fit for the job: he merely shouted orders without fully understanding them, all he cared about is to fill in his pockets. All the workers and performers feared him, but didn’t truly respect him. Red’s the one that takes charge and makes sure everything runs smoothly for each performance. He’s the one everybody looks up to for guidance when there’s a crisis or a clash between stars. “Miss Sakhak did a spectacular job tonight, didn’t she?” Purple said, tenderly caressing the petals of a blue rose. “She sings like a chorus of songuans from the Imperial Palace.” “Indeed. Not even Tak can hold a candle to her.” “That’s because I’m a great teacher!” Purple chimed. Red frowned.“I thought we had talked about spying on people.” “Come on, nobody knows about that. Besides, you know there’s only one person I’m interested in.” Purple looked down at the rose. “Indeed. Anyhow, do you have any notes this time?” Purple looked inside his pocket and took out a black envelope, which he placed in Red’s open hand. “Make sure that he reads it tonight.” “Don’t worry, he’s learned to take any notes from you seriously.”“Is Miss Sakhak in her dressing room?” Red turned to his companion.  “...What are you going to do?” Purple sighed and ran his hand over his head. “I think it’s time I actually introduce myself, Red. I’m taking her down to my lair.”“Pur, are you sure you don’t want to just ask her out like normal people do? I mean, I’m not sure she’ll take it kindly that you just whisk her off underground and hold her there against her will.”“It’ll only be for a few days until she gets to know me better.”“She can do that on an actual date.” Purple tensed up, averting his gaze. “Right, and where do you suggest I take her? I mean, it’s not like I know my way around the city, and besides people would stare at my face…” “Pur, I still believe you’re being a bit too drastic. How do you think she’s going to react if you take her underground against her will?”“I got it covered.” Purple said. Red had the feeling that he was lying, but shrugged it off. “Just a favor. At the very least make it look like she left home, otherwise Spork is going to have my head.” Purple tipped his hat and disappeared into the shadows, his long cape flowing behind him. Red sighed. Why do I have the feeling I’m going to regret this?                                                             -IZ-Tenn wasn’t sure of how much time she slept. When she woke up again, there was a long silence outside. Everyone must have gone home, even Red. Tenn looked up at her electric clock, which marked 01:19. Yup, it was very late. She better go home. As she grabbed her coat and headed for the door, she heard something. Tenn….The irkenette looked around. Who said that? She warily reached out for the knob, but found her door locked. “What in Irk?” Tenn battled with the door's handle, trying to force it open. Don’t be frightened, my angel. I won’t hurt you. Come to me…At some point, Tenn lost motion of her surroundings. The voice’s mysterious charm was captivating and familiar, calling her towards the mirror like a siren song she couldn’t resist, as hard as she tried.I am your angel of music. Come to me, angel of music.The lights in her dressing room suddenly became dimmer and the atmosphere turned colner. Tenn shivered at the sudden drop in temperature and rubbed her forearms. She soon found the reason why: she wasn’t in her dressing room, but she wasn’t in the  corridor either. Instead, Tenn found herself in a dark, dimly illuminated corridor. Tenn sneezed at the strong smell of musk and humidity.And in front of her was a tall Irken clad in a black cape. She couldn’t see him clearly, except for the violet eyes glowing in the darkness“Who are you?” She asked warily.“As you can see, I’m no ghost or spirit.” the Irken said in a gentle voice, taking a step closer. “I am-”“Stay away!” Tenn yelled, stepping back. “Hey, calm down, I’m just-”Ignoring him, Tenn tried to go back the way she came, but the secret door had closed shut. She pounded on the door with all the strength she could muster. “Somebody!”“Tenn-!” “HELP! REDDOK, TAK, ANYONE!”Tenn panicked when she felt the stranger place a piece of cloth over her mouth. Desperate, she nailed at his arm, but soon her strength faded away as she saw black holes in her vision. The last thing she saw before slipping into unconsciousness was a white mask and those violet eyes looking down at her.
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we are a group who like to place people in the spot lights!
because everyone is a star :D
Founded 9 Years ago
May 31, 2012


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art from people

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welcome stars!


:bulletyellow: WELCOME EVERYONE!

:bulletorange: “Art From Stars” is a group for every kind of art.
We don't mind if you are a beginner or a professional, we consider everyone as a "star".

:bulletyellow:It’s very easy to join!
You just only have to click on the “join our group” button and welcome to the group :D

:bulletorange: You also can invite your friends or people you think who like to join (if you like to), everyone is welcome =3

:bulletyellow: Our group is based on the art from every artsist.
They deserve a place in the spotlights, because everyone is a "star" no matter how.


- You can submit 2 drawings per week.
- No trolling.
- Don't steal someones art.
- We have respect to each other and each others art.
- No discrimination nor the DA rules.
- Submit your art in the right folder (if your not sure about something, you are always welcome to ask) (Follow this… for the folder guide.)


- If you know some great ideas for the group, dont hesitate “and ask if you like” we just like to do our best to make everyone pleased in this group :)
- We're doing contests

:bulletorange: We hope you have a lot of fun here and hope you make a lot of new friends and admire other peoples art. :D

our mascot Starflit [CE] by Aevix


the staff of :iconart-from-stars:
My admins and I can have some help with the incoming art and comments so if some people like to become a contributor or a co-founder let us know by answering this journal :)

There are places for 10 extra contributors and 1 place for a co-founder


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this is actually good to know. Thanks!
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Is this group still active?
lembuk Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Student General Artist
HorrificSensation Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Hobbyist
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lembuk Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2019  Student General Artist
No problem. I will do my best to keep track on the incoming submissions.
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