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Wing (left) by King-Lulu-Deer Hello everyone!  Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer
I'm a professional illustrator. 
I draw books, portraits, fan art, etc. 
I do not have a list of things I can not draw. 
So just write to me and I think we can come to an agreement. ^^

My commissions are always open to you!
My price varies depending on your budget. 
Offer me a convenient price for you, and I will tell you what I can offer.
Bullet; PinkPAYPAL ONLY!Bullet; Pink)

I have a very great experience in drawing cute characters and backgrounds,
and also i very fast draw - 1-2 days.

Please check my illustrations and send me a note. Icon - Heart by hase-illustration 
Thank you!Kawaii fox Purple ver.  

  furry commission by Lemanntim  Dylan commission by Lemanntim Ref sheet commission by Lemanntim  Tyson commission by Lemanntim  Couple commission by Lemanntim   Daddy Tony comm by Lemanntim  Couple commission by Lemanntim  LGBT month celebration Tony and Steve comm by Lemanntim  Thanos and Gamora by Lemanntim  Girl commission by Lemanntim  Couple commission by Lemanntim  Family commission by Lemanntim  Dnd characters commission by Lemanntim Girl commission by Lemanntim  Connor rk800 detroit become human comm by Lemanntim  Fairy commission by Lemanntim  Detroit fan art comm gif by Lemanntim I Saved the Prince - t-shirt print commission by Lemanntim <da:thumb id="755409890"/> Artimys and Staen comm by Lemanntim Illustration for the New Year book commission 2 by Lemanntim Illustration for the New Year book commission by Lemanntim  Mermaids commission by Lemanntim  Half-elf commission by Lemanntim  Disney princess comm by Lemanntim  Cyril and Hiljo commission by Lemanntim  little prince fan art comm by Lemanntim <da:thumb id="763232371"/>  Lilo and Stitch fan art comm by Lemanntim <da:thumb id="749954559"/>

Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-Rodriguez dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-Rodriguez dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-Rodriguez Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-Rodriguez dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-Rodriguez dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-Rodriguez

Full Body + Background
Snow by OctoProbz Commission: NekoSister by OctoProbz
:points: 2510/25 USD


Half body + background
Blood Curdle by OctoProbz
:points: 2000/20 USD


Full body (no or simple background)
Amanda by OctoProbz
:points: 1820/18 USD


Half Body (no or simple background)
Commission: G0ldenGlasses by OctoProbz Commission: ImoutoChao by OctoProbz
:points: 1620/16 USD

Bust/Head + Background
Commission: Chiharu and Kuro by OctoProbz
:points:1400/14 USD

Bust/Head (no or simple background)
Commission: Kyle by OctoProbz Commission: Yume by OctoProbz


Character Turnaround

Sadako Clothing Concepts by OctoProbz

+ :points: 1320/13 USD For Each full body Character pose
+ :points: 1000/10 USD For Each half body Character pose
+ Face Closeup (:points: 800/8 USD)

Rough Sketch

:points: 800/ 8 USD
My Old Aomori Sketches by OctoProbz
+ 1 Character (:points: 1820/18 USD)

(For extras and ref sheets: If you are buying with points, note me and I will make you a Commission widget.)



- Please note me regarding PayPal Commissions! Thank you.
- If a commission is cancelled no refund will be repaid. Unless I was the one who canceled it. Remember, asking for a commission is like entering a contract. The artists you ask spend valuable time and effort to complete your request. Please respect that.
- Please keep in mind that I am a university student as well. - I can't draw 24/7. If you have a specific deadline in mind, we can discuss that.
- I tend to work faster in weekends for obvious reasons.
- Please fill in the form.
- Be Nice.
- Commissions made are for personal use only.
- I will start the commission after full payment is done.
- Working time shall take 1 day to 2 weeks depending on my schedule. (Check the ComSpeed on my page:… )
- I have the right to decline a commission when necessary.
- Always credit me as the artist if you share or repost the artwork elsewhere.
- Do not remove, alter or replace my watermark/signature on the artwork.
- I draw most things, but please don't ask me to draw porn. Use your imagination.…
I know it's a bit late haha but here's to another new year, filled with more happy times and such~

Btw, would you say that you've improved art-wise? Completed any art-related new year's resolutions from last year?
Now located above the original traditional art folder in our gallery is the new traditional art folder named "Traditional Art Continued"! Be sure to fill it with as much art as you like, limit is 10 per day. Sorry for taking so long to make it, and please enjoy! :D
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Group Info

This is a group for anybody who wants to join. It doesn't matter your gender, race, beliefs, or financial status, all are welcome, as long as you respect the group and each other. We accept art of all kinds, no matter what skill level, just please do not post anything pornographic. Any mature art has to be properly labeled or it will be removed. We promise that ALL of our members submissions will be accepted.

Enjoy! :D
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