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So I am not at school today, sorry about that. Trust me, I would rather be with you guys than at my Grad school doing whatever it is you do in grad school. hahaha.
Ok! so heres the deal!!!

A1's - finish those paintings! Turn them in, our crit is tomorrow! Explain to the sub why you are all running around like crazy. It'll be fine. Take a breath, paint solidly! Remember, I would rather it be unfinished than look like poo.

A3's - Hey, carve it up baby! PLEASE!!!! WEAR GOGGLES! clean up after yourselves. DO IT!
if you run into problems, STOP. I will help you tomorrow, just take a day off. I cannot save a hyper broken sculpture. Please make sure the sub wears glasses too. seriously. Plaster in the eye is horrible! Also, open the back door for a bit during class. get some of that powdered plaster out of the room. Thanks!

Ok, to work with you!
Go on... Go!
See ya tomorrow!

Kozak- OUT!!!
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Submitted on
May 5, 2015