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:groups:Welcome to Art-Exposure:groups:

This is a group created for one purpose: Exposing YOUR art! Feel free to browse around and have fun!

If you need any kind of support, feel free to contact us.


If you like the art created in this group but do not want or do not have the time to contribute art, click on "DeviantWatch"

For people who want to submit art to the gallery and become a member of this group click on "Join Group"


:pointr: To submit art simply click on "Contribute Art"
:pointr: Please submit your art into the right folder
:pointr: This group only accepts graphical artwork; we do not accept literary submissions.
:pointr: Art Work will be accepted where the effort put into the piece is clearly shown - so no rough sketches or half-finished pieces.
:pointr: If some art is denied - don't worry, it's not because we hate you; we simply want you to give your best and improve. To prevent resentment we will comment on most declined art works and tell you what can be changed and improved.
:pointr: The folder "Featured" will contain the best images of the highest quality - so submit your best art! However, if it is not accepted it will be moved to a different folder.

To help improve the group send any suggestions and questions through a note or comments. Thank you!

Now let's get started!






Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears that we've filled our Digital Art folder to full capacity according to DA's limitations. Not to worry though, I've created another folder labeled "Digital Art: Current" that will serve as the new location for submissions. The original folder has been renamed "Digital Art: 2010 - August 2013", and while available for your viewing pleasure, it will not be able to accept anymore submissions.

Unfortunately, this also means that artwork previously submitted to the original digital art folder currently awaiting acceptance will have to be resubmitted to this new folder. We apologize for the inconvenience.
:iconeddie-the-head-club: had a contest, and they are in need of a winner.

The contest is about Iron Maiden's own mascot: Eddie. And the theme was the Olympic Games of 2012. Only the original Eddie is/was allowed.

Voting takes place until January 1st. There are 3 polls, just vote for the deviation you like, a first and second pick can be made.
You don't have to be a member to vote.

Here are the 3 polls on which you can vote. The one with the most votes, wins of course.

Poll :trophy: A :pointr: Stan-w-d :points:

Poll :trophy: A :pointr: Karrenrex :points:

Poll :trophy: A :pointr: Phantazim :points:

666 :points: 1st prize
333 :points: 2nd prize
111 :points: 3rd prize

By Stan-w-d: Image Link

By Karrenrex: Image Link

By Phantazim: Image Link

Thanks for participating, everybody.
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