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Hello to my new Kecoughtan High School students.
I am excited to introduce you to my classroom. Many of you have expectations as to what this class should consist of, and for the most part you may be right.
We will draw, paint, sculpt, design, code, game, and think more creatively than you have ever been asked to do before.
For this class, the only supplies you will need are a pencil, your sketchbook (I'll give them to you), and your imagination! (that sounded very lame)
You also can use your google drive or dropbox. If you do not already have a dropbox here is a link:

If you are in a digital class, plan to have a thumb/jump drive to save your work. (4+ GB should be fine)
All of your projects will have to be turned in digitally on this website and linked to our groups page in order to get credit for the work.
We will also have plenty of discussions on this group page.
There is also a youtube channel for many of our in class demo's:

I am excited to get to meet you and teach at Kecoughtan!
chocokeyz Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
oh yes, let us begin
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Submitted on
September 4, 2016